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Friday 5 June 2009

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Tonight we were out once more for the sake of the gospel. Meeting in Café Nero as per normal it was encouraging to have a good size team, as well as some new faces!! God is so good.

After a great time of fellowship, prayer and devotions we made our way into the square. There was some space between the artists along the railing. Our friend Mark was on one end and even though he is our chief antagonist it's been a while since we were near him so I decided to give it a go. Andrew was up to preach first and he did a good job. Nervousness is still quite evident when he preaches but we praise the Lord, he is still getting up there and proclaiming the gospel. He did not preach too long but I think this was because not much of a crowd stopped to listen. However some did and that is what is important.

Carl had brought an A-frame sign that allows verses to be tagged on. One in particular quotes Psalm 14:1, "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'" Andrew had finished and I was getting ready to preach when a man walked past and gleefully cried out, "There is no God!" I quickly interjected and told him that it is only the fool who says that. I pointed to the sign as I said this. As it happened he had only seen the part that said, "There is no God." He became intrigued somewhat when I started speaking to him and so he and his partner stopped to listen. Our conversation started to centre on the issue of creation versus evolution and the available evidence we have. We wrangled here and there and Andrew came to support me, which was helpful. The man's mind was unfortunately made up; however they left with a tract and some food for thought. Please pray, we never know whether this will be the beginning of God's work for them both. 

After I had preached we all got into one-to-one conversations. Because the square was quite filled with Christians (there were Christians from another ministry and our team was quite big too) I decided to split us up a bit and so I took four people with me and we headed a little out of the square, towards Piccadilly Circus. I approached a group of young teenagers and gave them all a million pound note tract. I was able to talk with them all for at least 30 minutes and it was quite something. They listened and I really challenged them to get right with God. Some of the girls in the group, in particular, were listening to all that I was saying. As I left I gave some of them a "This is a round TUIT" tract. This is really humorous and all you have to say is something like this: "Hey guys, get right with God, this is your eternal destiny we are talking about! Do you think you'll get around to it and some point??" If they say yes, or maybe, then say, "Well you don't need to get around to it; I've already got one for you." At this point you give them the "This is a round TUIT" tract. It get's a belly of laughs and humour is one of your greatest allies when you are out witnessing. Give it a try.

After we rejoined the rest of the team we all swopped stories and spoke about the objections and questions we'd had. There really is no better way to learn than being out on the street talking with people about the gospel. You will learn things you will never learn from a book or in a classroom. The classroom and books are always important, but nothing beats learning through doing.

It was particularly cold by the time we got ready to leave, even though it is now summer. Well, that's England for you!!

We'd had a good night.

Soli Deo Gloria!!

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