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Monday 8 January 2018

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How encouraging is our God and so gracious to us in our weaknesses! Lee-Anne was having a great conversation to a couple in their 20s who seemed to be receptive. A couple of us noticed this as we finished our own conversation and in one of those rare instances we prayed out loud, "Lord. Help Lee-Anne speak to their hearts."  Their bus arrived and Lee-Anne comes to us saying that she wished she had longer. Look again! The couple is not allowed on that bus so Lee-Anne returned and resumed their conversation. We thank the Lord.

There was Remiole who thought he would get to heaven because he went to his going through the gospel, he correctly answered the diagnostic question. Then he said that he would go to Church for His sake.

Rebecca had recently been to a friend's baptism. She has heard the truth and has a gospel of John to read.

God gave us many more conversations and perhaps a seed was planted in some of thos young lives?

Whatever the result, it is glorious because it is God's work and displays His character. To Him be all the glory, thanks and praise!

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