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Friday 21 May 2010

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Once more the team was in Leicester Square on a Friday night ready to share the Gospel. I was joined by Laurence, Andrew, Ingrid, Nathan, and Rebekka. It was only Nathan's second time and it was wonderful to have him back with us. He's keen to come again so praise the Lord. Rebekka has been coming out with us now for about 5 weeks and it's such a joy to have her with us. Being Swiss, English is of course not her native language, but she so loves coming out and talking with people about Jesus. It's great to see her enthusiasm regardless of the difficulties she faces.

Andrew preached first again and I'm encouraged by his consistency and his desire to proclaim the Gospel. Open-air preaching is not easy and it's also not for the faint of heart, it's wonderful seeing him up on that ladder proclaiming boldly the Word of God.

Andrew preaching open-air. After Andrew I stood up to preach. It was a funny night in a way in that not many people stopped to listen. Yet some did and from the preaching a few conversations were had. Andrew got talking with a gentleman who claimed to have once been a Christian but was now a Muslim. He was quite knowledgeable regarding certain issues and was even familiar with Bart Ehrman, an apostate and liberal theologian, and James White, a Christian theologian and apologist. He debated with Andrew concerning the reliability of the Bible and brought up a number of objections. Andrew was able to correct him and point him to some of the overwhelming evidences that support the veracity of the Scriptures. He shared the Gospel with him and gave him some tracts, and it turns out that he so enjoyed the conversation that he wants to come back next week to talk with Andrew! Do pray that he will.

Below is an audio of my message:

At one point in the evening I had to look around to see where Rebekka was, we had become a little worried as none of us could see her, so I rang her mobile and it turned out she was not far away at all but was talking with one of the caricature artists against the railing. She told us that she'd had a good conversation with him and that there was an opportunity to talk with him again in the future. It was very encouraging to hear.

I had the opportunity to talk with two Catholic women. As is often the case they referred to themselves as Christians. I thought about how I could answer them as each time in a situation like this it does become a little tricky. So I asked them if they knew what it was that made Christianity unique apart from the other faiths in the world. What single word would describe this uniqueness? I was of course fishing and wanted to see if they had a handle on the message of Christianity. They referred to some elements of Christianity but they didn't give the answer I was looking for. The word of course is "grace." In Christianity salvation is a free gift and repentant faith in Christ is all that is required in order for a person to be justified in God's sight. Not so in Roman Catholicism. The Catholic order of salvation requires many religious duties that go beyond simply repenting and trusting in Christ. I shared the Gospel with them in detail and gave them each an in-depth Gospel tract. They did seem to appreciate what I had shared with them. It was clear that they were not practising Catholics but had simply grown up Catholic. I praised the Lord that they had now heard the true biblical Gospel, and it seemed quite apparent that this was the first time they had heard it.

I also had the opportunity to talk with a gentleman by the name of Tyen. He listened intently and seemed quite open to what I was saying. At one point he had to leave to go and meet up with some friends but later in the evening I had the opportunity to talk with him again. I do believe that he understood what I was saying and so please do pray that the Holy Spirit would use God's Word to open his eyes to the truth. I did take his email address and I have since contacted him, although as yet he has not replied, so do pray that he would.

Praise the Lord for all the opportunities He gave us.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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