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Friday 4 January 2019

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After the earlier day outreach, we ran our 2nd Friday night outreach in central Christchurch.

In the first spot we set up (corner of Cashel Mall / Oxford Terrace), there was less foot traffic than expected, so we had to approach people to start conversations.  This led to an amazing conversation with a man on holiday from Nelson, who had spiritual encounters in the past and wanted to talk about them to make sense of them.  He also heard a clear presentation of the law and the gospel, with a call to repent - flee - from sin to God.  At the end of the conversation, the man said, "thank you, I appreciate it" - so very encouraging knowing people are interested in the gospel and are happy to be approached for a conversation!

We ended up moving to Cathedral Square, where the market and food stalls were still happening - and a band was setting up to provide entertainment.  There were plenty of people around which lead to many more gospel conversations.

At the end of the night, a very sad conversation occurred with a young lady who when asked: "have you ever murdered anyone?" said "yes, I had an abortion".  She seemed completely at ease about this, in spite of the fact that she had acknowledged (maybe without realising it) that she was a murderer.  It revealed how easy people can justify sin and sear their conscience.  The focus of the conversation remained on the reality of God and his justice, the standard of his law (we can pretend to live in our own bubble of "reality" - but we will all have to face the truth on judgment day), and also on the fact that forgiveness is available through repentance and faith in Jesus.  She was resistant, but happy to chat.  I had a fresh realisation of the incredible love of Jesus, that even when we were His enemies, He died for us!  May this young lady come to know this great love and forgiveness!


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