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Capalaba Team (QLD)

Meets 2-5pm every Monday afternoon (except public holidays) at the bus station between the two shopping centres (next to Noeleen Street).

Contact Ryan Hemelaar for more information.

Monday 6 January 2020

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On Monday the team headed back out to Capalaba for the first time this year and had a great afternoon. The team of four saturated the bus stop as there are still fewer people around than normal but overall it was a good afternoon of outreach.

An early conversation was with a lady named Hannah. She came to see God's existence and that because God is good there must be a day of judgement. She was then unsure of what hope there was and came to hear of the good news but then she was hesitant to believe in it because she didn't want to be reliant on someone else. She was shown that the reason people don't want to trust in Christ isn't honour but pride. It is because we think we have some ability to be able to get to Heaven ourselves and therefore don't want help. But when we come to see how desperate our position is before God, that without Christ we are destined for eternal punishment with no escape, then it makes sense to rely on the one who has the ability to save us. She was challenged as to what she will do with this good news and whether she will start trusting in Jesus to pay for her sin or will continue to rely on herself.

There was a young couple who were out for an afternoon of fun and had an opportunity to chat whilst waiting for their bus. They came to hear and grasp the simple gospel but encouraged one another away from believing in Jesus Christ because they wanted to live their own way. It was sad to see their rejection not knowing the moment they will pass from this life into the next.

There was an encouraging conversation with a lady who at first was a little ashamed of her Christianity but as we chatted she opened up and said she wasn't sure about whether or not she was going to Heaven but she knew the simplicity of the good news and was asked a few simple questions to help her realise that entry into Heaven isn't on the basis of her strength of faith but on object of her faith. She could be certain that she would enter Heaven on judgement day because Christ has died for the payment of her sin and is gloriously risen verifying that He is who He claimed to be.

Overall it was an exciting afternoon with a range of other conversations taking place. Please be praying that God may be working in the hearts of those who heard that message today, drawing them to Himself!

Monday 30 September 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba the team of three had a wonderful afternoon of outreach. With around thirty people hearing the gospel over the course of the afternoon! It is wonderful that in four hours, so many people can come to be able to explain back to you the way to Heaven and are left with the decision to trust in or reject Christ. Why not come along sometime and enable more people to hear?

An early and encouraging conversation was with Sarah. She very quickly came to hear and understand the way to Heaven. Her bus must have been running late because she was expecting it to come and it never did during the conversation. This enabled, after Sarah comprehended the good news, for some of her questions to be answered and some more confirmation to be given. At the end of the conversation she said she'd "never thought about it before but was thankful for the chat". When she was left, a first minutes later she was still reading the tract! Praise God for a wonderful conversation.

Later in the afternoon two of the young guys who often hang around the area came up to join a conversation. The lady who was being spoken to had to run and then one of the guys heard the law, whilst another seemed to be distracted but then the first guy, Cody seemed to lose interest and the rest of the conversation took place with Ty, who came to understand the way to Heaven and was seriously challenged about how he would respond to this good news. He saw that trusting in Christ would lead to him hanging out with different people, living a different way and spending his time differently.

Please be praying for both Sarah and Ty that they count the cost of trusting in Christ and make the decision this day to trust in Him alone for their forgiveness!

What a privilege it is to be able to proclaim the glories of our God and King to those in local areas. It is always exciting to see who God brings along to hear the message and it will be a great joy one day to see what work God did through the simple seeds of the gospel that were sown by the team. Come and help the team grow by 33%, join us next Monday from 1-5pm!

Monday 5 August 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba there were three team members out, surprisingly two of these were new to the Capalaba outreach, as other regulars weren't able to make it. It was exciting to see people taking the opportunity to come along simply because they had a chance. It is quite an interesting sight to see people who've only ever been to other locations come to see the differences at new locations. Capalaba is similar to roulette, most conversations are pretty straight forward, with people who are open, willing to listen and haven't really heard of Christ before but occasionally you get someone who is upset just because you wanted to ask them a question. The risk is worth it though because people's eternal salvation is more important than being treated respectfully.

