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Saturday 20 June 2009

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I began tonight on my own but was shortly joined by Carl, we used tracts for a short period and then I set up to preach. There were people around and at the beginning of the preaching a small group of youth came up to listen to what I had to say but they left quickly on discovering it was “God stuff”. The rest of the preaching was relatively unprofitable with few people stopping to interact but I pray that the small amounts people heard would be used of God.

Suhkraj joined us after the preaching and we continued tracting the area and a couple of good one-to-one conversations came from the time. For quite some time I spoke with one of the local security guards and I noticed both Carl and Suhkraj in conversation with people also.

The security guard was unfortunately typical of most middle aged people in Britain. He believed he was a Christian and that he was trusting in Jesus for salvation. Unfortunately his life did not reflect that trust but rather reflected an almost casual indifference to God. He believed that his good deeds would merit him getting to heaven and almost despite this could not recall the last time when he'd read the bible or prayed when not in need to God. Because of his work there is no opportunity to attend church yet he was not seeking out the fellowship of believers in other ways. I urged him to focus on Jesus and Jesus alone for his salvation and if he would claim to be a Christian then to be more serious and diligent in his Christian walk.

The three of us joined together to pray and after some fellowship together left for home. A quieter night, but may God use it powerfully. Amen.

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