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Meets each Friday 11am to 2pm - we set up a free Bibles table on the main street of Warwick.

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Wednesday 13 November 2019

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Warwick Blog 25/10/19 & 1/11/19

This week on our Friday outreach I was able to attend for the whole day as the company I work for let us swap the Warwick show day public holiday earlier in the year for the annual Rodeo at the end of October. We had just set up the bible table when D a guy from out of town just happened to pass by the table where a long chat with him began to take place.He was friendly and didn’t mind discussing with us these very important issues about life.He told us his aging mother was a Christian and that he was brought up in a church going home but he is not a believer and puts his trust in science and evolution.We took him down the road of law to reveal to him his sin before a holy God and the Judgement to come when he leaves this world through deaths door and then asked him if he has heard the good news of the gospel.He knew about Jesus from childhood,but wasn’t sure what he did, so we explained what our Lord did to save  sinners (Christians are sinners, but saved by God’s grace) and that he laid down His life in the place of all who would repent (turn from sin) and trust in Jesus to save us.After about an hour of talking with him Glenda had to leave to attend a funeral so we continued chatting about many things including science,evolution and his life in general while interjecting truths from God’s word along the way.The time went so fast and discovering we had been talking for 2 ½ hours we wrapped things up with a challenge for him to check into the things we talked about and to come by again which he replied that he just might do that and hit us with some more questions.


We were very blessed to have a fellow worker, a brother in Christ come from Brisbane to help us with sharing the Gospel this last Friday. He challenged me as I could see he was so effective in starting conversations. He was saying hi can I ask you a couple of questions and he had a good handful of one on one encounters. Everything and everyone who we get to chat with we know the Lord has brought to us and even if it's a few words or a Gospel tract we pray that the Lord will use our feeble efforts to do His amazing good work in their hearts in conviction of sin to bring them to true repentance and a saving knowledge of faith. It is all God's work.

Col asked a young woman if he could ask her a few questions and I heard her reply..."why not "she said..."I have a bit of time to kill"  Wow you don't hear very often of that sort of response. So it was a great opportunity for him to share the truth of God's Word. I was handing out tracts but heard Col asking all the good and provoking questions to see where she was in her understanding. She was taken through the law and was humble in her admitting her guilt. Col used the flip chart and when she heard the solution to her dilemma and when she saw the illustration on the flip chart, of Jesus bearing the punishment we deserve J stated that it made sense to her. Col spent a good deal of time with her and he brought her over toward me as he suggested that I could help with information about the church we attend. I had some time with J it was an absolute privilege to see God at work in this young lady she was so open and wanting to know about the most important news ever she was listening intently. So we talked about the Bible and gave info how to read it and she gladly received a Bible from us. I went over a few things briefly one being how we must be born again. I showed in Ephesians 2 how God's Word tells us we are all spiritually dead and how we are all dead in our sins. The Bible tells us it is from the time of conception. I explained the origin of sin from Genius and the fig leaves of self effort to hide guilt and shame of sin. It was explained that sin is what separates us from God who is Holy. All the good things we do are but filthy rags no good we do can make us right with a Holy God showing her Ephesians 2 :8 & 9...J actually read it out. Then again pointing ahead to the cross in showing how only God can do the work to save us from eternal punishment of sin. Repentance and faith in Jesus  the saviour who is God and who became flesh to save sinners. Jesus is risen and victorious and has blessed our day to be able to share so much truth with J.

 Col had explained well to her she was seeing the seriousness about all she was hearing. I told her about our church and gave her info and shared that we are here for her if she would come back and see us that we would love to see her again. 

