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Bribie Island

Bribie Island (QLD)

Meets various Saturdays of each month 2-4pm at Bongaree Jetty, Bribie Island, Australia.

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Saturday 22 June 2019

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It was a real blessing to meet for our outreach at Bongaree Jetty on Bribie Island.  Many people stopped for conversations.  Five Bibles were taken, and many tracts, as well as other Gospel literature, were handed out.

  Linda received a Gospel tract and came over to do the Good Person Flipchart.  She seemed quite familiar with the Gospel but was concerned for her thirteen-year-old daughter who had gone wayward.  She was given some literature to encourage her in her walk, as well as a tract for her daughter to read.

  Probably the highlight of the afternoon was the conversations with Christian and his friends.  Christian began by approaching Mike at the Good Person Flipchart.  He originally disagreed with what was spoken and threw out argument after argument, but as each was countered with a logical answer, he began to listen.  He seemed to grasp the Gospel message as it was shared.  When one of his friends came along and began to mock, Christian turned and answered him.  Then he said seriously, “You really need to listen to what he says.  You need to repent.”  From that, David, a young Irishman with a Catholic heritage, heard the Gospel, and came to the literature table to take a Bible.  Several of the other youngsters took Gospels of John and New Testaments.  At the end of their conversations, Mike said to Christian, “I’ve told you the law and the Gospel now, and you really need to think seriously about what I’ve told you.” 

  His reply was, “If I wasn’t concerned about all this, I wouldn’t have stood here talking to you for so long.” 

  So please pray for Christian’s salvation, that he would, by God’s grace, become a true Christian.  Pray for David, that God would reveal the truth of the Gospel to him.

  Another interesting person we met was 78-year-old Chief White Wolf of the Chippewa tribe of the American Indians.  He had left Catholicism to enter Shamanism and believed in “Mother Earth” and evolution.  Although he was not open to hearing the truth, his partner did take a Gospel tract, so please pray that God would convict him of his sin and his need of a Saviour.

  One of the men who took a Bible was an ex-Jehovah Witness.  Although he realised it was a cult, he had not come to the truth of the Gospel.  He also mentioned that he was not currently going to any church.  We shared the Gospel message with him, and he said he was definitely going to have a read through the Bible.

  Please be in prayer for those who were presented the Gospel message, and those who took literature from us.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their sin and draw them to Christ.  Pray that souls would be saved, and that God would use our efforts on Bribie to grow His kingdom.

Saturday 25 May 2019

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Bribie Island was beautiful this afternoon as the team met for outreach.  It was a real blessing to have a local Christian and his son come and join us in sharing the Gospel and distributing tracts.  Some of the team letterboxed the waterfront post boxes with Gospel tracts, while others walked along the footpath, handing tracts to pedestrians.

          The first people to be engaged in a Gospel conversation were three young men, Jack, Jordan, and Isaiah.  They approached the literature table, and each took a Gospel of John.  Although one of them had a Christian grandmother who took him to church each week, none of them were familiar with the Gospel message, and they were taken through the law and the Gospel, using the Good Person Flipchart.  They were genuinely interested and promised to think seriously about what they had heard.  Perhaps the most encouraging part was when they went onto the jetty, and, sitting on the roof with a friend, proceeded to read the Gospel of John aloud.  They were still going when some of the other team members walked underneath and heard the words, “Behold, the Lamb of God!”  Pray that God move these young men to look to the Lamb of God for salvation.

          Taylor and Shiloh, two young girls, also heard the Gospel.  Despite warnings of coming judgement, they continued to scoff and make light of their sin.  They received tracts and took a book of John, but still did not seem to understand the truth they had heard.  Please pray for these girls that God would soften their hearts to the Gospel and open their eyes to see His truth.

          Johan received a tract and read it.  A team member approached him and asked him what he thought of it.  He was very unsure of what he believed and didn’t have any clear idea what happened after death, or even if God existed.  He was taken to the law and his sin, then led to the cross and Jesus’ atoning death.  He was urged to repent of his sin and trust in Christ for salvation.  He expressed thanks for having heard it, and he promised to seriously consider it.

