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Tuesday 2 August 2016

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It was great to see the gospel go out to many at Woodridge on Tuesday. We had good number of conversations about Christ, with even groups of people at a time.

Please pray for all those who heard the message or took a gospel tract, including a man named James. As one of the team began speaking to him, he said right from the start that he thought he would go to hell, because he gets drunk and does all sorts of bad things. He already knew he wasn't good enough to be let into heaven.

I asked James if that concerns him, and he said it didn't because "I've got 60 more years to mend my ways." So I gave him an analogy of a courtroom with a criminal standing before a judge and the criminal says, "Judge, I did that crime, but I'm going to start mending my ways, so please let me go." I asked him whether that would work. He said, "Of course not." I said, "Same thing in the sight of God. Even if we mend our ways, it does not erase the history of our sins, since God is a just God."

This then led onto explaining the message of grace, which seemed to be such a foreign concept to him, and so it took quite a while before he understood it. I explained how our forgiveness is only by Jesus taking the punishment for our sins, thereby satisfying God's justice on our behalf, and how we need to repent and believe that Jesus has done that for us.

James said he's not prepared to turn from his sins because he loves them. I asked, "What good is enjoying the momentary pleasures of sin if you end up in a place of pain and suffering forever afterwards? It's like choosing to have a cup of pleasure in exchange for an ocean of pain. Is that worth it?" He said, "When you put it that way, no it doesn't. I am going to have to really think about this."

To God be the glory!

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