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Sunday 6 January 2019

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What a change from 2 weeks ago. Then, most people appeared to be thinking of holidays. Today, it seemed to be that people were prepared to listen and engage quite openly. There were a couple of Asian lasses who got the good news from 2 separate teams and were thinking about this new (to them) offer of salvation. They had a Buddhist background. There were 2 Aussie lads, Kyle and Seb who had attended a R.C. educational institution but had no idea on how to get to heaven. By the end of the checking round, they understood God's offer. They parted with the gospel of John and our ongoing prayers. Similarly Johnny and Manny, 2 Sikh men parted with plenty to contemplate and check out.

     There was an extended family of 5 Muslims who politely listened but after engaging for a while, the spokesman said they would stick with what they had been raised with. When they are alone, maybe the Good Shepherd may call one or more?

     Likewise a Hindu family of 4 who never grasped the uniqueness of Jesus, nor the absolute righteousness that God requires but as they were parting stated that they (Hindus) had millions of saviors, so did not need Jesus!

     We need to keep going out for, e.g. Col spoke to a man who had never heard.

As always, there was more but of the work that the Holy Spirit sovereignly does, we can only wait in patient hope. For now, let us pray and give God the glory, 1 Cor. 10:31.

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