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Tuesday 6 September 2016

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Today the gospel went out in Woodridge. We had a small team, but still hundreds of gospel tracts were given out to people across the afternoon, including to a young lady named Tina.

Tina attends a local high school and she initially was asking, "What if you die and find out it's not true?" She was skeptical about God's existence. But I pointed her to the building across the road and said, "You know that building had a builder, don't you?" She said, "Yes".

I continued, "Exactly, even though you haven't seen the builder, you know that he exists. Same thing when you look at this universe. Since it had a beginning, it must have had a creator. Even though you haven't seen Him, you still know He exists."

She responded, "That makes perfect sense!" So I continued on to talking to her about the coming Judgement, about our sinfulness before God and how we deserve God's wrath since we have not lived perfectly, but then also about the good news of Jesus taking the punishment for our sin if we would repent and believe.

She was clearly processing in her head about what was being said and asked a few questions that she'd been wondering about. Please pray that God would draw her to Himself.

In the photo, team member Alan is witnessing using the Intelligence Test flip chart to some high schoolers, while the young man in the foreground is reading our Big Money gospel tract that the kids loved receiving today. They are available here:

To God be the glory that His gospel went out!

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