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Sunday 7 January 2018

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Some of the more in-depths conversations from today's outreach:

     - Raman, a Muslim man who was trying to work his way to heaven was challenged with the Biblical injunction to not add to it but the Quran is a blatant attempt to be added as the latest word from God. He was shown the way of salvation by grace. He was urged to read the Bible asking God to reveal Himself to him.

     - Robin has a background of various non-Biblical sources. He had reached the conclusion that we sin because of the environment. This would make a drastic revised interpretation of Gen. 1-3 necessary if it were true. He does have a Bible and now he has heard the truth - in the course of about one hour! 

Most others willingly received tracts and some 'seed-planting' conversations were had with attentive teenagers.

The crew went home rejoicing and we give all the glory to God for the pleasure of serving Him and what He does with those we engaged with.

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