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Sunday 4 March 2018

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Our great Lord of His harvest granted us 9 on His team here today; 3 were first-timers at Wello Pt. There was some incidences that occur occasionally. e.g. In the midst of one gospel presentation, a person purporting to be a Christian broke into the conversation and made enough ridiculous comments to end that opportunity. Moving right along...

Meanwhile a chat with teenagers Reece and Phoenix gave Reece much to think about on submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Later this couple met another on our team who reinforced the gospel. Then Phoenix appeared 'softer' towards God's good news.

Another team of 2 went into an area we have never covered before due to insufficient workers.

The Hindus, Rudge and Punita, listened and then claimed that their holy book contained truth as well as the Bible. {Even false religions 'holy books'v have some truth in them but only the Bible has nothing but the truth} Concentrating on Jesus as the only Way to be reconciled to God, brought Rudge to state that if he went to hell, that was what he deserved (his karma). Then one team member gave her testimony on how God had revealed Himself to her savingly through prayerful searching the Scriptures to see if the gospel was true. Then Punita said she would start reading her Bible. May God convict her of His truth and cause Rudge to abandon the fatalism of karma and close with Christ alone to save him.

 We thank God for His glorious work of saving His people and enabling us and using us to present the claims of Christ to a very needy people. We give Him all the glory. Amen.  

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