There was an early conversation with a young lady named Mia. She said she had a Christian background and had grown up in the church but had left as she got older. She didn't have a specific reason for leaving but came to understand more about herself. Over the course of the conversation she saw her sinfulness and how her desire to live her own way had caused her to walk away from God. She came to realise that this way of living was the path to Hell and yet after comprehending God's offer of forgiveness, that can be received by faith in Christ, she remained adamant that at this point in her life she was going to continue living her own way. She was warned with the reality that she doesn't know if she will have another chance to consider it but Mia left, set on continuing to live as an enemy of the most powerful being in the universe.

There were then two conversations in a row with Amity and Jo, who both heard and came to understand the good news and were each encouraged to start reading John's gospel today!

There were quite a range of really exciting conversations but the highlight of the afternoon was with Justin. Justin had some slight understanding of the good news but struggled at first to understand it. After a quick recap though he came to understand why he deserves Hell and how he can get to Heaven and at the end of the conversation with great joy accepted a gospel of John and said he would read it. He professed a desire to trust in Christ this day and was challenged with the seriousness of the decision.

What a joy it is to be able to be there for the moment that someone comes to understand the simple message of salvation for the first time, and even better to be the one who God used to share it with them!

Why not come out some time?

Saturday 3 August 2019

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On Saturday morning in Capalaba a team of four made it out over the course of the outreach and had the opportunity to speak with many people about how a sinner can be made right before God.

An early conversation took place with Judd a man who had a Catholic mother and had some ideas about God but generally just wanted to live his own way and so instead of wanting God he tried to find some excuses.

He came to hear of his guilt, where that meant he was heading and then the good news that God offers a solution. Due to his background he struggled to understand that it was a gift to be received by faith, rather than something one earns or works for. He ended up taking a tract and was encouraged to count the cost but it didn't seem as if he was very interested.

The was a conversation a little later on with a man who said he didn't think there was much coming and he wanted to keep believing that. He was shown how we know God exists and therefore the importance of God's law and as the law revealed his sin he quietened down.

Funnily, nearby a man who must have been listening got very angry at the law. He wasn't even being spoken to but loudly and rudely declared that the conversation should be taken somewhere else so that he doesn't have to listen. He was generally ignored and ended up walking away himself.

The man though, came to hear of the solution that Jesus offers but had very little desire to acknowledge God's existence because that would cement his guilt. He preferred to pretend that he hadn't had the conversation and continue to live his own way.

Over the course of the morning a range of other conversations took place, please be praying for these three that God would work in their hearts, causing them to hate sin and trust Christ and that they would be eternally changed as a result of what they heard today!

Saturday 6 July 2019

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On Saturday morning in Capalaba the team of three had a whole host of conversations. Over the course of the morning the rain was on and off and keeping people under the covers.

Some early conversations took place and one stand out, short conversation was with Francis. She didn't want to put at stake in the ground for whether or not there is a God, rather she liked the ambiguity because it meant she didn't have to discuss it with people. She was pushed a little bit on this and was shown how we know God exists but then she showed her hand. She didn't want to believe that. She wanted to not believe in God because that means she can live how she sees fit without accountability. As this was all established she was shown God's law and her guilt but her bus arrived before the conversation could go further.

There was another short engagement that was very telling but hopefully is a challenge to you, the reader. There was a lady who sat down and was approached and was asked the usual question,"What do you think happens to us after we die?" She then went on to explain that she already has her own religion so she didn't want to talk. This was met with the simple question, "Oh, what type of Church do you go to?" to which she responded, "A Baptist Church". When it was mentioned that, the one speaking to her also is a baptist she was so surprised. The conversation didn't last for much longer as her bus arrived.

