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Wednesday 9 January 2019

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Day 3 of the Summer Mission to Christchurch (NZ).  Today I decided to do something different.  I didn't take the chilly bin, and instead stuffed as many 180 DVDs - a powerful pro-life documentary, that also shares the vital gospel message - as I could into my bag and headed to the hospital.  The road works between the main hospital complex, and the new building has been completed, and I wanted to find out if it would be a good spot for witnessing and a place to bring the gospel to the issue of abortion in Christchurch - something that happens right inside the hospital here.

There wasn't anywhere near as much foot traffic here as in the city, but I did manage to have some gospel conversations via the flip chart.  And I was able to hand out all but 2 of the DVDs (I was also handing out tracts with a link to the movie for those that don't have a DVD player).

Many hospital staff went past looking at me with curiosity.  I also had hospital security staff walk past, and they took copies of 180 (I've got nothing to hide).  One of them even came back and asked for another, as he said he'd given his to his boss - and he wanted one for himself.  I was able to take the opportunity to confirm if the spot I was standing on was public property, and if I was fine doing what I was doing.  I got a green light.

We desperately want to see abortion - the murder of innocent babies - ended in our city, nation, and beyond!  And some of us have been praying about what we can do.  I know my effort seems feeble - but it's something.  It's a start.  If it's something that God wants to happen, may He bless it, by opening up opportunities for ministry.  Please join us in prayer.  And it all starts with the gospel of Jesus. 

Without lives being transformed by this message: of justice and grace there won't be lasting change.  We can't just moralise our society; it needs Jesus - to see change now and for the hope of eternal life to come.  May those considering abortion hear the gospel and turn away.  May those who have had an abortion hear the gospel and know forgiveness in Jesus, through repentance and trust in him.  Amen.

As I was standing on my spot outside the hospital, I noticed a couple had been sitting at one of the benches just down from me for a long time.  So when I packed up, I decided to head down and offer them a DVD.  They gladly took one, and a conversation started. 

Sadly, one of them, who was dressed in a hospital gown, had just been informed that their cancer was inoperable!  It was terminal.  I expressed my deepest sympathy at this news.  With the subject matter already on death, I shared the gospel - of the hope for eternal life.  And gospel literature, with contact details, was given.  With plenty of time to read and think, while in a hospital bed, may God lead this person (and their friend) to repentance and faith in Him.  What a privilege to be able to share the gospel with them!

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