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Sunday 30 March 2008

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After having the last week off, enjoying the sun and the fishing up at Noosa. It was great to get back into the swing of things and boy it was a fine day for preaching the powerful words of God. The sun was shining and the water was like glass. Got there early and was able to send some time in prayer which really helped me to focus on the job at hand.

Warren and Chris turned up and we were able to pray and get straight out on to the field, as there were lots of people out and about today enjoying the great wether. We could spread out more and move around.

Most people took tracks, with alsorts of responses even two ladies took the Carpark track and started to preach it to the 3 kids that were jumping off the pier, they didn't agree and said stuff that and jumped again.

It was about 3:30 and the Dolphin watching Boat came in, Warren and Chris were able to track all the people that came off the boat. I sat back and watched the reactions. most of them had a good laugh at the Carpark track.

Just after the Boat left we had our own excitement of dolphins without paying for it, 3 of the most gorgeous amimals that God made came and started to feed right next to the pier. Quite a big crowd formed to watch them playing so close. Just as the people were coming we started to head back to the base of the pier and as all the people started to move off we were there to get them all with tracks.

Over all the day was great and was able to have a short chat with a few people, which was good.

We are back in full swing at Redcliffe Pier every Sunday 2-4pm so come join us there. Be great to have you along.


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