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Sunday 19 July 2009

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London Evangelism week- Monday 13th- Saturday 18th July

WOW! What an amazing week we all had up in London. On Monday on the way to the Church I chatted with about 8 teenagers going into year 10 at school. We had a great chat and shared the gospel with them and showed them my leg and the story about how short life is, and that we just dont know how long we have left on this earth, and so the importance of repentance and getting right with God while we still can.

We all arrived on the Monday, about 10 of us, not quite as many as expected, but everyone excited about the week ahead. Was great that the Church had a stone that was layed by the Prince of Preachers himself in the late 1900's, and so we knew we were in a great place. Food was FANTASTIC throughout the week, with volunteers cooking us various dinner's throughout the week, as well as being able to have a free drink from the connected cafe everyday which was great.

Most days we walked to Tooting Bec tube station to set up Bible table and give out tracts and speak to people, and then we would either go to Covant Gardens, Leiscter Square or a surrounding area.

A few of us had a go at open air preaching in Leiscter square and near Picadilly circus station, and we all had a few hecklers. One man walked past stating to me that there was no historiuc evidence for the life of Jesus. He obviously hasnt done his homework or looked at the year on the calendar yet!

We all prayed with quite a few different groups of people to get right with God, teenagers and adults alike. I remember praying with Hindu's, Muslims and a Chinese man with a Jewish girlfriend, even got hugged by one teenage lad afterwards, in front of his mates, and so was great. Praying they all grow as Christians and tell others of their experiences.

We also had one 'interesting' meeting with a guy who claimed to work for the council and Police, who assured us we were not allowed to set up out bible table in a certain area as all the spots had already been taken. Rob and Dave got out the relevant Christian institute documents and refuted his remarks, though he continued saying we were not allowed and if we didnt move he would phone someone to move us on. Howevere, 2 PCSO's came to our rescue. We explained the situation to them, then they spoke with the man. It turned out he was just a magician doing a show, and was trying to move us out the way of his act in case we diverted attention away from them. The Police said we could make a complaint against him for falsly impersenating a council worker. Was quite funny in the end, as he was wearing his bright red bowler hat, waistcoat andthree quarter length trousers, with no ID, and so we should have guessed!

All in all was a great week, although I somehow managed to leave my good person test board and sheets in a bag on a tube somehow! Photos have been uploaded to facebook, and was an amazing time of fellowship, teaching and ministry! Many thanks to Rob and Dave for organising it all, and to the Church for putting us all up!

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