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Friday 4 March 2011

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On Friday night the team headed into Leicester Square to proclaim the Gospel. We had a really good size team, there were at least ten of us to begin with and as the evening progressed a few more joined the team. 

It was very cold but there were still plenty of people passing through. Unfortunately it has been quite challenging of late as they are doing some major construction project in the centre of the square for the 2012 Olympics, and hence the entire centre portion is blocked off by a large wall. Also, in the area that we have often stood, Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream has “hijacked” for their customers (see pic). The question has to be asked: who sits outside in the middle of a freezing cold winter and eats ice-cream? Something tells me they don’t want us standing there. We have a new spot though and although it’s probably not quite as good, the Lord is definitely still using us in Leicester Square.

Our old preaching spot.

I stood up first to preach and pleaded with those passing to get right with God. Nothing is more important in this world than our eternal destiny. I appealed to reason and I also warned them of the danger of pride. “God resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6) Believing that we are good enough to reach Heaven one day is utter folly when we examine ourselves in light of God’s holiness and His law. There can be no hiding from the wrath of God that will come upon this world, and to deny the grace of God that can rescue us from His wrath and judgment will ultimately be the greatest folly a person can ever know. After I finished preaching the Lord encouraged us greatly through the ensuing conversations that developed. 

Myself and Barney had a challenging conversation with a young group of teenagers. Barney did a great job talking through the Gospel account, beginning with God as supreme creator of the universe, to His creation of the world and all that is on it, and to the pinnacle of His creation, humanity itself. There were a few in the group that sneered and laughed away what they heard, but there were also those who were listening to what was being said. We can take comfort in the fact that God’s Word is powerful to save. It could well be that God uses the Word that was preached to these young people to draw them to Himself in repentance and faith. Please pray for them. 

A little later on James stood up to preach. James has joined us just recently and is full of zeal for the Lord and the salvation of the lost. He has a real heart to proclaim God’s Word and did a great job. We were all very blessed by his boldness and faithfulness to God’s Word. I can really see the Lord using him through the preaching of the Gospel. 

Open air preaching.

It was an encouraging evening and one to be very thankful for. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

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