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Warwick Team (QLD)

Meets each Friday 11am to 2pm - we set up a free Bibles table on the main street of Warwick.

Contact Rick Barnard for more information.

Friday 8 February 2019

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It was a quiet day but we are not discouraged at all. We never gauge God’s work on numbers, even if we don’t see any conversions we know every time we faithfully share the Gospel message it is His work in hearts to save anyone.

We who are His workmanship are merely workers, spreading the seed of the good news of salvation through Jesus alone.  The truth lands on hard soil hearts, rocky ground hearts, thorny hearts and good soil hearts. We can not see anyone's heart. The Gospel is needed for all, no matter the age or soil type. We are called by God to share the good news of Jesus to all people. 10 out of 10 people need Jesus. Faith comes by hearing and the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation.

As Christians we still need the Gospel, we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus it is the gift of God not of any works we do. The promise from God is to complete the work He has begun in us, it is a sure thing that God keeps His promises. Growing and learning and being made more like Jesus through His Spirit. His Word is truth and where else is there to go for greater depth as we read and live His ways, but to the love He has shown by dying on the cross to pay for hell punishment we all deserve because of our sin.  Thank You Jesus. Jesus has defeated sin and death, by dying and rising again to life, this shows us His power and authority.

Encouraging others to read and study God’s Word and find a good church are all what we encourage people to do as it is needed to be in His Word and around God’s people to grow and flee from sinful desires, and to know more of our saviour there is greater joy in our growth. So the ministry has a part also to encourage, equip and build up believers, to help us to grow in many ways, as well as the ministry being for those who are not yet believers and even to those who will not believe. It is all God's gracious love to call all to come to repentance and faith in Jesus alone to be saved to the Glory of God.

Two pocket New Testament Bibles and reading bible handout with tracts were given to S who was in a wheelchair she requested for her grandchildren. S told Rick and I she has been brought up in a Brethren Church we gave her tracts and shared the Gospel and reminded her the fact on salvation being all the work of Jesus and not anything we can do to be saved. S loved hearing the gospel which is a good sign but as said we can not see hearts. So pray for S and her grandchildren to have the saving work of God done in their hearts. Also pray for her carer L who heard the Gospel while with S.

Two Christians we have had the privilege to get to know, stopped for a time to chat, we share in the love for Jesus and pray for each other. 

Right at the end of the day we had the opportunity to talk with an elderly couple. The man told us he doesn’t believe in any of the Bible and he said to me “You haven’t been getting many strikes have you”.  Well that was the start to explaining who God is and we can’t save. He told us he doesn’t believe in God. Rick explained the building and builder analogy but he was telling us he won’t believe but we said that God can change his unbelief.

We used the law and he admitted to breaking some of them, we shared that if you break the law here on earth the consequences are you will have a fine and it needs to be paid for. As we shared the message of hell punishment and  asked him to consider that if it were true how important this news is about Jesus. We talked about conscience and creation some more.

I also explained about a blind man headed towards a cliff, I asked him if that were Rick would he call out to him. J said “Yes of course, he might be of some use.”  So that was a building block to share how much God cares for him to be saved and God is using Rick and myself to call out to him to believe and hear his call to be saved from hell punishment.  Rick had a chat with J’s wife and said she believes what we were saying is true.  They both have tracts. Pray as they read the tracts God’s Spirit will do all the work needed in this couple.

Thank you for your prayers and may God be glorified in all the work he gives us to do.

Friday 1 February 2019

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Not long after setting up the Bible table, a man who had parked close by stepped out onto the footpath, walked straight up asking nicely “what do you have here?” After saying a few things about the ministry he saw 'free Bibles' on the banner, he said someone he knows would love a Bible.

P ended up sharing how he is helping his niece S who is very sick, he has devoted himself to being her full time carer. The Bible he requested was for his niece, he was saying it will help her. He says that S is a Christian. We agreed that a large print Bible for his niece would be better so we offered to get one to give to her and we will bring it next week.

