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Saturday 12 September 2009

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On Friday night we were out with the Gospel and it was a wonderful night of evangelism. We had a few new faces join us and also some of the team were back from holiday and so forth. So it was great to be back out!

After praying for the night ahead we headed into the Square and set up for the evening. We had quite a few tracts and we also had some visual aids that Rowina has put together. These are really great and are sign boards that give questions for people passing, questions like: “Ask me what happens when we die.” The boards prompt many questions from people and are great for getting into conversation. We have people on the team who are confident enough to approach strangers in order to engage in conversation, but we also have some on the team that find this difficult so the boards are really great for them. This adds another dimension to what we are doing and along with open-air preaching it means that we are utilising another avenue to approach people with the Gospel. Below is a link to a brief video I made of the boards being used.

During my open-air preach I was heckled by quite a few people. One in particular was a man named John who admitted that he believed in a higher power but had question marks over who that higher power was. I reasoned with him concerning creation to show him that there is in fact a God who made this world, and I also reasoned with him regarding the conscience to show that he is accountable for his life and that when he stands before God one day he will need to give an account of his life. John listened and heard the Gospel and so we praise the Lord for bringing John to Leicester Square to hear the Gospel. This is not something we ought not to dismiss, John could so easily have gone anywhere that night but the Lord brought him to Leicester Square to hear the Gospel. Praise the Lord!

Audio of Rob Hughes preaching:

The night was a great night and we praise the Lord!

Soli Deo Gloria!!

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