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Monday 26 February 2018

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It was an unusual day but as always an interesting time witnessing as one trusts our Lord, our ever-present Helper. I met a string of people who were agnostic and not seeking for the reason why we are here. However, we trust our Lord that He perhaps planted a seed of faith from the brief encounters and/or the tracts that were received. The first young lass I met seemed astounded that anyone would think about God. Still she listened politely and she may meet other Christians to challenge her. There was a young man who listened to the builder/building analogy embellished with some data on the finely-tuned universe that scientists have discovered. Another young man was not interested but engaged in a short conversation after I mentioned Carl Sagan who did not want to think about the possibility that God started creation. We did not get far before his bus arrived. He persisted with his assumption that 'one should do his best to improve himself' but thanked me for the chat. The middle-aged man I gave a '150 year' tract to simply chuckled and said he never bothered with thinking about things like that. Then his phone rang.

May the Lord be pleased to awaken complacent deluded people who are content to drift through life. May we keep on thanking God for the privilege of serving Him and trying to tell others of His good news. Praise His holy name.

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