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Friday 16 November 2018

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The Warwick outreach has changed from Tuesdays to every Friday. Rick is now able to join on this day and my work was able to give me this day off. Praise God for the blessing to be together in this beautiful work to share the Gospel in this little town.

Over our first two Fridays we have had many great conversations and given out lots of tracts, we know God will use all our efforts to accomplish His work in hearts of the people. We know the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Only God can save sinners. We have been graced with faith in Jesus and saved from hell punishment and His great love is something we can not keep silent about. 10 out of 10 people need Jesus. 

Last Friday the table was being set up and a young man wanted a Bible and some resources.

He told me he had just moved to Warwick and was using his girlfriends Bible. I asked him if he was a believer, to which he acknowledged he is and then told me his testimony. He had been brought up in a Mormon family. He told me how God had shown him truth of who Jesus is and that he was born again. Amazingly i had just watched a mormon testimony on youtube that morning and in God’s sovereignty he had watched the very same testimony the night before. (Micah Wilder Testimony) There were a couple of things that were addressed that he needed some direction in God’s word with, pray he will get on tract with God’s help. He took a Bible and some resources.

Rick had a conversation with a man with a Catholic upbringing. He was encouraged in that it is only the work of Jesus that saves and not anything we can do. The conversation was a good length of time and pray with us he will receive the gift of Salvation or his sins. 

We also meet Christians who ask us to pray for particular things so praise God that they are able to have the desire to share their burdens and we can pray for them or with them.

This Friday we came together again and got plenty of conversations short and a couple of lengthy ones. One was with a man who has had belief in dream times. As I listen he seemed to have some understanding of the Bible and Jesus in his sharing and said he was open and teachable. Pray God will use the tracts to help him to understand the Gospel.

A great conversation was had with a young man in year 11. He goes to a Christian College and a local Church and from a family that are believers in Jesus. Both Rick and I spent quite a bit of time with him. After going through the Commandments he wasn’t sure about his salvation. The flip chart was used and he heard the Gospel. Rick stressed to him that he had to own it for himself to examine himself and believe what Jesus has done on the cross to save him. He took tracts and some resources. He said he would look at the Facebook site for the ministry. Pray for his salvation and be given a hunger for God’s Word.

Thank you for your prayer support it is very vital.

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Warwick Team (QLD)

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