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Friday 24 June 2011

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It was a wet summers Friday night, as we head out to share the Gospel once more in Leicester Square. We met as usual in Cafe Nero, with a team of roughly 6 (although quite a few more joined us later in the Square). As we were looking at God’s Word together, a middle aged man entered the Cafe and began to rant and rave at one of the cashiers. We discovered (as did everyone else in the coffee shop) that he wanted to use the cafe’s restroom, however since he was not a paying customer he was refused. He became very angry and began using obscene language, hurtling abuse at the poor girl who was serving. We were unsure what to do, as interfering could have inflamed the situation even further. Wainaina decided to get a little something for him so that he could use the restroom, and it turned out to be a great move. A little later as he came passed our table he said, “It would be people like yourselves to come to my rescue.” That was interesting I thought. He began to comment on the fact that we were having a Bible study, so we encouraged him to join, to which he did! As we shared with him from God’s Word we encouraged him to apologise to the cashier. He did, which was so encouraging to see. We spoke with him some more and listened as he shared some rather strange ideas on God’s Word. He knew a fair amount of Scripture, but was quite wrong in much of what he said! It was definitely a very interesting meeting, and I pray the Lord will do a great work in his life. 

Open air preaching.

When we left the cafe it was spitting with rain and that turned out to be a constant for the rest of the evening. It definitely made things difficult and more people would have stopped during the preaching had it not been raining, but we still ended up having some great conversations. One conversation in particular that I had was with two young ladies. One of them chose to not believe in God at all, the other (who had grown up Catholic) said she believed in evolution but believed in God as well. As she had brought up the issue of evolution I asked her what she knew about it. She said that she had studied Darwinism at college, so I mentioned I had studied it too. As we spoke about evolution and what constitutes true science I could see that she was impressed somewhat that I had a handle on it all. She asked how it was that I had studied evolution, particularly as I was a Christian, so I explained that I wanted to know about all belief systems, whether religious or secular, so that I had an openness to what others believed. She was definitely impressed and this gave me an opening to talk with her about spiritual things. 

When it comes to the field of apologetics and learning what others believe we don’t need toOne to one witnessing. gain a PhD in a certain field. What we should do is study enough so that we have an understanding of what others believe and so that we can demonstrate how their arguments are flawed. Click on the following link to learn more about evolution and the fallacies that accompany it:

The rest of the team had some great conversations too. James spoke with a Muslim gentleman who posed the question: “How can God die?” referring of course to the Christian belief that God became a man in the person Jesus Christ and later died on a cross for the sin of the world. James had recently watched an apologetic video that addresses this question and he drew on what he had learned for his answer. You can watch the video via this link:

Although wet and somewhat miserable, the team enjoyed a great night of witnessing and fellowship. It was certainly a blessing to be out together sharing the wonderful Gospel of our Lord. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

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