The focus then was to P as I asked if he believes. P says he has been blessed to grow up with a family who are Christian and it is all he has known. As I started to ask him questions about Eternity and what happens when we die, Rick arrived. We were able to check where P is with God. He thought he was going to heaven because he always helped people. So P wasn’t understanding the Gospel. After going through the law with the flip chart he agreed that he was deserving of hell punishment and what Jesus had done on the cross is what saves us. Any good works we do is not going to save us, we explained to him.

Pray God will use the visual from the flip chart of the hell punishment Jesus bore upon himself, and His perfect blood shed for those who turn to Him for forgiveness of sins to receive His righteousness by faith, trusting in Him alone in what He has done for us on the cross. He showed us his power and victory by rising from the grave. Jesus is alive! it is finished! the work is done. Pray God will give P His grace and a deep Love for Him, and bring him gratitude and thankfulness to receive Jesus. Pray P will open his bible and read God’s Word and get to know and live his life for God’s glory and purposes. He was given tracts also to remind him of the Gospel. So pray he reads his Bible with God’s Spirit to guide him and also for his niece in the difficult time she is going through. Pray he will come back to pick up the Bible we will have for S.

The past 2 weeks we’ve had lots of encouragement in believers checking out the ministry and sharing with us their love for Jesus. Getting to know them better has been great. There has been some from out of town too, and they are encouraged to see the good news going out here at Warwick.

It’s also good to build up and challenge our brothers and sisters in Christ to share Jesus every opportunity we are given. We who are His children are privileged to be a part of His work. Gospel tracts are a good resource to be able to plant the Gospel in many places and situations and they are going places where we don’t go. Let’s spread the great and wonderful news of salvation and use everything God has given us to reach out to the people. We give thanks to God and give Him all the Glory for His Sovereign work.

Friday 11 January 2019

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Everyday is a good day to share the gospel and this Friday on the streets of Warwick was no exception.

S approached the bible table and asked how much for a bible, pointing to the signs pinned to each side of the table we said they were free. He said his 8 year old son would love to have one, so we gave him a hard cover CEV.

The CEV bible was donated by a young man some weeks ago who was impressed to see us out on the streets talking about God and giving away free bibles and resources, that he turned up with some extra bibles laying around home so that we could give them away - Praise God. This was explained to S who was really grateful to take this donated bible for his boy. S was asked if he himself is a believer - he said that his Grand Parents were. Glenda said that they would have been praying for him. He agreed they surely would have.

We took him through the law and gospel in which he was saying that he understands while nodding as he was answering, sometime was spent spent with him talking about eternal matters and what that meant personally for him and that there was nothing more important than getting right with God. He took a booklet about the ministry, we also gave him a resource on some basic facts about the bible and how to read it, that was given to us from our pastor’s wife, they have been quite useful to accompany the bibles we give out.

Please pray that God would draw S unto salvation and that the enemy wouldn't steal the planted word from him. Pray for his son as he now has a bible that our Lord will do the work in his life to bring him to faith in Jesus by His amazing grace.

A mum and her two kids stopped by to encourage us saying that this was a great thing that we were doing, she is a believer from Tamworth up here on holidays, so after having a chat we gave here some ministry info, tracts for her and her children. We encouraged her to look us up online and share the Gospel where she lives.

We spoke to M and then a bit later on J, two guy’s who believed in reincarnation, we asked where they got there information about there belief, M said it just sounded good to him. J said his mother told him when he was young about a truck driver who died the day he was born and when he grew up he became a truck driver. We told them that they were basing their belief on feelings not facts. Both were short chats but tried to plant a few bible truths with some gospel tracts, so we pray that the Holy Spirit will convict them of their false belief and bring them to a saving faith in Jesus.

Friday 4 January 2019

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The New Year has begun and the crowds that bring people to the shops in the Christmas period has gone back to a slower pace. This has been good in a way, as it gives a bit more time for conversation. Never ever think just because there are not many people around that it’s a negative.

Today seemed very quite but at the end of the day both Rick and myself were so thankful that God had prepared seeking hearts given to us by Him in a few of the conversations we had.

