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Friday 24 July 2015

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Evangelism to MuslimsIt is the time of year when thousands of people from the Middle East travel to the Gold Coast for a holiday. That is why last night for the first time, alongside our normal free Bibles table, we also set up a table for giving out Bibles in Arabic. It was great to see many Muslims coming up and taking a Bible in their own language.

Last night, the team took turns either reading the Bible out loud or preaching. I also preached using the sketchboard and God saw fit to bring in a crowd to listen for quite a long time. There were a few people heckling and asking questions, such as: "Is every other religion false?", "Why is Jesus true?", "What about those who have never heard?", "What about homosexuality?"

It was great being able to address their questions, knowing that I was not just speaking to the questioner, but also to everyone else who was listening. That meant I kept going back to the message of the gospel many times. During this time, the team was busy in conversations and handing out gospel tracts.

Please pray for all those who heard the gospel.

Glory to God!

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