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Monday 27 January 2014

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Australia Day Outreach Report

With so many heading down to the beaches to celebrate Australia Day, Operation 513 took the opportunity to make the most of the crowds. Most were out to seek joy in the beach, drinks, street entertainment and those wearing less then they should – but we were out to proclaim that true and lasting joy and happiness could only be found in one person – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Australia Day 2014 OutreachAustralia Day 2014 OutreachAustralia Day 2014 Outreach

The ‘Are you a Good Aussie?’ gospel tract worked like a treat that day, with much fewer rejections then normal. We would offer the tract and ask something like, ‘Did you get your Australia Day Card?’ or ‘Are you a good Aussie?’ – questions that at face value did not seem ‘religiously’ demanding - so many took the tracts and by God’s grace we pray that they read them and trusted in the message of the Gospel.

Many indeed stopped to listen and asked ‘what’s this all about?’ to which we responded with the beauty of God's gracious gospel. And because most – if not all – had a public holiday that day, very few where in a rush anywhere, which gave us many opportunities to elaborate on the Truth they desperately needed to hear.

The Gold Coast is a unique place where you get such a variety of cultures and tourists from all around the world. We were able to hand out 2,500 tracts (which were donated by Operation 513) to so many that we would not normally be able to hand them to. With our inability often to go to the nations, we are so blessed to be able to minister in a location where the nations come to us.

Australia Day 2014 OutreachAustralia Day 2014 OutreachAustralia Day 2014 Outreach

The authorities didn’t bother us all the 4 hours we were there, even though OP513 somewhat canvassed a large area at the bottom of Cavil Mall! Praise God for the current liberty we have to share His Word.

With Australia Day being the celebration of the first fleet arriving in Australia, our prayer is that the tuth would arrive in people's hearts and many would repent from their sins and trust in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the hundreds of gospel tracts that went out and the loads of people we were able to witness to. Only God knows the eternities that were affected for His Glory.

Australia Day 2014 OutreachAustralia Day 2014 OutreachAustralia Day 2014 Outreach

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