How telling is it, that the Christians in our culture are surprised when another Christian is sharing the gospel? It is more common to expect a knock on the door or to be approached in the street by someone sharing a false gospel than to run into someone preaching the good news that Jesus died for sinners and all those who trust in Him alone for salvation are forgiven.

Why not find some time yourself to share this message? You, Christian, have the greatest news in the universe, are accompanied by the Holy Spirit with the greatest power and have the greatest motivation. You a sinner deserving of Hell has been forgiven by God and will eternally be in Heaven on the basis of your faith in Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

There were a few conversations with people who knew the gospel from previous conversations, including Keenan and Henry and both were once again challenged with what they will do with it. Storing information in your brain will now cause you to inherit eternal life.

May you be encouraged this week to give up some of your comfort and take the great news that you have and share it with those with whom God has allowed you to meet.

Monday 24 June 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba the team was a bit smaller than normal at only three over the afternoon but even when there were less labourers in the harvest, there were still many people who heard the good news!

There was an early conversation with two guys who at first said that there was no God. They were shown the buildings need a builder analogy and they got it, said it made sense but moments later they realised the implication, that means there is a God to whom they are accountable and they said they didn't want to talk about it anymore.

After a few more quick conversations later there was a time whilst the bus stop was empty and so the JW's who were set up were approached and asked how someone can be made right before God. In summary, as you would expect they said that you "exercise faith" in Jesus and you will receive the "free gift". Somehow they were desperately blind to the fact that they were attempting to earn a gift. Some time was spent in Romans 4:1-5 and Ephesians 2:8-10 but the issue was that they seemed unable to comprehend the message of grace.

They believe that faith + works = salvation and they have been taught that anyone who disagrees with them believes that faith = salvation + lawlessness. They are legalists and believe that anyone who disagrees with them is an antinomian. But they can't understand the simple message the Bible teaches which is faith = salvation + works. Sadly over the course of a fifteen minute conversation they couldn't grasp the simple gospel message. It was awful and sad to see, that people who a so assured of themselves are so blind to what God actually has said. Mary and Linda were encouraged to read Romans 3-5 this week and to take time to understand what Paul is saying.

This was followed with a quick conversation with Aidan that seemed to flow so well! Aidan at first said he was an agnostic but was shown how we know God exists and he said that made sense. Then he was shown God's law and saw his guilt but was hesitant to admit that he was really Hell-deserving. Once he acknowledged that he was asked how he could be forgiven and said, "I don't know, you tell me". So that is what happened.

Aidan came to understand it and was able to answer some questions correctly about the way to Heaven and where good works fit into the equation and as a result he said he would consider it and took a tract.

The most exciting conversation of the afternoon was with Anna. She and her friend Steve were waiting for a bus but when the bus arrived only Steve got on and Anna stayed to chat. The conversation spanned almost an hour as Anna, who had a Christian background came to understand how all the things she'd been taught fell into place. It was a beautiful opportunity as for the first time in her life Anna, who had attended Church most of her life finally came to understand all of the pieces of information that she knew about God and what He had done formed into the story of God's plan to save the sinful human race through Jesus Christ.

At first upon understanding the gospel Anna said she would consider but when she was older. Through the conversation and hearing more and more about Christ she said, "This has been very convincing, I think I want to trust in Jesus today". With many other topics touched on and her coming to understand the Christian life and a few other parts Anna took a gospel of John to read, said she wanted to go to Church on Sunday and was going to count the cost of following Christ!

The afternoon also had a range of other conversations but a late one took place with Austin. He was there with a few school friends who were being pretty distracting and rude but Austin remained resolved to listen and to understand. Unlike the others he had some level of Christian understanding but didn't know the gospel. Over the course of fifteen minutes, despite the attempted distractions from his friends Austin came to understand the message of grace. That through faith in Christ a sinner can be made right before God and will go to Heaven. He understood the response to this incredible gift, that all those who receive forgiveness will be totally changed, wanting to live for and serve Christ with their lives. He said he would read his Bible this very night to learn more about Jesus and was challenged to trust in Christ today!