Praise God for R who I have spoken to in the past. He got to meet Rick and we were both able to spend time listening and chatting with him. Wow, it was wonderful as we could see how the Lord was showing him some very critical things in his heart. Checking to see if he truly is of the faith.

R is not able to read and much of his understanding is from his early years. There were a few things he shared with us that we were able to explain through God’s word what we are to obey in the call to salvation. We went through the flip chart and like we find in the majority of people, R said he was guilty but he thought he would be going to heaven, when asked why? he said that he was trying to do good works. He thought he wasn’t so bad. When we explained the Holiness of God and the wrath of God that we all deserve as we have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. R was wanting to listen, it was so great to see how God had his ears ready to hear more.

Justice was explained using the earthly courtroom analogy and how there needs to be a payment of the fine in breaking the law, that just saying I won’t do it again doesn’t make what was done go away. But just like in a earthly courtroom when you are guilty the law requires the penalty to be fully made so justice is upheld. Our earthly court is only an example of the perfect courtroom where there is perfect justice and judgment.

God’s courtroom is so much higher and on judgment day, we all will face God. We need to know there is none of us who are good, no not one, we all have broken God’s Holy laws as we check ourselves by the ten commandments, we know we are guilty, the Bible, God’s Word, declares the penalty for sin is death, not only physical death but even worse, it is spiritual, the penalty for sin is punishment in a place called Hell for eternity.

That’s bad news, But God has given good news and provided a way we can have our fine paid, that is through God’s one and only Son Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life He never sinned, Jesus came to die in our place to pay the penalty for all those who will believe upon Him and trust in His righteousness, in His life, death, and resurrection. Jesus paid it all. We broke the law, Jesus paid our fine. He defeated sin and death and offers us Eternal life as we come to Him with a humble heart and put out trust in Him.

God promises to give us Grace and a new heart that is repentant of our unbelief, self reliance and good works. His covering of righteousness makes us justified, God gives us Eternal Life and we can enter heaven. Not because we deserve it but because of mercy and grace given by God through Jesus our Saviour and Lord.

God receives all that are His and all the Glory is His. No one can boast, it is all His work and He deserves all Glory and Honour our love for Jesus is to worship Him and follow Him with grateful hearts. As we spoke all these truths to R we trust God in his life and we pray he be saved and have a desire to know His Saviour. We showed R how to download audio Bible and we had him listen on my phone to the book of John, all of Chapter 3, he was listening intently. He asked us about a Bible on CD, if he can buy it. We told him we would look into it for him. He said he will be back for the information next week or the week after. We urged him not to put off salvation. As we don’t know the day we die and we need to make that the first step with God. 

S was another conversation that was very good. Hopefully we will get to talk with him again as he was meeting his wife and had to go. Pray for H who we have talked with before, he thinks he is ok but he is trusting in works as the way he will get to heaven and doesn’t seem to have conviction of sin or desire for God. We took him through the law and the Gospel and he has a tract again, only God can do the work we know.

Praise our wonderful God for another great day sharing the Gospel.

Friday 28 December 2018

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This is the first week of my break from work (they close for two weeks) so I was able to join my wife an hour earlier for our usual Friday outreach in Warwick. The streets were a little bit quieter but busy enough to have a few conversations  and hand out some tracts.

M is a young man who has received a few Gospel tracts before from Glenda so when she saw him coming she asked me to engage him in a chat. I said g’day and asked him if he had read any of the tracts he had previously received, he said yes and still has them at home. I asked, "What did you think of them?"  He said they were alright but didn't’t seam too fazed about them, so I stressed the point about all being guilty and took him through the law and judgment and the eternality of our hell punishment but all to no avail. Sadly, he just had no care about the future and was hard to get much out of him, he just said its not for me. We said to please look into these things for no one knows how long we have on this earth, any of us might not see tomorrow. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken him to the truth of the gospel.

We were able to hand out a bible and a couple of books of John to a family from out of town and plant a few seeds. It’s great to see someone desiring to have the word of God and what a blessing to have these resources to give away free of charge.

