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Friday 1 February 2019

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Queen street, Auckland

Our brothers from the North Shore had invited us to this outreach on Queen Street, thank you to our brother Patrick Gailer for the invitation. There were many of our Op513 tracts that were distributed, and also by God’s grace I was able to go through the flipchart first with a group of exchange students thanks to brother Ronji, and also with a young German couple.

There is a concern as it seems that we need more Christians who are passionate about Biblical Evangelism to work this street, Queen street is a long street, and it is the busiest street in the country pedestrian wise – so many other Churches/cults and false religions work this area. Please pray that the Lord will provide more opportunities for us to come here more often & to grant to us more laborers. We worked from around 7.30pm – 9.30pm said our goodbyes to the brothers, and headed to our cars. 

On the way home Stewart and I thought we should stop at Speakers Corner as it was on the way. I had never preached there in the night, I remember vividly that the last time I was in Albert Park in the late evening I was unconverted & getting drunk with some friends. Praise God for his work of grace in my heart.

We stopped by and it seemed quiet with no one around. I thought I’d stand up and preach a short message and out of no where people were walking by in small groups as I was preaching. Seeing that it was in the evening and that there was no competing noise, from the traffic or construction, this made the sound of the open air preaching louder in that area. As I came midway into my message I had noticed that there was actually a group of around 10 or more people who were all sitting under a tree facing speakers corner drinking. They were actually there the whole time and I had not noticed until now.

We praise God in the assurance of knowing that His Word never returns to Him void. May those who received tracts, as they read be given eyes to see, may those who were spoken to or heard the preaching of the word be given ears to hear.


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Auckland (NZ) Team

Meets for outreach every fortnight at the Otara flea market in South Auckland and once every 2 months we go to Queen Street on Friday nights. We also have a weekly open air outreach every Wednesday's at lunch time located at Albert Park, Speakers corner in Auckland City.

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