What an wonderful afternoon of outreach! How good is God, using unworthy servants to advance His kingdom!

Monday 17 June 2019

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On Monday in Capalaba the team of five had a great time of conversations. There were a whole host of different people to speak with including some very exciting chats!

The afternoon started off with a chat with Brad a lapsed Catholic. He was shown the good news of the gospel a number of times and really struggled to understand it. For some reason he was really stuck with understanding that by trusting in Christ one receives the gift of forgiveness. Sadly his bus arrived before another attempt could be made to try and help him get it but he did take a tract and said he'd read it.

This was followed by a conversation with Jake. He once was one of the young kids that would run a muck around the bus station and just be silly all the time but he now has a job, works locally and was on his way home. Jake remembered the team from years ago but sadly couldn't remember the good news. He came to understand his current eternal destiny, that he was heading to eternal punishment in Hell. Then he heard the good news that God offers sinners a free pardon for sin, paid for by Jesus if they will trust in Him and what He did on the cross.

He understood it straight away! He wasn't being silly, he got it. When asked a couple of simple clarification questions he showed that he'd understood the good news. He was then challenged to count the cost, that although trusting in Christ is free, it could cost you everything else that you value in this life. Most importantly though, it will call you to give up sin as a response. Jake understood this and said that today he wanted to trust in Christ!

He said he had a Bible at home that he would start reading and was encouraged to attend a Church in his local area. What an wonderful conversation! Almost four years ago he had no interest in talking and God in His providence enabled another opportunity to share and this time it was effective! What an incredible God we serve!

This was followed by a quick conversation with Jodesy. The bad and good news was rushed through because he knew he didn't long before the bus arrived but surprisingly he too understood it really quickly! The chat only lasted around four minutes so there wasn't much chance to talk about counting the cost but he did at least understand the message of faith alone.

There were two conversations in a row with elderly ladies who had just taken parts and ideas of Christianity and mixed it with their own ideas ending up with an incoherent mess. The first lady when she saw the law just started denying the existence of God, going back on most of the things she'd said earlier and ended up finishing the chat because she didn't have an answer. The other lady said that everyone goes to Heaven but then had to start backtracking on that but she too wasn't interested in being challenged and left.

There was a lady named Gwen who was adamant that her goodness would be enough for God and was shown that it absolutely would not be. She saw that her sin deserves Hell but without a chance to share the gospel her bus arrived and she took a tract. She was left with the chilling reality that if she was to die and left trusting in herself she'd end up in Hell eternally.

The afternoon finished with an exceedingly exciting chat. A lady named Bec who has spoken to the team over the past month or so and professed to have a Baptist background was in previous weeks just making it up as she went along. Last week she spoke to a team member and heard and understood the gospel. This week when approached she was asked, "Will you go to Heaven or Hell after you die?" In response she said, "God would send me to Heaven?" When asked why, she said, "When I stand before God I will say, I know I am not worthy and don't deserve to go to Heaven but because you paid for my sin on the cross, I may come in".

What a glorious and simple profession of faith! She is keen to attend a local Church and even said that she wants to come out with the team to share alongside us! She said she will try and drop by next week to join us! While she's coming out, you can too!

Please be keeping those who understood the gospel in your prayers that God may cause it not just to be information but that they would trust in Christ alone for their forgiveness! Please also pray that those who were challenged will consider even the small places where they are wrong and turn to God's word for the answers!

Saturday 15 June 2019

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On Saturday morning to take the opportunity the team has begun heading out to Capalaba taking the opportunity to share the good news with people who usually wouldn't get the chance to hear as they don't frequent the location on a Monday.

An early conversation took place with Tristan who struggled at first to understand the gospel. He saw God's existence and saw the he was guilty and headed for Hell but he struggled to understand the simplicity the receiving the gift of forgiveness simply by trusting in what Christ has done. He finally was able to articulate the gospel at the end of the conversation but wasn't convincingly understanding it.

