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Tuesday 26 May 2015

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I have been away for the last fortnight and today it was wonderful to be back into sharing the gospel with the people of Hobart. Apparently our absence has been noticed, lots of people have come up and commented that they haven't seen us for a while. I pray that God would use our presence as a visible reminder to people of who we preach and stand for. May God bring to mind all the gospel people know when ever they see us in the street!

We started the day with the bible table and chatting to people who came to the table. One of these was Mr R. who had questions about the bible and believed some things that were obviously contradicting the bible. We talked for a period but he left insisting that we/I were scare-mongering. Later in the afternoon during the preaching he returned and had a long conversation with Karl which was excellent. 

I praise God that He has raised up all sorts of different people to be part of our team here in Hobart. There are so many people that other members of the team can reach who I cannot. Never think dear friends that you are unable to evangelise because "I am not like person x who is gifted in evangelism...", there are people in your town that only you will be able to reach. God has gifted you with the life and experience that you have so that you can share His glory and gospel with particular people. Trust God and go share your faith with those around you, they need you to bring it to them and your Lord commands that you do.

Mr S. our regular heckler has also taken a different approach recently as I have written previously. This week Mr S. set up a table also in the mall seeking to engage with people about cults, psychics and clairvoyants. He is also seeking to encourage atheism and draw people away from religions of all types. While there is obviously major differences/disagreements between us I praise God for the opportunity that this creates. His work brings many atheists to our area of the mall and we are then able to share the gospel with them. Please pray that we will be able to boldly and wisely share the gospel with these people and encounter their world view in a way that changes them for Christ.

May God's Name be praised!

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