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Sunday 3 February 2019

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Here are a few of the treats that our gracious Lord gave to us today.

     Lee-Anne had a long chat with Shaun and his teenaged children. He had been 'to church' so now he has an understanding of how Jesus is our righteousness and has paid the price for His sheeps' too-many-to-count sins - all perfectly  'paid in full' as is evidenced in His resurrection. Shaun received a Bible for one of his children. May the Lord grant them the joy of living in the grace of this wonderful salvation.

     Aldis, a newly arrived Swedish carpentry student was taken through a flip chart summary of the gospel to which he responded that he was a Christian. He struggled with a diagnostic question but he is still  'learning English. He went with an English Bible and a recommendation to a city church at a busy multi intersection.  Pray he attends and is blessed.

     There were 4 J.W.s who engaged in the "Good Person" test. 2 left when they found out it was religious. The other 2 finished but had no understanding. While they freely admitted some sins, they were adamant that they had never lusted. They reckoned they would say "Sorry"  on Judgment Day. Very sad. Such a careless attitude to their sins probably because they have been conditioned to believe that their membership in the Watchtower Society is their guarantee of glory. It is a Unitarian version of the heresy that the Church saves.

     When the last of God's elect is 'home', then will be too late to evangelize.  Join us???

     We thank God for the above and other encounters He arranged for us and we give Him the glory. He alone is worthy!


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