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Tuesday 10 July 2018

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Praise God for a lady named Wendy who walked past then on her way back stopped and asked for a Bible for her son who has just become a believer.

Wendy is a Christian. Please pray for her son Matthew. She was so happy as she was on her way to meet up with Matthew to be able to give him his own Bible. I gave a few resources and Gospel tracts that may help Mathew in his growth.

Anne from Inglewood wanted a Bible. She says her old one is falling apart. She was not able to chat for long so I gave her tracts with the Gospel message. She knows the family I have been able to give some Bibles to previously who are also from Inglewood - Douglas & Emma and their nine children. Pray for them all.

Pray for Alan who says he is born again but he also said a few things that I don't agree with in salvation. He says we have a choice. I believe we have the responsibility to respond in trust and obedience but God is Sovereign in it all - by drawing us by His Spirit convicting us of sin and our need for Jesus to save us. God opens our heart and saves us.  He gives us a new heart that loves Jesus and the glorious Gospel! 

We will want to follow His ways even though we still sin, we are Righteous in His sight only by the grace from our heavenly Father through His one and only Son Jesus. It sounds like he has Jesus plus our works. When I was saying works is fruit but does not save, he said that we have a part in Salvation (which is adding works to be saved).

He says he will come back next week with some Bible verses. This is a difficult truth for many but God's ways are not our ways. The Bible teaches that we are chosen by God for good works, but it is all by His grace we are saved not works. So pray I have wisdom and use scripture to point to God's Sovereignty in Salvation & encourage him in the Gospel. 

Thanks for praying and for the people of God who donate to the Ministry.

All Glory be to God.
God bless.

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