A lengthy conversation took place with some JW's, Hayley and Sara who were adamant that one must do good works in order to receive the free gift of salvation. They couldn't seem to understand that grace is free. They tried over and over to argue that it must be earnt and they did so in response to thinking that Christians believe all you have to do is at one moment think that Jesus paid for your sin and then you can live however you want.

They couldn't understand that God's grace always changes those receive it. Sadly when they saw in Romans 4 that Paul clearly says justification can not be on the basis of works but is only by trusting in what Christ has done to pay for sin. When they saw this in God's Word they quite adamantly declared that cannot be the case.

Sadly they remained in opposition to God's Word but were encouraged to read Romans 3-5 in their own time and see what God has to say regarding justification.

Soon after this there was a conversation with Jacob and Chelsea. They'd hardly heard the name of Christ before let alone what He had done so they were shown God's existence, their guilt via God's law, the punishment their sin deserves and therefore their current eternal destiny.

Jacob was asked, if someone offered you a billion dollars in this life for you to go to Hell in the next at first he said yes. As this was discussed he realised what he was saying. He would trade the freedom to live however wanted for maybe eighty years for an eternity of pain and suffering in Hell. Worse yet, no one was even offering him a billion dollars, he was willingly going to Hell for the love of sin.

Jacob realised this and was reminded once more of the good news, he showed that he understood it by being able to answer some simple questions and was encouraged this very day to consider what Christ has to offer. He said he would.

Sadly Chelsea didn't really want the good news, she was happy trying to argue against God in order to justify her sin.

Please keep those who heard the good news in your prayers. Pray that Tristan would comprehend the good news and trust Christ. Pray that the JW's would heed God's word, not the ideas of man and trust in Christ. Please be praying for Jacob as well that he would obey Christ and believe and may have the privilege of sharing with Chelsea.

Do you have some spare minutes on a Saturday morning, why not come and join us in Capalaba?

Monday 10 June 2019

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On Monday as usual the team of four spent the afternoon in Capalaba sharing the message of God's offer of forgiveness for sinners to anyone who had time and was willing to listen!

There was an encouraging conversation with Zach, a young man who usually is a bit silly. At first he was with his friend and they were being very silly but it wasn't long and his friend left and Nathan started to engage. He saw that we know God exists, he saw the desperate position of guilt that he is in and he was taking it very seriously.

It was encouraging to see that Zach went from being silly to concentrating. It took him a little while to understand the gospel and even at the end although he seemed to be able to repeat back the answer it is unsure if he had fully comprehended it. Please be praying for another opportunity to follow up with Zach in the future to once again talk about the gospel and to challenge him to give up sin for Christ.

Nathan spoke to the team as well. His friend also was sitting with him when the conversation started but wasn't interested and walked away. Nathan on the other hand was keen and came to understand the simple and beautiful gospel to the point that he was moved and wanted to know more. When the gospel and the response was presented it took him three attempts to understand the simplicity of faith alone. When he finally understood he said that he would trust in Christ today.

He was warned of the cost and was challenged to consider if he really meant what he said about trusting in Christ. He was encouraged to read a Bible and to start attending a local Church. Please be praying that Nathan would be serious, that he would trust in Christ today and that he would start reading his Bible!

There was a man soon after named Kennedy who had spoken to the team around Easter time. He could still remember the gospel but said that he had not yet trusted in Christ. He was still living in and loving his sin. He was challenged this very day to trust Christ knowing that tomorrow isn't guaranteed!

Similarly a conversation with Monique took place. She too had spoken to the team before but had a little bit of trouble remembering how someone receives the gift of forgiveness. She was once again reminded and she too was challenged to trust in Christ. Sadly the conversation wasn't overly long as her bus arrived very quickly.

This was then followed by a chat with Erica. Erica started the chat by saying, "I spoke to you about three months ago", she said she couldn't remember much of the conversation but when asked about the way to Heaven could remember it. She then added, "Since our chat I've been going to Church every week". It seemed as though she had trusted in Christ alone for her forgiveness and was slowly growing in her love for and understanding of God!

