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Friday 11 September 2015

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Friday night at Cavill Avenue (Gold Coast, Australia), the team was strong in numbers, in comparison to recent weeks (That doesn't mean we don't need more labourers!) but it was a blessing to have so many around to be able to engage the public as they spent some time with the family on the Coast or to talk with the locals who were out for the night.

I first talked with Brendan, a young man who professed to be perfect, he claimed to never have broken God's law and that, though it is a rare that response does come out from time to time.

It is a scary thought to think someone is so proud they can't admit they have sinned. Please pray that Brendan will come to understand sin and the offense it is to God and therefore repent and believe the Gospel.

I talked to another you man who said he had talked to the team a few times but said it didn't bother him much, that he would suffer in Hell.

I begged with him to consider it tonight because I don't want him in Hell and he definitely doesn't want to be there and God has offered salvation, that payment for sin.

I also talked with Matthew and Natalie a young couple, one whom had gone to a "Christian" school and the other who had grown up in a "Christian" home.

But they both didn't really want to consider it, they said they had heard it all before but it wanted to live how they wanted to. I challenged them with the Eternity they were accepting if they continued in sin.

Please keep these two in prayer, that God may bring them to repentance and saving faith.

I talked with and older couple Ray and Marlene. Ray said he disbelieved God but was to old to change now, despite the apologetics I offered him and despite all of the evidence. He said he was too far gone and too old to change his ways now.

And Marlene was convinced she was saved, even though she was professing to be saved by works. She said she had done the right thing her whole life (except for the occasional sin) and was definitely going to Heaven. She to said she was to old to change now.

Please pray for Ray and Marlene that they may come to saving faith! May God change their hardness of heart, soften it and allow for the seed of the Gospel to grow!

I talked to Hannah and Yasmin two young ladies who were out looking for boys, it is more of a rare thing for young women to admit that but these two had no shame in admitting their sinfulness.

In fact they seemed proud of being deniers of God, even though they professed to be Christians and said they attended a local church.

Please pray for these two, may God use the sermons they hear, or the Bible, or any means possible including the conversation to spark the start of a life change, including surrender to Christ as Lord.

I also talked to Jesse, he said that he had thought about Eternity a little bit the questions I posed where much more real, much deeper than what he had been asked before

He said that he would have to consider where he is going when he dies and he would have to do it tonight!

It was a blessing to hear a young man having to ponder the eternal things.

Please pray for each and every one of those that interacted with the team, please pray for them that the seed which was sown will fall on the cultivated field of good soil, prepared by God and that many may desire to lay aside the life they are living and surrender to Christ a Lord.

Please keep all of the team in prayer, praising God for the opportunities we had and thanking Him for protecting us in what we have done and allowing us the freedom to share the Gospel.

May it all be to the praise of His glorious Grace!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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