She was challenged to think about her sin speak with God in prayer and seek Him for her Eternal salvation. We also gave her a booklet of John and pointed out the first few pages where there is an illustration and words to read about getting right with God. We need His righteousness the great exchange!!!  our filthy rags in exchange for His pure righteousness is His gift to us by His Spirit. Pray for J that she will hear the command of Jesus to repent and trust him alone. for her salvation

Friday 18 October 2019

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3 Bibles were given out this fortnight. One was to a lady who walked passed and as I offered a tract she said she will stop on the way back. Most people don't return but the Lord had already planned to draw her to come and receive the most important news ever and we pray for the work of God to gift her with repentance and faith. Pray for E she has a Bible and some tracts. E told us about her up bringing. She had to go back to work but we had enough time to bring the message of law and grace to her. Praise God!

R & R both wanted Bibles, they were with us for a good while. We were able to talk with both of them one on one then we all came together at the end and went over the message to see if they had understood the vital points in the Gospel presentation. They were challenged as we went through the law and the consequences we face in our sinful state. After going through the law and they saw they were guilty and  consequently faced with the penalty of hell punishment as we all deserve.

Using the flip chart as a helpful visual we shared how Jesus suffered and died on the cross in our place to pay for our sin. Then we encouraged them both to turn (repent) and trust in Jesus as the only way to be made right in God's sight for He is the way the truth and the life. The only way to heaven. Jesus proved His power over sin and death by rising from the grave and now is seated on the right hand of the Father. He has conquered sin and death.

We talked about reading God's Word starting at the book of John, that they may come to believe upon Jesus. Why would anyone not want to be with such a wonderful God and why reject such a beautiful kind offer to be saved from hell punishment. Only He can change hearts all we can do is bring the Gospel, and keep pointing them to that trust Jesus paid for their sin - that is the greatest thing we can do. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation.

A Lady who we have seen numerous times came by again and we asked how she was going with the book of John that we gave her last week. She said she is not good at reading but has read a little bit. We keep encouraging her to seek after our Heavenly Father in prayer who provides all things for us and get to know Him through the reading and studying of His word.

All glory to our great God!

Friday 4 October 2019

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It was pretty quiet first week of school holidays but we got to hand out a few tracts and plant some seeds of truth.

The second week there were a little more people about. One great conversation was with a man whom we have had short conversations with on numerous occasions. He shows to be more comfortable than when we first talked with him. He is someone I know not real well but he is someone that the Lord has given a leading to just do little bits at a time. We always speak of the urgency of the message and he does take tracts. This week he come up and he always says how ya goin? I said yeah pretty good and led into showing him the tract I had been handing out. It was the Eternity tract. I asked him if he had ever heard of the guy that wrote this word on the footpaths down Sydney?

Then we discussed how the word Eternity was written in lights on the Sydney harbour bridge at the turn of the century. I googled Mr Eternity on my phone and showed it to him and read the brief information. He was interested in this bit of history he didn't know about. Arthur Stace is his name and he has a wonderful testimony. Then I was able to point to the message of salvation how it is so very important for him. After this he had to go, as the person he was waiting for was now waiting for him.

But he took a Eternity tract with him, hopefully he got to show it to his friend also. He has taken a comic book and other tracts in the past. God is in control of everything and his salvation. It's really good to see he can approach us and we can keep planting seeds and pointing to Jesus for his and every persons greatest need ever.

Amazingly around 10 minutes after he left Rick was in conversation with a lady who had a tract with Eternity written on it (the tract was not from our ministry) she was saying how she as a child had often seen the man writing Eternity on the paths. She said she was saved years later and told us her testimony. Wow I told her about the man and we all know that there is no coincidence with God it's God - incidence!!!
She is from the Sunshine Coast and was so excited about the ministry, she said she is always handing out tracts wherever she goes. We were encouraged and shared information about the ministry in that it is for the saints too, to encourage and to also equip believers for the work of evangelism in spreading the glorious Gospel. 

She left and then the man came walking past and I was able to tell him about the lady who we had talked with that she had actually seen the man Mr Eternity who we were talking about earlier. I told him again this message is really important and he must have needed to hear it and please read the tract.