Next up was Devin who said that all people who believe God exists will get to Heaven. He was then taken straight into the gospel and understood it without much effort. It seemed that he comprehended it and said that he would consider it. This was very different from Vladim who attends a local Baptist Church.

Vladim said that his goodness would gain him a place in Heaven and was show by God's law that his righteousness would not be enough rather that the only thing we earn by our lives is Hell. He didn't get to hear of Christ though because he was blind to his own sin and didn't want to talk anymore.

To add to the joy of the afternoon Fynn heard and understood the gospel as well. As the conversation took place a man nearby interrupted and started trying to butt in but quietened down quickly when he was ignored. Fynn on the other hand, despite having a Christian background came to understand that sinners are forgiven simply based on their faith in Christ and it has nothing to do with good works. Fynn understood and even asked some questions himself to clarify. He said he was excited to have a read of his Bible when he got home and was thankful for the chat saying that he would consider trusting in Christ today!

The man who had interrupted was approached and asked a question or two but showed that it wasn't really a problem with the conversation that he had, it was a problem with God. He didn't really have any answers to simple questions or any real arguments him simply said, "The Bible was written by men". God in His providence knew what was best and bought along his bus so that the conversation couldn't continue.

Over all it was an exciting afternoon where God glorified Himself through the simple proclamation of the gospel. Please be praying for those today who were reminded of or heard for the first time how a sinner can be forgiven!

Monday 27 May 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba the usual team of four were out again and God's word went out. It was a surprisingly quiet afternoon but God provided just enough people to be spoken with to consistently keep the team in conversations over the afternoon.

The first few conversations were sad and tough. There was a woman who said she was sure there was nothing after death but when asked why she had no reason. She was pointed to how we know God exists but was defiant and her bus arrived. Then Dylan said a lot of things about what he thinks but very few aligned with what God had said. He was shown God's law and his guilt but said he didn't want to know anymore.

But then a conversation with Matt took place. He took a long time to understand. It was hard work and there were three different explanations given until he understood but in the end of it all, after the struggle Matt seemed to understand. It was exciting to see as he seemed to finally grasp it and was encouraged to count the cost and to this day and to spend time reading the gospel of John he was given.

Then as the conversation with Matt was finishing, there was a man who a couple of times wanted to join in but held his tongue. When the conversation finished he was approached and asked and it turns out his name is John and he goes to a local JW meeting. He was then asked, what do you think will pay for your sin? He said Jesus pays for it. Then when asked how he receives the forgiveness Jesus has paid for he said, "you have to obey Jesus". Was shown that Jesus says the standard is perfection. But he had to leave without any opportunity to hear what Jesus says the way of forgiveness is.

There was an exciting conversation with Robin who at first was quite closed and distant but with a few simple questions she opened up and a good conversation took place leading her to hear of Christ and how she can be forgiven of her sin. It wasn't comprehensive as she had to leave but it was enough for her to be interested in chatting again.

The highlight conversation of the afternoon was with Amy. It was so surprising. She has spoken to the team before but wasn't quite sure. She was open about it all and saw that God exists, saw the condemnation of the law and then understood the gospel simply and quickly. She got the checking questions straight away and asked some good follow on questions, even preempting the next ones usually that would be asked and she got it. Then came a lengthy discourse where she asked lots of questions that she had wondered about how that would impact her life.

Over the course of the conversation she became more and more convinced to the point where she said at the end that she was going to think about it and seriously consider trusting in Christ like she'd never before. She took a gospel of John and said that she would read it before she saw the team next. She made other comments about how it made sense and was seriously challenged about how she was living.

At the same another team member was speaking to her boyfriend and he was less interested but was seriously challenged as well and they were encouraged to read together.

Praise God for such an encouraging afternoon and please be praying for those who heard the message of salvation that they would trust in Christ to pay for their sin!

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