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Tuesday 15 May 2018

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In the first month, Warwick Street Ministry Operation 513 has given out five Bibles.  Also a few booklets of John, a number of AIG booklets, resources and tracts that have the Gospel clearly presented on them. 

One of the Bibles was given to a young family who asked if they could have one.

Harrison and Jessica are wanting to get into God’s Word and to find fellowship. It was exciting that God has prepared their hearts to seek Him. Harrison was brought up in a Christian Family, he also attended Boys brigade and kids clubs. Whenever I mentioned a Biblical truth Harrison was agreeing and saying, "wow this is amazing these are things i now remember from back then". We talked about sin and our need for the payment of sin by Jesus, which then led onto who Jesus is. We discussed how our works is not ever enough, and that we can’t make sin go away with any of our good works. That would be like painting fresh paint over rotten wood. We need our sins taken away to receive Gods righteousness. The good news is that Jesus came to save sinners.

Jesus saves us!! Jesus has power to save because He is God and has proved to us that He is God by rising from the grave, defeating death. Death has lost its sting. Pray for this family to be soundly saved and to grow in Gods truth and to be ones that will pass on the Gospel to others especially their little girl and generations to come. I suggested two Churches to check out near them, pray for God’s guidance there as well.

Pray for Barbara to be touched by the Gospel tract she received and to return for the Bible she requested, as she wants one small enough to carry, I have arranged to give her a small one next week.

Thank God for Kathryn who took a Bible and some booklets of John for an outreach she is planning with her neighbours at her Caravan Park.

To God be the Glory for all the work He is doing in this little town.

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