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Bribie Island (QLD) Team

Saturday 26 January 2019

Posted by Posted 5 February 2019, 2:15 PM by Michael Strydom. Permalink

This was the first Operation 513 Bribie Island outreach. We had an amazing time as Bribie Island was abuzz with Australia Day celebrations. About nine hundred Gospel tracts and seven Bibles were given out, along with several Gospels of John and other books and literature. Many conversations were had and many received the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with various responses.

Michael and team started at 2pm and were joined by Shirley from a local church in Caboolture. It was a great encouragement to have support from local churches, and to hear that they have been praying for this particular outreach.

We had a table with free Bibles and literature, and Michael had the Good Person Test flipchart up and running. Many groups of people went through the test and left extremely thoughtful. While doing the Good Person Test with one group, Michael nearly got punched by an angry listener. After the group dispersed, two young people from the same crowd came back and asked to continue the conversation even after all the disturbance and mocking. They left with answers and Bibles.

Another gentleman named David approached and had a serious discussion. His father had passed away during the week. Michael was able to share his testimony of how God used his own father’s death to bring him to faith and trust in Christ. David left with the Gospel and a resolution to attend a church in Caboolture tomorrow morning. Pray that God would convict David and bring him to faith in Christ.

Michael was able to share the Gospel with a local counsellor’s sons, and she received a tract too. Pray also for Zac and Ivan

who heard the Gospel from some of our workers. Also pray for an American ‘couple’ who heard the law and the Gospel and left somewhat convicted.

We finished up around 5:20pm, after a very encouraging time of witnessing. Pray that God would bless the nine hundred people who received tracts this afternoon. Pray also for growth in this work and in the lives of those who have dedicated their time to sharing the Gospel with the lost.

Thank you to all those who prayed for this afternoon’s outreach. We could truly see that God was at work. Praise God for blessing this outreach. May His name be glorified.

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