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Saturday 26 January 2019

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By God's grace, this is now going onto my 3rd year in doing street evangelism, I was reminded today in my time of prayer before this outreach, a request that I've heard my Pastor make before the throne of grace, ..."that they would not faint, or go weary in their labor for the Lord"...

I became aware of this as I had pleaded this request myself while sitting in the car park about to head out....all my literature was in the back, back pack packed, flip chart, stool everything was there, but I wasn't feeling right, I became afraid, as people were walking through the carpark walking past my door holding their single use plastic bags, the fear of man began to creep in as it has many a times before an outreach.

How did I come right? Here are 4 Chapters in Holy Scripture that the Lord used to encourage me, I read these chapters in order, they were: Luke 2, Mark 15, Matthew 28, and Romans 5, the Apostle Paul, says in his letter to Timothy describing the gospel as the glorious gospel of the blessed God, what privilege and responsibility every Christian has to be entrusted with this soul saving message.

I was teamed up with  Pastor Alfie an our brother Stewart, we split up and stood on opposite sides of our usual fishing spot at the walkway, with myself I had many conversations, many of our Op513 tracts were handed out, as soon as I had set up the flip chart I got to go through it almost immediately with a couple of men who stopped and were interested, there were a few others who stopped by to talk to me about spiritual things also with another Christian brother who stopped to encourage me, his name was Will. Two conversations stood out to me today, the first one was with Terry, now Terry I had spoken with twice before, both times we had lengthy conversations about the gospel ending with me pleading with him to repent & trust in Jesus.

Terry both times was open to the things of God, had genuine questions which by God’s grace was able to answer, but this third time was different, Terry looked different, he physically did not look well, I barely recognized him, as he had lost so much weight, he came over to me while I was standing at the flipchart.

I said to him “Terry, you don’t look well, are you sick?” he said “Yeah….I’ve got brain cancer” he told me that he’s planning to travel back to the UK to try and visit family, and again by God’s grace I was able to share with Terry the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I reminded him that whether he dies tomorrow or in 100 years time that either way he would still stand before God to give an account for his life, and that the only way he could have his sins forgiven is to trust in the work of the Lord Jesus on the cross when He died for sinners.

Terry look on his face became more serious when I explained to him that the very cancer of the soul is his sin and only Christ is the cure. Before Terry left he said that he understands that he needs to trust in Jesus alone and that Jesus is his only hope, Terry was happy for me to pray for him before he left. Please continue to pray for Terry.

The next conversation was with Hugh, Hugh came over to do the flipchart, again he had a lot of good and genuine questions about the Gospel and the Bible – Hugh grew up believing in the Maori gods and myths, his view on Christianity was that it was used to colonize New Zealand and that it was a in his words “white man’s religion”.

It was only until he was in prison that he finally became aware of some of the teachings of the Bible and became curious, this made it easy in a sense to talk about God’s judgment and “our day in court before the Judge of the Earth” I believe the Lord blessed our time together as we spoke for almost an hour. Here you see pictured is me with Hugh. Please continue to pray for the work here may the Lord be glorified.


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