I handed out the tract 'everything happens for a reason' one of my favourite tracts, a lady took it, stopped, and agreed with what it said, she asked what it was all about which lead into a good chat about the gospel. She said a few times during our talk that she thought she was a good person and after a while Glenda joined with me with the gospel of John booklet and the bridge diagram. These booklets are very good for a visual look at our separation between us and God, plus part of the bible for them to take home and read! of course with a few gospel tracts in there as well.

This lady kept saying that we sounded like her grandmother especially when Glenda said she needed to give her life to christ.This lady was open but needed to realise the depth of her sin. We used the flip chart to give her another visual of the seriousness of our offense against a Holy God. Please pray for C, that God would reveal this gospel truth and draw her to salvation.

We are very thankful to our Lord for all the work He is doing in the hearts of people.
Praise His Holy Name.

Friday 20 September 2019

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We had a chat with a older lady who said she had trouble believing the Bible because of science. After explaining the building builder analogy, she did acknowledge it is possible that there is a creator but said she is sitting on the fence. She was taken through some of God's commandments. We shared the truth of God's Word and the Gospel.

We talked with her about evidences and facts of the Bible but ended with the message about the seriousness of sin and hell punishment and our great need for Jesus to save us. A booklet about carbon dating hopefully to address her questions more was given and a Gospel tract. Pray for God's Spirit to work in the hearts of these people that they may turn from unbelief to faith in Jesus alone for salvation.

All Glory be to God!

Friday 13 September 2019

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I got to chat with a JW first up this week. He approached the table asking about our free Bibles. It was a good conversation that was a blessing to be able to show some important truths in God's Word. He took a Bible and tracts.

Lots of people in Warwick taking tracts every week. One man refused a tract with the statement that he is perfect. It is hard to think anyone could say that but over the years we have had a few.

God is Sovereign who we get to either speak with or hand a tract to. We are privileged to be ambassadors for Christ.

Friday 30 August 2019

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We were handing out the "Everything happens for a reason" tract and one lady who took one passed me again and said that her car was the other way. I said that she was meant to get the tract and Everything happens for a reason she agreed with me and laugh.

Today was a day where lots of people were responding positively and many taking tracts. We had a couple of good conversations.

One lady approached the us and was interested in the Bible table.  We asked her if she would like to go through the flip chart. At first she was saying living God's ways would get her to heaven but after going through the flip chart she was agreeing in the message of where we all stand as guilty of breaking God's law's and no work we can do will erase our sins. The good news was shared and this lady was visibly showing gratitude for Jesus. We know only God brings this understanding to anyone. She shared how she taught scripture to children many years ago and she had gone away from the teaching and wants to come back. We encouraged her how much we need to be in His Word as that is how God communicates with us. She said she had in the past studied the Bible with JW's and disagreed with them on the trinity and she believes they are wrong. God has protected her.

She was not seeking Christian fellowship as she has experienced  bad things in the past but we encouraged her that we need to seek out a good teaching church if possible to attend. We gave her a card with contact to a local church we would recommend. We also told her she had blessed us today to be able to talk with her. So it's all up to God how He will care for her as He does for His chosen ones. She took some tracts and was very thankful to be challenged to trust in Jesus for her Eternal salvation.

Another conversation with a man who was receptive has in his later years been involved in help in a country overseas where it is not a rich place but they are happy people who are rich in other ways. We can have too many material possessions and it may not be good for us. We can get spoiled and may not appreciate the blessings we do have as much as we should. Salvation is the greatest blessing and let's pray this man may receive God's gracious gift.

He was taken through the law and agreed that he was guilty. The Gospel was shared and we leave it to God to do a work in his heart. We pray he will be saved and be used by our Lord to share the Gospel with what he does for others.

We have a conference this weekend so will miss our regular outreach this Friday. But we are looking to be better equipped to share the message that 10 out of 10 of us need so desperately.

The good and great news of our saviour Jesus. All glory to God!!!

