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Saturday 20 June 2009

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Saturday, June 20th, 2009 - Gold Coast

Ryan, Blake, Joel, Louise and I all arrived at Surfers Paradise for a day of witnessing. As we walked along the beach front we saw something no street evangelist wants to see, and that is the sight of empty paths, empty malls, empty roads. This sort of environment is not good for street preaching, so we split up and went to different locations in order to hand out tracts and witness one to one.

While handing out tracts I was able to catch a couple of good conversations, however, it was very hard to get people to stay and listen, this I presume was due to the weather and also to the fact that the area was nearly devoid of people.

After an hour or so of handing out tracts Ryan and Blake returned. We then decided to open air preach. Joel was the first open air preacher for the day, and as he preached a crowd gathered around Ryan, so Ryan began to engage them in a one to group while Joel preached. When Joel finished preaching, Ryan got up and continued to preach to the crowd that was made up of mostly young people.

During this time I was able to engage a young man in discussion, he was putting on a big front to show off to his mates, but as we spoke about the reality of hell and how kind God is to send a Saviour he changed and became more open to the gospel. I pleaded with him to be reconciled to God, he left saying he would think about it. Please keep this young man in prayer. May God grant him repentance and faith.

Shortly after Ryan finished preaching, I got up and began to preach. But within about 5 minutes of starting the heavens opened and the rain came. Thus sending the last few people away. So I wrapped up the open air and we made our way towards the car.

Even though it was a short day it was a good day of witnessing to people on the Gold Coast.

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