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Friday 3 April 2015

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Surfers Paradise evangelismIt was very busy on Friday night at our weekly Gold Coast outreach. It was the start of the Easter weekend and clearly many people had flocked to Surfers Paradise for a holiday.

This provided a great opportunity for evangelism. We used the sketchboard to preach a couple messages explaining what Easter is all about, and handed out lots of our 'Happy Easter' gospel tract.

We also had a 77 year old man join us for the outreach and he loved it and is keen to return. So for those of you who may be thinking, 'I am too old to evangelise', you're not. I hope this is an encouragement to you to make the most of the time that you have left on this Earth.

After I finished preaching a message on 'The Way to Heaven' - how being good, simply stopping sin, or saying sorry won't save us, and how instead it is only by Jesus taking the punishment for our sin on our behalf that we can be saved - I had a conversation with two young people, Matt & Britney. They were just walking by and didn't hear my preaching, so I asked them whether they would go to Heaven.

They responded by saying "Yes, because we are good people". So I went through some of the commandments and they began to realise their sin, but said, "We will stop doing our sin." I explained how that wouldn't get rid of any of the history of their sin. 

They said, "Ok, but I will say sorry to God." I explained how in a court of law, if a criminal said sorry, we would still be guilty. Similarly, it doesn't matter how many times we say sorry to God, he wouldn't be able to simply overlook our sin.

It was really interesting to me that their ideas of how to get to Heaven were the very things I had just preached about not being the way. I find that those three things are what most people think will save them.

That is why these days before I explain the news of the cross, I will spend some time trying to dispel any false ideas out of their mind regarding the way to Heaven, so that once they've come to the point of, "Well there is nothing I can do then!" then I find they come to grasp the gospel better. For there really is nothing we can do to earn our way to Heaven, it is instead completely the work of Christ on the cross that saves us, which is received by repentance and faith.

Matt and Britney came to understand the gospel and said they were going to count the cost. They were happy to receive a gospel of John. Please pray for them.

Please also pray for Partarna who belongs to a Buddhist family. He heard the gospel and took a gospel of John. 

There were many other conversations had as well on Friday. To God alone be the glory!

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