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Monday 8 June 2015

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Queen's Birthday Public Holiday Outreach

Sketchboard preaching in AustraliaIt was very busy in Queen Street Mall during our outreach in Brisbane city on Monday. We had a good sized team and had good gospel conversations with many people.

I preached using the Sketchboard a couple times throughout the afternoon. A crowd stopped to listen to the message each time. Then Jordan got up and preached, spring-boarding off of James 4:13-14.

Afterwards I got back up to preach and pretty much straight away there was a loud heckler. It is great having loud hecklers as they attract a crowd. He asked all sorts of questions from 'How do we know God exists?' to 'What about slavery in the Bible?'

Gospel conversation in BrisbaneThis resulted in a large crowd forming, which then started asking their own questions too (like 'Why is there a Hell?', 'Why doesn't God like shellfish?', 'What about homosexuality?'). The crowd didn't disappear at all during the 1.5-2 hours of continuous preaching, with some people staying the entire time.

I made sure to explain the gospel again and again in amongst the questions that people were asking. because I knew that there were new people in the crowd all the time.

The team kept handing out tracts during this time and talking to people about Christ. We handed out about 20 Bibles during the outreach.

We were planning on finishing the outreach at 4:30pm, but because the crowd was sticking around asking more questions, with new people arriving all the time, I ended up finishing preaching after 5pm. We then packed up shortly after that.

Please pray for all who heard the gospel on Monday in Brisbane.

To God be the glory that He would use unworthy servants like us!

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