          Near the end of the outreach, a young boy came to the table and took a tract and a gospel of John.  Cooper said that he was going to become a Christian in nine days’ time.  He was asked why, and he explained that in nine days he would be ten, and he hoped to convince his mother to allow him to be baptised into Christianity.  He said he wanted to become a Christian because he thought it would make him a better person.  He said that yes, he would like to hear more about Christianity.  He was taken through the Good Person Flipchart and heard the Gospel in its entirety.  Although he did not think he was a bad person, he realised that even as one murder makes someone a murderer, one lie makes a liar.  He quickly realised that hate makes someone a murderer at heart.  He understood his guilt before God and his need of a Saviour.  As he heard the Gospel, it seemed to make sense to him.  He heard that baptism doesn’t make you a Christian, but faith in Christ.  He said that he didn’t go to church, but he wished that he could.  He left pondering on the reality of what it means to become a true Christian.  We praise God for having laid serious thought about eternity on the heart of this young boy, and we pray that the seed which has been sown will find good soil and that salvation would come as a result.

          It is always a blessing and a privilege to share God’s Word with others.  We know God is able to save to the utmost, and He uses our feeble efforts to bring glory to Himself.  We praise God for the work He is doing on Bribie.  Pray that lives would be impacted by the Gospel they have received in the form of conversation, or as a tract taken home and read later.  Pray that Christ’s church would grow, and His kingdom would spread to the ends of the earth, beginning at our doorstep.

Thursday 25 April 2019

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This afternoon the team met for an outreach at Bongaree Jetty.  Two Bibles, a number of Gospels of John, and many Gospel tracts were given out.  People seemed more receptive as the afternoon progressed.  It was a really good afternoon and a great encouragement.

  One gentleman, Blane, went through the Good Person flipchart and said that he had never heard the Gospel before.  He was sincerely thankful for the conversation, and he took a Gospel of John which he promised to read that same night.  He also committed to think seriously about what he had heard.

  A woman stopped at the literature table and asked about the free Bibles.  She wanted to know if she had to donate to get one.  She seemed extremely surprised when she was assured they were completely free. She said she’d been wanting a Bible for a very long time, so she took one, after just checking again that she didn’t actually have to make a donation.

  The children and young people again seemed to be very open and curious.  Two boys heard the Gospel and then came over to the table for more literature.  Three young ladies went through the Good Person flipchart.  They were ‘absolutely good people’, but as they moved through the law, they realized their sinfulness.  They thought that saying sorry was enough to get God’s forgiveness.  As they moved through the Gospel, they heard that since God is a good judge, He cannot overlook or merely forgive sin; He must punish it.  Jesus took that punishment upon His own shoulders, and we must repent and put our faith in Him to be saved.  They were vaguely familiar with that message, since they attended a ‘Christian’ school, but today they received the full Gospel.  Pray that God would move their hearts to see their own need of repentance and faith.

  As we were packing up, a young girl named Ruby came up and looked at our literature table.  One of the helpers engaged with her in a Gospel conversation.  She seemed genuinely interested and listened intently.  She took a Gospel tract and John’s Gospel home with her.  Pray for her conversion.

  Please be in prayer for all those who heard the Gospel this afternoon.  Many were remembering the sacrifice of the ANZAC’s today.  Please pray that their thoughts will be turned to the Ultimate Sacrifice who gave His life for our salvation.  Pray that souls will be saved, and that God’s name will be glorified by the work that was done this afternoon at Bribie Island.


Saturday 23 March 2019

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Today was an extremely encouraging time as the team held an outreach at the jetty on Bribie Island.  People were very receptive to talking and taking tracts.  Many people received gospel tracts, and about seven Bibles were taken, as well as various literature.  It is amazing to see the openness of young people in particular in talking and receiving gospel literature. 

