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Saturday 25 July 2009

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On the team today we had Blake, Jamie, the whole Barnard family, and myself. As Blake and I waited for the others to arrive, we had chat with a guy named Vim. He had just arrived from Europe for a holiday. He thought he was good enough to get into Heaven. So we told him what some of the standards in which God will judge him one day and we realised he didn't deserve Heaven. We then shared the gospel with him, but he said that he would only think about repenting and believing the gospel once he is on his way back to Europe. For he informed us that he had come to Australia to do some sinning. We reminded him that he can't be guaranteed that he'll be still alive by the time he leaves Australia, as we aren't guaranteed another day to live. So we warned him that if he doesn't repent and trust in Christ alone for his salvation, he will end up in Hell. He acknowledged that point, but said he was willing to take the risk.

I then did a bit of open air preaching, and I got into a dialogue with two young guys named, Chris and Ryan. They were Aussies, but didn't know much about Christianity and didn't even have a Bible at home. They too thought they were good enough to get to Heaven. But after asking them whether they had lied, stolen, used God's name in vain, or even lusted after a girl, they had to admit they had and realised that they aren't good people in the sight of God. So I explained the cross and what they must do to be saved, and then I asked them, "Now that you've heard both the bad news (that you deserve Hell because of your sins) and the good news (that you can be forgiven of your sins), the real question is this: When will you repent and trust in Jesus' death alone to save you?" They responded, "Well, now!" So I then concluded my preaching and continued chatting with them. Blake and I made sure they understood the gospel, and they seemed to and they said they now do believe it, even after warning them of the cost of discipleship. We gave them Bibles and prayed for them as well. Please keep both these guys in prayer.

Blake then did some preaching and this lead into some more great one-2-ones. The gospel went out today through voice and through the loads of tracts given out, so to God be the glory!

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