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Thursday 29 November 2018

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On Thursday in Sunnybank the team sought to again stick to the shady areas so that they could have longer conversations with people. As the place is at a local bus stop conversations are usually kept around ten minutes due to the arrival and departure of buses. This does also mean lots of shorter conversations take place.

An early conversation was had with an Indian man, Haymanshure. He didn't believe in God but still wanted to hold onto the idea that he was a good guy. It was pointed out that good only exists, if there is a standard by which we can compare.

He then saw his sinfulness in comparison to God's law and was given a simple apologetic about God's existence. He understood the apologetic but was getting stuck on the idea of being "born in sin". He claimed that people were not that bad but it was point out through a range of examples, how clearly we can see the sinful state of humanity.

His bus arrived and he headed off. Please be praying that the law and the understanding of it will lead him to seek out the salvation that only Christ offers.

Soon after this a conversation was had with Kelly. She too didn't believe in God but karma. When asked who was in charge of karma, she said, everyone is individually. It was shown to her how foolish this was, not only because it was exactly the temptation Satan had bought to Adam and Eve but also because that would mean everyone could live however they wanted and as long as they felt okay about it, that would be rewarded.

She then went on to explain how good she was yet at the same time shared that all she wanted to do was live her way, without anyone to question her decisions.

Two more quick conversations were had with Edgar and Sam.

Edgar has spoken to another team member and was still struggling to comprehend the idea of faith alone. It was re-explained to him, with another analogy and this time it seemed to make sense.

He was asked, "If you were to stand before God on judgement day and he was to say to you, 'Why should I let you into heaven?' what would be a good answer?" He struggled with this question a bit but then when asked, "What would be a bad answer?" He said, "me and my good works".

This time he understood. It was explained once more that the difference between heaven and hell is as simple as the difference between trusting in Christ alone or ourselves. He said this made sense and hopped on his bus.

Sam, unlike everyone else was not hopping on a bus. She had hopped off and was waiting for some friends to pick her up. She didn't really believe in God but as the Gospel was preached said she it made sense. Point after point she engaged with things God has said and heard them and asked questions. But in the end she was still against believing in God.

Sadly as the conversation came to a close, she had to head off quickly. She took a tract and left. Please be praying that she will never again be the same, instead of being reserved toward God, that she would realise her sinfulness and surrender to Him, trusting in Him alone as the only reason she is forgiven.

Please also pray for Edgar, that his new understanding of grace would lead him to trust in Christ alone.

Please also pray for all those who the team were able to speak with today, that God would use these simple conversations as life changing events.

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