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Friday 18 December 2009

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It was a bitterly cold evening tonight as we headed out into the Square. Due to the holiday season a number of the team were away so we were a bit thin on the ground. But it was a joy and a blessing to be out to share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

With my team acting as my “mock crowd” I stood up to preach. Just like the week before the Square had been turned into a carnival atmosphere. With all the noise and the cold, I knew it was going to be tough to bring in a crowd.

I decided to do a call out as people walked past. I was talking about morality and the common claim from people that they are good. As a couple of youngsters walked past I called out to one of them and said, “How about you sir, would you consider yourself a good person?” He responded with the affirmative and so we quickly got into conversation. His friend joined in too. Their names were Callum and Stanley. They objected to being not good concerning God’s standard of goodness. They were not convinced that God existed and so failed to see the relevance. They questioned why I was on a stepladder preaching to them. I had to keep plugging away with these two chaps, telling them that I too had fallen short of the glory of God. I made a case for the existence of God and spent some time talking about sin so that they could see they too had sinned and were guilty before God. 

They stayed for some time and even when I came down off the ladder they stayed talking with me. We talked for a little while longer and I think Callum in particular (on the left in the above photo) was becoming far less objectionable as he listened. In the end they both thanked me for talking to them. I think their initial response when they saw me was, “Who is this religious nut standing on a stepladder talking about fairy tales and nonsense??” However after we had talked I’m convinced this mindset had been changed. They saw the reasonableness of what I was saying and I’m sure they felt I was still in control of my senses!

After they had left I looked around and saw that the whole team was in conversation. I noticed one chap who had stopped and was talking with a Christian from another ministry that comes to Leicester Square. I came a little closer and listened. The chap’s name was Lewis. After listening for a little while I introduced myself and thanked him for stopping to talk to us. He commented that I had “started something,” since all around him there were conversations between my team and people who had stopped to listen. Lewis seemed to be genuinely interested in the Gospel message and was certainly open to spiritual things. He said that he had had an experience of the supernatural at a time when he had taken narcotics. Often this is the case. Whatever experience he’d had, it was clear he was open to hearing the Word of God and this is a work of the Holy Spirit. He was open, but I did not sense that he was ready to make a commitment. He had a lot to think about. I did not say, “So, would you like to make a commitment?” However, I did tell him that his life could end at any time and unless he was right with the Lord he would go to hell. He appreciated this and agreed he had much to think about. I gave him my details and said he could email me any time. Please pray for him.

Below are a few more pictures from the evening.

In the picture below you can see Andrew and Elyske on the right in conversation with someone and you can also see in the centre of the picture Lesley (in her big fur coat!) in conversation as well.

It had really been a great night.

Soli Deo Gloria!!

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