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Friday 29 July 2016

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It was another great night at Cavill Avenue Gold Coast on Friday night. Our wonderful God has supplied the blessing of committed workers willing to come and share the glorious Gospel! What a privilege! And we praise His Holy Name for we know that He has prepared hearts of the people and does all the work in their lives and ours.  As we give ourselves to Him and share the message of Salvation in Jesus Name He is Glorified. 

Before we began we gathered for prayer, our prayer was that the Lord prepare our hearts and to give us more thankfulness for His Mercy and Grace, also to help us to know and love Him more and to give us the words to speak to the people with encounter.

First up to preach Trevor brought the message that God is good in contrast of us...we are not. The message of who God is and who we are was explained, the words were highlighted and the cross was the centre of the message and the love of Christ Jesus was clear for the people walking past or stopping to hear and see the solution to our sin problem.

One of our team members that preaches open air in Brisbane City came to the Gold Coast for the first time, he soon was in conversation with some young Muslims it wasn’t long after a older man joined in and he had a large group and was in conversation with them for some time. He then got up to preach and it was wonderful to hear him preaching scripture and declaring the fact that we must be born again.

This same team member had the group of Muslims gather very tight around him the group of young men grew more in numbers to the point of them taking the preacher and engaging again in a long discussion, we pray for all his efforts to explain the message of the only way to God through Jesus.

There were a lot of conversations with Muslims and Arabic Bibles and literature given out on the night. Lots of tracts and one on ones were happening and a good number of team members had opportunities to plant seeds of Gods Word to those who stopped and were asked the big questions of life...Why do we die?  What happens when we die? Are you a good person? Will you be good enough for heaven? Why would God let you in to Heaven? All have answers that  Jesus explains clearly through the instruction manual Gods Word the Bible. 

All Glory to God.

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