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Saturday 5 June 2010

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Bekk handing out tractsThere was not a cloud in the sky as Bekk and I made our way to the coast. Due to people having weddings and exams being on, it was only us two on the team today. Even so, the gospel still needs to go out and that's why we still do it. And the Lord had provided perfect weather for us to do it today.

All throughout Summer, members on the team had mentioned that it would be so good if there was some sort of shade structure built to cover the area where we usually witness. For last year the council took out lots of trees around the area because of the road work they have been doing, and so there was no longer any shade. But what has been happening for about a month now is one of the new buildings going up in Surfers Paradise actually blocks the sun completely from shining on the area where we usually witness for about an hour during the hottest part of the day. Talk about God being good! :)

Ryan witnessingRyan open air preachingAfter praying together, we started handing out tracts and getting into witnessing encounters. One of the conversations we got into was with three ladies. The most vocal of them was non-religious, one of them was a non-practicing Catholic and the other was just a Catholic. I was speaking mainly to the vocal one, answering her questions and explaining the gospel to her. She, after all that, said "I can get my Catholic friend to explain it me later when I want to think about this God stuff."

It is rare to have someone who is a Catholic who actually understands the Biblical gospel. So when I heard that her friend was Catholic, I asked her friend, "If God was to ask you why you should be let into Heaven, what would you say?" That question does really get to the heart of the issue as to what a person is trusting in to get to Heaven.  And to my surprise, she answered the question by explaining that it is only Christ's death on the cross that can forgive her sins. It surprised me that she answered that way, because that would indicate she doesn't actually hold to the Catholic Church's teachings. So I then focused my attention on the other two again, making sure they understood the gospel too.

I then got up to preach and spoke about the upcoming Queensland Day. I started off by talking about even though there are so many reasons to celebrate our great state, it is not without its problems. Even in Queensland, we hear on the news each night about people being murdered, things being stolen, people dying in car crashes, and so on. Death even happens to us Queenslanders. So we should all therefore think about what happens to us after we die. I then spoke about the judgement to come and how we have all fallen short of God's perfect standard. This makes us all deserving of Hell. But the good news is that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. So that if someone would repent and trust in Christ alone for their forgiveness, they would be saved.

Even though we were few in number today, the gospel went out. So to God be the glory!

Bekk handing out tracts Ryan preaching

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