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Friday 6 February 2015

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Evangelism at Surfers ParadiseIt was raining on and off during our Gold Coast outreach on Friday night. When it stopped raining, we set up the sketchboard and while we were preparing a presentation it started raining again.

So we decided to find an uncover spot where we could move to and set up the sketchboard there. During this time, gospel tracts were still being handed out by the team.

Once we found an uncover spot, I used the sketchboard to preach a message on 'The Way to Heaven'. A small crowd gathered to listen. In particular there were three young ladies on holidays from overseas who listened to the whole message.

So I began interacting with them, asking whether they thought they would go to Heaven. They said, "Yes, because we are good people." By this time, I had already put on the board a few common false ideas of things people trust in to get themselves to Heaven, and trying to be good was one of them. I explained that in reality we are just not good enough.

I then pointed the ladies to the big red cross I had painted on the board and what word the cross was resting on. It seemed to click in their mind. They said that they need to trust in Jesus for their forgiveness. So I made sure they understood grace with the use of a few analogies to explain it, I then told them about repentance, and pleaded with them to come to Christ.

We left the sketchboard up with the message on it for the rest of the night so that people walking past could read it. The team had a few good conversations with people, proclaiming Christ and Him crucified. 

Whenever the gospel goes out, it is always a success! To God be the glory!

Photo: Loren is sharing the gospel with three young guys who were headed to some clubs.

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