Friday 23 August 2019

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A worker who was pushing trolleys stopped, took a tract and was saying he believed in Jesus. Rick asked him if he were to die today why would God let you into heaven. He sounded like he was trusting in Jesus alone. He asked for a bible for his children, we gave him some of the Gideon bibles and two full bibles, some tracts and a booklet of John for his 13 year old.

He said his kids will love them. Pray for J, he is from another country where bibles would be hard to get and a lot of persecution for Christians in the country he has come from.

A man walked by and as he was offered a tract he said he wasn’t interested but he did take one, it was the “What is more important than water” tract. He continued walking away, but after he did his banking he walked past us again saying "It’s not true because if we don’t have water we will die." We said "yes, true but what happens after you die." He said "nothing, you just go in the ground and that’s it." This man was challenged of there being a creator and Eternity after we die and if he died in his sins he would find out that it is true and will have to give an account of his life when he stands before the judgement seat of God.

He went on to say that he still goes to church and I said "why do you go if you don’t believe it is true?" and he said maybe he would stop going. He elaborated as to why he said this - His wife had just passed away from cancer, as well as a sister and one of his children all in the last year. We said that we were very sorry for his loss and that was a lot to deal with in a short period of time. God took her he said and now he was left with no one.

He could see we had compassion for him as we tried to talk to him about God. We gave him a booklet “Why is there death and suffering in the world” he took it and we said that we are here each Friday if he has any questions or would like to talk further with us. Pray that he reads the tract again and the booklet and for God to stir his heart to respond to the Gospel.

It is very sad for we don’t know what teaching he was receiving and whether he was reading the bible to prepare himself and family for Eternity and life’s journey, all the up’s and downs we must face on a daily basis. God’s word is our refuge and strength for all time.

Bless His Holy name for giving us and revealing to us His precious word to lead, guide, encourage, challenge, correct, comfort and restore us when we fall and mostly thank you our Lord Jesus for laying down your life for the ones you chose to save, even before the foundation of the world.

Friday 16 August 2019

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Wow today we were amazed at seeing God’s Spirit working in a man walking past the table. He was at first looking away as if not interested, he even said no to us offering a tract as he got closer.  Just about passed the table, suddenly he stopped and said “can I have a bible?” gob smacked we said "of course you can."

Then he was asked if he had read the bible before. He said a little, but a long time ago but didn’t understand it. We talked about the main point of the bible is so we can come know our creator God. His plan through Jesus, who is God, is to save us from our sins. There is bad news and good news. He was taken through the law and the Gospel was explained to him. We gave him a booklet of John also, as we were using the bridge analogy that is in the front of the booklet.

He was challenged to see his greatest need is Jesus. We got his name and hope to see him again soon. Please pray for J. Rick said the Lord must have said "wake up J!" We pray so.

We also had a couple who were on their way to spread the Gospel to a town 4 hours away. They said they were born again and believing in Jesus. They went past us twice but were in a rush. They were given a booklet and a few different tracts and they were encouraged to check out the ministry website and read some of the outreach blogs that endeavour to bless and equip other believers.

Always plenty of tracts given out, so much hope in the seed of the Gospel in written form. We are so thankful to our Lord for the work He is doing here in Warwick. It's been very dry here, we are in pretty severe drought and would appreciate prayer for rain but add that God’s will be done in it all as He is Sovereign over everything.

Friday 9 August 2019

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It has been pretty quiet on the streets of Warwick the past couple of weeks, still a steady amount of people are taking tracts. We have noticed that there are people who have already received tracts but still are taking more as we have different kinds of  Gospel tracts and booklets all with the clear message of salvation. We hope and pray that they are reading them and taking the message seriously.

When there is a opportunity we ask them a question to try to engage in conversation but some are workers and have limited time. So we know that God is doing a good work even when we don't have any conversations.

