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Friday 16 August 2013

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Had a good outreach in Mooloolaba today. Spent some time this afternoon with Brad Joyce from my home church and together we gave out many tracts and had several conversations in and around the "loo with a view" Brad hasn't been out evangelising for a some time and shared that he was nervous, however he was keen to share his faith with others, and thats exactly what he did!! It was a privilege to serve with him, his presence was an answer to prayer for me today. I look forward to our next outing. We have arranged to meet up again next Friday afternoon to do the same, so God willing thats what we will do. 

This evening was very quiet and not many people seemed keen to take tracts and conversations were few and far between. I think I'm going to outreach in Mooloolaba more often during the day time and in the early evening as its much busier and people seem more open to engage in conversation and take tracts during daylight hours. I realise I need to use my time as effectively and as wisely as I can. 

I spent some time talking to two Muslims from Saudi Arabia. They wanted me to watch a video on an iPhone (it was 32 minutes long), it showed footage of a christian convert to the Muslim faith and he gave an explanation of his reasons for doing this. I only watched a few minutes as it was clear the man was never a Christian as his understanding of the Bible was somewhat unbiblical, he also criticised the Christians he had grown up with and lived with. I told the muslims after a few minutes I did not need to watch anymore. I offered to demonstrate my reasons for my stance with scripture but they said they would not listen to me read from the Bible. They had no interest in anything I had to say but just wanted to tell me I was wrong and the bible was wrong.

They also told me that no muslim has ever converted to Christianity. I have heard this before from other muslims. I expressed I knew Christians that were once Muslims but they refused to believe me. I told them of the coming Judgement and why we needed a saviour but they rejected the divinity of Jesus as and the authority of the Bible outright. I quickly realised that they were not interested in hearing what the word of God said, but were only interested in telling me that Christians were wrong. I pray the Lord will soften their hearts and open their eyes. 

Please also pray that all the tracts we gave out today will be read and that the people we talked to will be convicted by their sin and realise they need the one and only saviour and that they will come to repentance and putting their trust in Jesus Christ alone.

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