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Friday 3 June 2016

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On Friday evening, despite the pouring rain the team headed to their usual location on the Gold Coast at Cavill Avenue Mall. Due to the weather there was no preaching or sketch boarding and only one table was set up. There were also very few people in the mall but God provided conversations!

A highlight was a conversation with three young men, Levi, Liam and Corey. These young men stopped and answered the question, 'Do you three think you're good people?' with a resounding yes. This was clarified with the comment, "Well, I do bad things but I think I am a good guy." from Levi. When asked to rate themselves on a scale of 0-100 all three rated themselves between 85 and 95! 

We went straight into a discussion about the law of God and how we compare to it. Very quickly all three acknowledged they had broken God's law and were, lieing, thieving, murderous adulterers at heart. They understood that this disobedience towards God's law must deserve a punishment and Levi said he knew what it was, that it was Hell. Corey understood the implications, "If that is the standard then no one deserves to go to Heaven!". Levi added, "Why are you even out here? Do you believe there are any people in Heaven?" These men understood the bad news, there was no way anyone by their own methods could deserve anything but God's justice.

After discussing briefly a few apologetic reasons as to why one can trust the Bible, Corey asks, "Tell me, what is the solution?". The solution was explained, that it is only in having a perfect sacrifice for sin, someone eternal, sinless and perfect to take our place. Jesus Christ and His work on the cross is the only way! After going a little more in depth the boys acknowledged it made sense and they would have to consider it. They asked a few more questions but they were headed somewhere and had to leave.

Please pray for Corey, Levi and Liam. Commit their hearts and lives to God! Plead with the Lord that He would bring them unto salvation and a true faith in Christ! Commit them to God, for we know it is God alone who can save!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

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