One lady that had received a tract a while back approached us briefly a few weeks ago and said she would be back to ask a question when she had her glasses with her. Well, she did come with her glasses and her question. She pulled out the "What will matter to you in 150 years" Gospel tract. She was agreeing in the first few lines that we are all sinners and that God will judge every thought and action and send us either to heaven or hell. And that the problem is that the standard to get to heaven is perfection.

She was in agreement in all this, as we were working our way through reading the tract...she had a problem with the line saying, simply trying to do better from now on won't undo our past. She was saying that her life changed when she believed in Jesus. I said that is good our life should change but our change in our life doesn't save us, so then I shared the Gospel to explain about salvation I got the Bible and we opened and looked to read Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 together, as she had her glasses I asked her if she would like to read. As she read I explained about receiving a gift, how you don't do anything for a gift you receive it. God's grace to save us is a gift and not of any change in our life or any works we have done in our past or future will save us so simply doing better won't undo your past. Only Jesus saves so no one can boast.

So we read what the tract was saying and she was seeming to understand. Hopefully we will get to see her and talk again to see how she is going and continue to point her to trust in Jesus and her salvation in and through Him alone. She is already involved at a church here in Warwick.

We had somewhat of a conversation with a gentleman who has been in the rodeo industry for many years from riding horses to transportation of the animals. When asked the question "will you go to heaven when you die?", he replied "yes" and told us that the Lord saved him.

He went on to tell us about a horse riding accident where he had so many bones broken in his body that he could have died and that is why he's driving a truck now. It sounded to us like he was talking about a physical saving. As we started taking him through the law he said he was from the Catholic Church and was declaring works righteousness. The whole time we were talking to him he was trying to edge away from us. He was friendly but he didn't seem to be very interested. As he left us he did say he would read the tract given to him. Please pray J would be convicted of his sin and that God's grace would draw him unto salvation.

All Honour and Glory to our God who reigns.

Friday 26 July 2019

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The last two Friday's has been busy due to the winter festival "Jumper and Jazz" in Warwick. Trees are decorated with creative artwork by local Schools, Community groups and businesses. There is music in the streets and lots of activities to attract visitors to the town. So it is good to have opportunities for sharing the Gospel to more people here at Warwick. We had a man stop and inquire about the ministry, who was supportive and a believer. He wanted to know how to order tracts as his wife is chaplain in prison ministry and said she is always looking for material that has a good clear Gospel message. Praise God for the body of Christ how God has people in different places and we can support and encourage one another. 

I had a man who I have spoken to a few times before approach me and he said that I should be handing out ten dollar notes... I grabbed the million dollar tract and gave it to him. He took it, laughed, then said, so where is the rain then. I replied that God will send the rain when He sends it and maybe He is wanting people to wake up and start thinking about what is more important and I also mentioned how God gives us the air we are breathing. We need God's reign in our hearts. He was walking down the street reading the million dollar tract. Pray for E for his salvation.

We had a good chat with a Mormon lady and we challenged her to check out Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast" and compare it to the book of Mormon which says “for we know that it is by grace that we are saved after all that we can do” - 2 Nephi 25:23. Totally the opposite! She said she would check out what we were saying about the teachings of Joseph Smith in the book of Mormon and the difference to what the Word of God says. Please pray that the Lord would open her eyes to the truth and not be deceived anymore by this false religion.

Another gentleman received a tract and was very interested in growing in his relationship with God so as we asked him about his walk and said that he was not with lord for most of his life until a few years ago when he started attending some different churches and found that after church no one really wanted to talk about God so when the Jehovah Witnesses drew him in, he was happy that he found some people who wanted to study God’s word and talk about Him and share Him with others.

He said he is searching for the truth and was open to take some tracts and the booklet Jesus is God. We talked for some time about JW beliefs and what the Bible teaches. Before he left we invited him to come back and see us again and we also challenged him that if he didn’t have the right Jesus that he didn’t have salvation. Please pray for H that our God would help him to see that JW’s are not Christians and He would lead him to a bible believing/teaching church.

All glory to our great God,

Rick & Glenda 

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