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Sunday 25 November 2018

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5 of us in split shifts today with Ryan being the anchor man. It was a glorious day in which to serve our glorious God. Pray for these persons to seriously deal with the gospel now: Today is the day of salvation.

     -Noah, R.C. who had never heard the gospel presented so clearly and was deeply moved

     -Hung, Chinese who said it was all new to him. He was shown the historicity of the Bible account. He was going to consider later, but he was urged to commit today.

     -Josh & Ashley; he started in no man's land and with the aid of some analogies, ended up thankful, She also expressed appreciation of being challenged to trust Christ alone to be reconciled to God.

     -Gustavo, Mexican R.C. heard gospel clearly.

     -Jack had been inoculated against religion and had a long involved chat with Ryan using frequent checking questions to check his understanding. Finally, parted cordially with a tract and a request for him to read the gospels... His friend Christian was getting involved in witnessing to Jack later in the conversation.

Whatever the sovereign Lord does with His gospel is right and always to the praise of His glorious grace.

p.s. Please uphold the health of team members in your prayers.

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