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Sunday 13 April 2008

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There was a delay in getting the team into the Skypecast tonight, this was not due to technological problems, but rather due to the fact that I had to drive down the Gold Coast to pick Josh Mitchell, and Keith Rochford up from the Southport Watch house, where they were being detained after being arrested for preaching the Gospel.

At just after 10pm, I was able to get into the Skypecast, and Josh Mitchell took the floor and presented the gospel to those who were in the room listening. While he was talking I was sent a message by a Muslim man named Talal who wanted to debate Islam versus Christianity.

So I brought him up and began to talk to him about Islam. He presented the case on why the Bible cannot be trusted, so I answered him from an apologetic position on why we can trust the Bible. He then launched in on the central doctrine of Christianity, and that was attacking if Jesus Christ was even crucified. He maintained as the Koran teaches, that Jesus was not crucified, but rather Allah preformed a ‘miracle' and made someone else look like Jesus, and thus deceived all those who were at the cross. From here we looked at why Allah would deceive and lie to his creation. That was a good jumping off point to look at the God of the Bible "who cannot lie".

From there we went into the Law of Moses, and as we walked through the law Talal didn't want to talk anymore. It is rather amazing that as soon as sin is revealed people aren't interested in dialogue. Since there were people in the room listening, I decided to keep on preaching the gospel even though Talal had left.

After this Josh Mitchell and Andrew Hsu had a discussion in regards to evolution, and the night finished off with Andrew Hsu preaching the gospel.

It was a shorter Skypecast, but the Gospel still went out!



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