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Wednesday 20 May 2009

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I joined Jim and Andy this week it was nice to get out and be involved in serving the Lord evangelistically on the streets of Sheffield after what seems like a long time away. I arrived mid afternoon and found the pair of them in full swing with Andy just stepping down from speaking and Jim about to get up.

I set to handing out tracts and very quickly found myself in conversation with two young ladies from the local mobile phone shop. While somewhat distracted with work (sales to the passing crowds), they were willing to talk with me. I asked them how they thought someone got to heaven and if they thought they would get there (having given them a big money tract with that exact question on it...). The both thought that they would get in because they were good people and had not done anything wrong in any big way. We discussed for some time what would happen if there was justice only for the three of us. We've all broken the law of God and as criminals in His court we could only expect judgement and punishment. This did not go down well with one of them and she switched off from the conversation from that point onwards. I was able to talk with the other young lady for some time and reason with her about her need of a saviour and appeal to her to turn to the only saviour Jesus Christ. She listened and was receptive to what I said to her, I pray that God will open her heart to the gospel seed that has been planted in her heart.

As this conversation ended so did Jim's preaching and so I went and spoke with him and then stood to preach myself. I preached on the need that we all have for a saviour and that most people are not honest when they say that Christianity is for weaklings and those needing a crutch. In the light of the uncertain future and definitely in the light of eternity, we all are weak and needy. I urged people to look to the help that is offered by God to save us from the eternal and temporal consequences of our sin and from sin itself which enslaves us. Today there were no hecklers as such but there was a good number of people floating around the periphery trying to look like they weren't listening. Also as I preached I had multiple Christians stop to encourage me.

Please note any Christian readers of this report, one of the most encouraging things you can do for a Christian street preacher (if you believe they are biblical of course!) is to smile and give an encouraging word to them (God bless you or the like...). Believe me most people have no idea how much of a blessing it is.

I ended the day speaking with a young man named Ben, please pray for Ben. As a philosophy student he has plenty of theories to hide behind and tries to use them to run from God. Pray that God will strip away these "fig leaves" and bring him to the saviour that his blindness, sickness and death would be healed and he would know life in Jesus Christ.

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