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Tuesday 17 April 2018

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Today was the first day of street ministry in Warwick. Every Tuesday a Bible table will be set up in the main street with the offer of free Bibles and resources & tracts from the ministry.

What a great day it was, with a good handful of conversations. Being held up in prayer in preparation for this outreach was much felt and shown by the results at the end of the 3 hours. Wow God is so great!!!

Rob from Stanthorpe was my first inquirer, he is a fellow Christian and asked all about the ministry, we talked about the law being used to bring knowledge of sin and the need to have our sins paid for. Rob took a few different tracts and will check out the website. Pray for Phillip, he was brought up Catholic, he was open for a short chat, a few seeds planted and he received a tract. Pray for one of my work mates and a client who stopped for a chat and received Gospel tracts. Andy from Gatton agreed with the Gospel but is not attending a church or reading his bible. Pray for him and his wife and son. He received a comic book tract and Anzac tract. Jeff a busker who was playing his guitar not far from me when he had finished walked past me, I handed him a million dollar tract and said he played so well. I mentioned that the message on the back was worth more than silver or gold. We had a conversation and he was interested and took tracts. A good handful of Anzac tracts went to some people passing close to me and it was good to say "good morning" and "have a nice day" to lots of people.

Praise God for a good response today & open hearts.


Warwick Team (QLD)

Meets each Friday 11am to 2pm - we set up a free Bibles table on the main street of Warwick.

Contact Rick Barnard for more information.