We handed a tract to a couple who came back and wanted to ask us a few things about what they read and we said "no, we’re too busy" (only kidding) we said "fire away!". They had questions about the law and especially about the Sabbath so we quickly ascertained that they were from the Adventist movement and had quite a lengthy discussion about scripture and Ellen G. White’s teachings. They asked if they could meet us next week and further discuss our differences. Please pray that God would prepare their heart to receive the good news of salvation through Grace alone through faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross for all our sins - past, present and future. Please pray that our Lord would speak the Gospel truth through us which is His power unto salvation.

Friday 21 December 2018

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The ministry of Operation 513 sharing the Gospel in the streets is truly being blessed by God's Sovereign Hand in all locations He has given. And we know each week the people we meet here at Warwick have already been prepared by God to hear from His Word. This is His work and we are privileged to be able to serve and trust Jesus to do what is needed in the hearts of the people. His Word by His Spirit is always true and all we need. He is with us!!

It is always a good day to be sharing the Gospel and we have handed out all the Christmas tracts we had in stock and started on what other ones we had. Even though the ice breaker in the tracts may start differently the message is the same as it leads into the bad news that we all have broken God's laws we are sinners then the good news of the solution to our greatest need to be made right with our Holy God found only in Jesus our saviour. So every tract really is the Christmas and Easter message which is the Glorious Gospel. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. The message of Easter being of victory over sin and death, Jesus is alive! such good news Jesus calls us to believe and receive and share with others.

We chatted with a man that said he couldn't read - he didn't want to engage much but said his wife helps him with the Bible.

We encouraged him that he could look into audio Bible. He has a tract for his wife so pray for P that his wife will read the message to him and he remember what we have spoken from God's Word.

One long conversation we had was with a young man B. He openly admitted to sin as we took him through the good person test. He was not wanting to get close to us and blocking the path for others. He eventually came a bit closer it seemed

he was convicted of sin but not seeing the seriousness of the consequences which are Eternal, we see conviction as a good thing not bad because that is God at work in a heart.

We explained the need for Eternal righteousness and warned of the hell punishment for all who reject the kind offer of Jesus to save us and that we need to turn to Jesus in thankfulness for all He has done, as we won't want to give up sin until we have a changed heart, born again to new life in Christ. There is nothing more important than our Eternal need in Jesus.

We went through the flip chart and again the wrath punishment we all deserve, Jesus willingly bore in our place and the message that we need to put our faith in what He has done for us and know the Christmas message points to the Easter message of the cross and Jesus defeating sin and death by rising to life 3 days later. B has been given tracts and resources and we hope and pray he and others that have heard the call to be saved will respond with grateful hearts.

Friday 14 December 2018

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Each week I set up the table 1 hour before Rick arrives as he finishes work at 12 pm.  It is quite a busy time of day, that was the reason we decided for me to start then. This week there were workers just across from where I set up the table on the footpath. They were busy at their work. I started to hand out Christmas tracts, saying Merry Christmas. I like to just add to the people that it is the true meaning of Christmas and not Santa stuff. Most people think that is good and smile with me, some stop and share their belief in Jesus so it’s an opportunity to ask them more about their faith.

One man pushing his bike, stopped and after a few questions told me he used to be born again but now does not believe. I shared the truth of how, when we are truly born of God that God will keep us in our faith. As this is one of His great and precious promises, even in our struggles He brings us through using His Spirit His Word and other believers to help us and we will remain steadfast in His love. So I said to this man that if he was saying he doesn't now believe, that it seems that he wasn't truly born again. So I shared the law and the hell punishment that we all deserve and my concern for him. I then went on to share the offer of God’s love through His Son Jesus, that this is his greatest need before he dies and the only way to be made right with God and set free from sin through what Jesus has done to pay for our eternal punishment.

This man said to me he could see my genuine concern and he was thankful but he said he doesn't believe the Bible. Please pray for C, he has a tract, pray God will stir his heart to receive Salvation and seek to be truly born again. 