Mark, an ex-military man, was brought up with an Anglican background.  He didn’t believe God would send him to hell because he felt he had done a lot of good in his life.  Mike shared the gospel with him and gave him some literature which he promised to read. 

Aiden and Josh, young men who weren’t sure if God existed, also went through the Good Person flipchart.  Aiden was more sceptical with many questions, while Josh listened more intently.  They left with John’s Gospel and various tracts.  

Two groups of young people asked questions about being a good person, and they received the gospel.  Several young men on the jetty heard the gospel, and later came to take Bibles.  Ruby and Renee, two young grade 6 girls, went through the Good Person Test and left with a Gospel of John each.

Please pray for these people that God would remove their spiritual blindness and move them to repentance and faith.  Pray that more people would read God’s Word and direct their lives by His truth.  Pray that God would grow His Kingdom and do a mighty work here on Bribie Island. 

Saturday 23 February 2019

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  Despite the strong winds, the team decided to go ahead with the Bribie Island Outreach.  A number of people took tracts and several conversations were had.  With the wind howling and the tracts flying, Michael found a relatively sheltered spot to set up his flipchart.

  Norgan, Jasmine, Shirley, and Charise went through the Good Person Test.  They were originally joking and laughing, but by the time they reached the law, they were sufficiently serious and understood their guilt.  They presented some very good and thoughtful questions.  They left with answers and a fuller understanding of the Gospel.  They each took an Ultimate Questions booklet.  Please pray for them.

   One of the young ladies on our team gave a Gospel tract to an elderly lady and was called back later to be informed of her severe “indoctrination” by her parents through the teaching of Christianity.  When she was asked what she believed, she hurriedly decided it was time to leave.  In the course of the conversation, however, the woman heard the entire gospel presented. 

  Also, a gentleman from the fish and chip shop took and read a Gospel tract, and then proceeded to share it with all of his fellow staff, which was very encouraging.

  Overall, the weather was not conducive to many people, but please pray for fruit in the lives of those who were there and heard the Gospel.  Pray for those also who refused tracts, that God would soften their heart and move them to repentance and faith.  We can definitely see the opposition to the Gospel.  Pray that Christ would grow His church, and that He would thrust forth labourers with willing hearts to do His work.

Saturday 26 January 2019

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This was the first Operation 513 Bribie Island outreach. We had an amazing time as Bribie Island was abuzz with Australia Day celebrations. About nine hundred Gospel tracts and seven Bibles were given out, along with several Gospels of John and other books and literature. Many conversations were had and many received the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with various responses.

Michael and team started at 2pm and were joined by Shirley from a local church in Caboolture. It was a great encouragement to have support from local churches, and to hear that they have been praying for this particular outreach.

We had a table with free Bibles and literature, and Michael had the Good Person Test flipchart up and running. Many groups of people went through the test and left extremely thoughtful. While doing the Good Person Test with one group, Michael nearly got punched by an angry listener. After the group dispersed, two young people from the same crowd came back and asked to continue the conversation even after all the disturbance and mocking. They left with answers and Bibles.

Another gentleman named David approached and had a serious discussion. His father had passed away during the week. Michael was able to share his testimony of how God used his own father’s death to bring him to faith and trust in Christ. David left with the Gospel and a resolution to attend a church in Caboolture tomorrow morning. Pray that God would convict David and bring him to faith in Christ.

Michael was able to share the Gospel with a local counsellor’s sons, and she received a tract too. Pray also for Zac and Ivan

who heard the Gospel from some of our workers. Also pray for an American ‘couple’ who heard the law and the Gospel and left somewhat convicted.

We finished up around 5:20pm, after a very encouraging time of witnessing. Pray that God would bless the nine hundred people who received tracts this afternoon. Pray also for growth in this work and in the lives of those who have dedicated their time to sharing the Gospel with the lost.

Thank you to all those who prayed for this afternoon’s outreach. We could truly see that God was at work. Praise God for blessing this outreach. May His name be glorified.