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Sunday 29 October 2017

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The 2 teams today mainly operated from the shade of the trees on the east and west sides of the point. Amongst the visitors, we dealt with quite a few polite Maoris as they came up from the swimming zone on the western side. In one of the the eating areas, there were many Asians who were mainly using their phones instead of conversing with one another. Approaching the 'headman' one team was asked what they wanted. It was explained  that it was about being reconciled to God. He said that they were not religious. It was pointed out that if God's message  was true that eternal life was involved. They needed to consider the message. Many tracts were distributed before that team moved  on.

There is a prayer request for a Miss T who was raised in a Mormon household but was not committed herself. She was informed of the 'false jesus' of the Mormon cult and how the Bible alone was God's revelation. Now she has been shown/told the law and gospel. Pray that she seeks the true God and Saviour and God grants her the grace to repent and believe.

We give all glory to God that we were able to do what He enabled us to do: give out His Word without compromising His truth.

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