Then a little boy walked up to the table and said “I am Christian”, his mum was standing back so I smiled and waved to her and crouched down to chat with this little guy. I gave him a kiddies tract and asked if he had heard of the 10 commandments,  he said yes (he was only 7) then I showed him the pictures that help memorize each one. I also gave him a tract to give his mum. For some reason she did not want to come over. Pray for this little boy and his mum.

As he left the worker said to me, what a nice little boy. I said yes it is so needed for the young ones to know that there is a God. I then said that sadly many are being taught there is no God and it will be terrible as they have no accountability and no hope either. 

A young man (A) approached me with some Bibles to donate, he said he has seen me over some weeks and felt to bring these Bibles to give as they are just sitting on his shelf. He told me a little about himself and I thought to share that Rick is here from just after 12pm if he would like to chat with him too but he had to go. I gave him a tract and a 'God of Wonders' dvd to say thanks.

After Rick had arrived we handed out lots more tracts and also had the chance to give a Bible to a man from Vanuatu. We asked some questions to see if he knew the Gospel, and to the praise of God he was fully relying on Jesus being the only reason he would be going to heaven. His words were of course so! He had been taught as a young child to trust in Jesus. In amazement he told us he was leaving to go back to Vanuatu in the morning, so we encouraged him about the ministry and to share the good news where he is going, in his reply “of course so.” How lovely to have the opportunity to meet other Christians as we share the joy in salvation as we speak. Pray for J. We were also thankful to meet and encourage S and give a dvd from 'Way of the Master' to watch and share with her Church.

Thank you for continued prayers for the ministry.

Friday 7 December 2018

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It’s good to be back out on the street with my lovely wife Glenda sharing the Gospel with the people of Warwick. Our bible table is set up for giving away free bibles and resources to build up fellow Christians and equip and encourage them in sharing the good news and of course to give to anyone wanting to receive answers (for example) ”Does God Exist” and “Evidences for a young world” to plant seeds that God can use to draw some to Salvation.

I attended a funeral service just before joining Glenda for the outreach. The funeral was for a workmates family member. In God’s providence my boss sat next to me, and just before we all left I got to tell her that I was now going to join my wife in Warwick as I do after work each Friday, to hand out Gospel tracts, free bibles and talk to people about Eternal matters. Also I was able to plant a few seeds with some other work colleagues after the funeral about how short life is!!

Not long after arriving at the outreach location another workmate who was at the funeral happened to walk by and we engaged in a conversation about death in light of just coming from a funeral. During the chat with him he revealed a tattoo of his mother his brother and sister’s dates of when they passed away and underneath, said “Me -  Never”. I said that we are all part of the ultimate statistic that 10 out of 10 people die. After going through the Law, judgment and hell, then the flip chart, he didn't seem to be concerned at all, but who knows what our Lord can do with a few planted seeds!! He received a call from his upper management (wife) who had been waiting for him for some time and we said goodbye. Please pray for L.

We had a few short chats with some other folk - pray for S who is a believer as he helps his friend M with some Bible truths. We also were able to hand out lots of tracts.

Friday 23 November 2018

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23rd November
It has been great to have Rick with me as we are meeting people I have previously talked with and to have a man chat with other men is a blessing, as it is sometimes a better outcome. It’s great too when we meet couples, then we can talk one to one.

On the first week this fortnight we met a couple from an LDS Church. N & L stopped to ask about the ministry and we had quite a bit of time one on one with them. When the discussion on hell punishment came up, this is when they suddenly wanted to walk on. They took tracts but please pray that there will be another time we will see them and that God’s grace will be showing them truth in His Word. 

We got to talk with an paramedic who assisted me earlier in the year. I had shared the Gospel with him and he told me I was preaching to the choir. It was easter and he had been given an easter tract by Rick & myself back in April.

Rick recognised him and he remembered us too. We had a great chat with him and he has a good knowledge of the Gospel. He also wanted to know more about the ministry and received some resources. Pray for him and the work he does daily as an emergency worker, they do a wonderful work. Pray for M, L, C & G.

