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Friday 17 February 2012

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The team in prayer.

This past Friday we had a large team out to share the gospel in Leicester Square. Work is still being carried out in the area in preparation for the 2012 Olympics, which does mean things are a little crowded, however as the conversations show below we still had a great night!

Please pray for Oz, a young man with a Turkish background, who was very open to the gospel and the tract he was given. 

Mehlika spoke with Antoinette, who although showed a lack of knowledge and understanding of spiritual things, thinks that God can just forgive us of the things we have done wrong. The conversation was quite in-depth and it appeared that Antoinette was fairly convicted of her sin, in fact there were tears in her eyes as they talked. She asked Mehlika for her number and definitely showed some interest! Do pray their dialogue could continue!

Mehlika also spoke with three Jewish men. She explained to them their need for Jesus, and that without faith in Jesus the Messiah they are not true children of Abraham (Galatians 3:7, 29). Please pray the Lord would reveal Himself to them. 

Annika spoke to a young man from Zimbabwe who knew what the Bible taught and said he didn’t know what was holding him back from living righteously. She explained to him his need to be born-again so that he could live a righteous life before the Lord. He said that he would spend some time reading the Gospel of John and thanked Annika for caring and bringing conviction to him. Do pray that he does read God’s word and is genuinely saved.   

James spoke with a chap called Joshua who claimed to be a believer in Christ, however after going through the Scriptures with him and explaining that Christ is to be Lord of our life and not just our Saviour, it became clear that he has a misconstrued concept of true obedience to Christ, which springs forth from genuine faith. James was able to share the whole gospel with him so do pray the Lord would draw Joshua to Himself. 

I had an interesting conversation with a young guy called Bob. He was quite intellectual and professed to be of an open mind. At first he claimed to be an atheist but he then admitted that he was in fact an agnostic. I made a case for God’s existence by explaining to Bob that without there being an all-powerful, sustainer Creator of the universe, we simply cannot make sense of this world. If we are simply time and chance acting on matter, how do we account for our ability to reason? How do we account for uniform laws of nature that govern the world we live in? How do we account for an absolute morality that we all submit to (not in practise because of sin, but certainly in our understanding)? He admitted that I made a good case, in fact he could not find fault with my argument, however he fell back on his notion that because we don’t know everything there could be another explanation for it all, which removes the necessity for God. I explained to him that the overwhelming evidence of all that we experience in this life points perfectly to the God of the Bible, and that one day we will all stand before Him in recognition of that fact, regardless of our position in this life. We must be reconciled to Him. I gave him a gospel tract and a copy of “The BIGGEST Question” DVD, which he was quite happy to take and watch. I have since emailed him to get his thoughts. Do pray for him.

Soli Deo Gloria!!

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