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Friday 6 January 2012

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Open-air preaching. A wintry January evening but thankfully not too cold, it was a great night to head out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people in and around Leicester Square, London. The team was at least 20 in number, which was excellent. It was a blessing too that we could be in the spot that is best suited for preaching open-air. As we have just moved into 2012 I felt it would be good to begin by talking about new year’s resolutions. I used this to transition into the gospel by mentioning that often a new year’s resolution fizzles out since we are hardly perfect. We frequently stumble and fall in life, and the biggest area that we fail in is our morality. The Fall puts man and God at hostility between each other, and it is God who has the last word for the guilty sinner, but, it never has to come to that because God has worked the impossible and has provided reconciliation for all who would humble themselves before Him, for those who would repent and trust in the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Below is a video of the message I preached. 


The open-air preaching really worked well in that it initiated a number of really good conversations.One-to-one witnessing. In the picture to the right Wesley is talking with a gentleman who admitted that he was once an atheist and that although he does now believe in God and attend church, he recognises that he has not yet fully committed his life to Christ. Commenting on the message he’d heard me preach, he told Wes: “You don’t hear preaching like this in churches today.” Sadly, this is true. There are churches however that are preaching God’s Word. Please pray for the church in the UK, that it would honour God by honouring His Word. Please pray too for the many churches that are preaching God’s truth, pray that they would remain faithful in a hostile land. Lastly, please pray for the gentleman in this picture, that he would consider the cost of his refusal to repent and would turn to Jesus in repentance and faith. 

One-to-one witnessing.

In the video below Mike is sharing the gospel with a chap named James (you can also see Mike witnessing to someone in the picture to the left). If you watched the video of me preaching you’ll have noticed him in the crowd. Mike did a great job of taking advantage of the open-air to get into conversation with James. The video is great to watch, as you see recognition on his face concerning his sin, to the point that he said, “I’d be guilty,” to Mike’s question: “Will you be innocent or guilty on the Day of Judgment?” The law certainly is a schoolmaster to lead sinners to Christ (Galatians 3:24). Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in his fantstic book "Studies in the Sermon on the Mount," wrote: "Evangelism must start with the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, the demands of the law, the punishment meted out by the law and the eternal consequences of evil and wrong-doing. It is only the man who is brought to see his guilt in this way who flies to Christ for deliverance and redemption. Any belief in the Lord Jesus Christ which is not based on that is not a true belief in Him. You can have a psychological belief even in the Lord Jesus Christ; but a true belief sees in Him one who delivers us from the curse of the law. True evangelism starts like that, and obviously is primarily a call to repentance, 'repentance twoard God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ,'" (emphasis added). I have since emailed James just to get his thoughts from Friday night. Do pray for him. 

In the picture below Annika is joined by Melissa as they share the gospel with someone who stopped to take a tract. Melissa is still quite new and it's really encouraging to have her with us. I encouraged her to shadow someone and Annika did a great job helping her. It really is such a joy to see people growing in the area of evangelism. Over the years I have seen the shy and the timid step outside of their comfort zone because they are burdened with a desire to see the lost saved. If you too share that burden please let me encourage you to step out. Let your love for Christ swallow your fears. 

One-to-one witnessing.

Towards the end of the evening I spoke with a Muslim chap named Ash. Our conversation was brief but we managed to exchange contact details. On Saturday I received a text from him in which he gave his thoughts on Jesus’ words in John 10:30: “I and the Father are one.” We’ve swapped a few emails and now we’re meeting shortly for coffee. I’m very encouraged. Click here to learn more. 

It really was a great night. It’s so wonderful to be used of by the Lord for the lifting up of His name. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

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