Rick had the opportunity to talk with a believer from out of town and he also was encouraged and interested in the work of evangelism, pray for S. 

Rick also got to speak with a man I have shared with many times in the past and have given tracts, also a booklet of John. He was wanting a Bible from Rick so praise our Lord for this man's seeking of God’s Word, pray for him (R).

We also got to share with the man who sold us our house here from 2 years ago. We had given him tracts back then and I have seen him and shared the Gospel at other times. Last Friday Rick and myself were able to challenge him more in his need to be made right with our Holy God.

30th November
This week was only myself as Rick had injured himself at work. I had a good amount of conversations. One that was sad to my heart was a elderly man saying he wanted to end his life. Please pray for D who I pleaded with and shared the need for him to come to salvation. I asked him to come meet us next week to talk with Rick. Pray the Lord's mercy will protect him and bring him to saving faith so he will have reason to love his life. 

God gave me the privilege to have encouragement from two older ladies who are believers, they had stopped to express their thoughts on the need for Christian influence in the public like this ministry does. They shared some of their hearts needs so we are able to pray for them. One lady (M) asked for something for her two granddaughters (in their 20's) to explain the Gospel, so she was given a couple of comic book tracts and I encouraged her to have them check out the website and look at the 5 minute video that explains the Gospel.

The other lady (P) has her husband in the final stages of his life. He is a believer but she is having family trying to take over her say in looking after him. I prayed with her and she said she would come visit me again on a Friday. 

Thank you again for all you who pray for this work. God is bringing these opportunities of sharing the Gospel either by our speaking or handing out a tract. And also the blessing of encouragement and equipping fellow believers to share Jesus.

The Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Praise His Holy Name!

Friday 16 November 2018

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The Warwick outreach has changed from Tuesdays to every Friday. Rick is now able to join on this day and my work was able to give me this day off. Praise God for the blessing to be together in this beautiful work to share the Gospel in this little town.

Over our first two Fridays we have had many great conversations and given out lots of tracts, we know God will use all our efforts to accomplish His work in hearts of the people. We know the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Only God can save sinners. We have been graced with faith in Jesus and saved from hell punishment and His great love is something we can not keep silent about. 10 out of 10 people need Jesus. 

Last Friday the table was being set up and a young man wanted a Bible and some resources.

He told me he had just moved to Warwick and was using his girlfriends Bible. I asked him if he was a believer, to which he acknowledged he is and then told me his testimony. He had been brought up in a Mormon family. He told me how God had shown him truth of who Jesus is and that he was born again. Amazingly i had just watched a mormon testimony on youtube that morning and in God’s sovereignty he had watched the very same testimony the night before. (Micah Wilder Testimony) There were a couple of things that were addressed that he needed some direction in God’s word with, pray he will get on tract with God’s help. He took a Bible and some resources.

Rick had a conversation with a man with a Catholic upbringing. He was encouraged in that it is only the work of Jesus that saves and not anything we can do. The conversation was a good length of time and pray with us he will receive the gift of Salvation or his sins. 

We also meet Christians who ask us to pray for particular things so praise God that they are able to have the desire to share their burdens and we can pray for them or with them.

This Friday we came together again and got plenty of conversations short and a couple of lengthy ones. One was with a man who has had belief in dream times. As I listen he seemed to have some understanding of the Bible and Jesus in his sharing and said he was open and teachable. Pray God will use the tracts to help him to understand the Gospel.

A great conversation was had with a young man in year 11. He goes to a Christian College and a local Church and from a family that are believers in Jesus. Both Rick and I spent quite a bit of time with him. After going through the Commandments he wasn’t sure about his salvation. The flip chart was used and he heard the Gospel. Rick stressed to him that he had to own it for himself to examine himself and believe what Jesus has done on the cross to save him. He took tracts and some resources. He said he would look at the Facebook site for the ministry. Pray for his salvation and be given a hunger for God’s Word.

Thank you for your prayer support it is very vital.

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