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Thursday 9 January 2014

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For those who read Part 1 of our Love Scotland report, you'd be aware that our plans for the outreach were dramatically changed when Tony Miano was arrested in Dundee while preaching. While man no doubt thought this action would silence the Gospel, the opposite has proven true. As a result of these troubling events, more people have come under the sound of the Good News of Jesus.

The following report briefly details what happened for the last half of the outreach.

9 – 10 January 2014 – Perth


We spent most of the day sitting in the Sheriff's court in Dundee waiting for Tony to appear before the court. Since we had a combined churches evangelistic outreach planned that night I was starting to get worried that Tony wouldn't be able to make it. But, God was in control. Tony was bailed, and we were able to make our way back to Perth to prepare for the evangelistic rally.

God showed Himself as mighty at that meeting. We weren't sure how many people would attend, but to our surprise the church was filled. We had seating for fifty people, and forty-seven attended.

I led the service, and was able to briefly share the Gospel. Tony preached and he also shared the Gospel with all those gathered. Afterwards we were able to have some great conversations with non-Christians who were in attendance.

Personally, I got to speak to a man who lives locally, who had read in the news about Tony's arrest. This man came along to express his support even though he was not a Christian. As I spoke to him I discovered that even though he was in his fifties, he had never been into a church before. God had used the arrest of Tony to bring this man under the sound of the Gospel for the first time. The man took some literature and said, "I have been given much to think about tonight."

During this time, Tony was chatting to a husband and wife who were Roman Catholics. Tony explained to them the Gospel of Grace, and they willingly took literature explaining the way of salvation.

To top all this off, many Christians were saying how encouraged they were at having Tony present to preach. It was great to see a number of churches represented, and many Christians from different theological backgrounds coming together for the Gospel.

Here is a video of Tony's sermon:



The weather was fairly bad today. The rain was on and off, so that limited what we could do. However, we were able to spend some time down the city centre of Perth handing out tracts and talking to people.

Owing to the weather we only spent an hour on the streets, but in that time hundreds of tracts were distributed and Chuck was able to preach.

Please pray for the ongoing work here in Perth.

11 January 2014 – Inverness

Beautiful blue skies greeted us as we crossed the snowy Scottish Highlands to preach in Inverness. We arrived just before lunch, and met up with some local Christians whom we were working with for the day.

Out of all the places we ministered in for the Love Scotland tour this by far was the coldest in weather, but the warmest when it came to response to the Gospel.

Chuck was the first preacher up, and as he preached people began to show interest. While no crowd gathered, people did however start coming up to those handing out tracts, and began to ask for more information about Christianity and if they could have a Bible. In the space of a few minutes numerous tracts were given out, church invited also issued, and God's Word distributed.

This was the trend for much of the day. People would stop, and want to learn more.

Tony was the next preacher up. He preached for around twenty minutes, and at the end an older lady came up to him to talk. This lady had been in the Church of Scotland for some time, but didn't seem to have a strong grasp on the Gospel. Tony was able to gently and lovingly explain it to her.

By this stage the wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping, so I thought it'd be wise only to preach for a short while before retreating to warmth. I started off by talking about death being the great leveller, and how it doesn't matter what we have in life, one day we will all be the same when we are dead.

During my message one man began to heckle me asking what God had done for him. I engage him and explained the Gospel to him. The heckle caused a few people stop to listen and before long a crowd formed. From that crowd came a young man who started off as arrogant atheist, who shouted that he trusted science and not the Bible. I engaged him apologetically and began to reason with him. Before our eyes he softened to the Gospel. He listened, and even admitted his positions had failings. At the end of our time he took a tract, and said, "God bless you."

Our time in Inverness was wonderful. The Police were friendly and encouraging of open-air preaching. The local churches were encouraged, and many Christians came out and thanked us for preaching in public. But, best of all, Christ was lifted high, and people looked to Him.

Praise God for an excellent day!

Video of Tony Miano and Josh Williamson preaching in Inverness:


13 January 2014 – Glasgow

Today is the final day of the Love Scotland tour. After a week on the road, we decided to finish our outreach in the most populace city in Scotland. At 11am we met with local Christians from seven different churches for a day of outreach in Glasgow.

It was great to be joined by so many different Christians. All had joined together with one purpose in mind, and that was to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chuck, Tony, Dane, Craig, and I all preached the Gospel in the open-air. During that time many tracts were handed out and many conversations were had. So much happened on this day, that I think it is best just to let the following videos detail some of the Gospel outreach.

Tony Miano and Josh Williamson preaching in Glasgow

Soli Deo Gloria!

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