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Bribie Island

Bribie Island (QLD)

Meets various Saturdays of each month 2-4pm at Bongaree Jetty, Bribie Island, Australia.

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Sunday 25 July 2021

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It’s been a busy year in many aspects, and since we haven’t had a chance to report on the Bribie outreaches since earlier this year, here’s an update on the last few months.

The team has been heading out 1-2 Saturdays a month to distribute Gospel tracts and literature, and we have been encouraged by a number of meaningful discussions. At each outreach, we have been blessed to have several Bibles taken, and we are thankful to see people valuing God’s Word. On outreach days where people were scarce by the Jetty, we letterboxed some local areas and spoke to anyone who was interested.

After one Asian family received tracts, they came back to ask why the Good Person card had not changed colour for them. Weren’t they good people? Would the card change colour for one of us? This provided a beautiful opportunity of explaining that none of us are good, no, not even one. All have sinned and have fallen short of God’s glory. Our only hope of heaven lies in trusting in the goodness of Jesus, and in His work on the cross. Only those who believe on Him can be saved. Pray for their understanding and their salvation.

Two teenagers, Patrick and Declan, were incredibly eager to hear the Gospel. They were extremely engaged, asking and answering questions, while their Christian mother looked on, nodding and smiling. Even after going through the good person test, they stayed to discuss the gospel further, and they took several booklets and a Bible. Praise God for their keen interest! May it be lasting and deep, driving them to Jesus.

A discussion arose between some of the team and three young men. It was an interesting example of the different types of people we encounter. One of the youngsters quickly zoned out and drifted to the car to wait for his friends. The second stood back and listened, attentive but silent, while the third, partly laughing and mocking and partly drawn by the Gospel, asked and responded to the questions. After they had heard the Gospel, they gratefully took tracts and rejoined their impatient friend. We pray that they would discuss what they heard with each other and that they would think deeply on it themselves. The Gospel has a mighty saving power.

A Japanese mother with her two primary aged children came to the flipchart. While she remained silent throughout, she permitted her children to hear the Gospel. Both children were interested and engaged, and although they did not come from a Christian home, they seemed to have an inherent belief in God, which was encouraging to see. When they took tracts at the end, they were also offered a Bible, but the mother refused. The older daughter desperately wanted to take it, and at last her mother said yes. Praise God for allowing His Word to enter their home!

Pray for Simon, a middle aged Englishman, who heard the Gospel. He was handed a tract, and before the two team members moved off, he engaged with them, asking what the leaflet was all about. This resulted in a deeper discussion of beliefs. As a father, Simon wanted to instill good morals in his children, and he thought he was doing a good job. He was sure he was a good dad and a good person, yet he was one of those people who enjoy a good debate without getting offended. So throughout the conversation, as the law and the Gospel were referred to, he was able to stay focused and responsive. In the end when he had to leave, he said he didn’t believe, but that he appreciated our chat anyway. He laughed and said that when we had first given him the tract, he had anticipated a very different discussion. He had assumed we were right-wing extremists, but he was grateful to have been able to hear what we had to say. We thank God for his open mind, but we pray too for an open heart and a receptiveness to the Gospel that he might be saved. Simon wants so much to be a good role model for his family, so we pray he might be the first of many in his family who turn to God in faith.

A group of children stopped to chat to one of the team, and it was strange to see how opposed to God they were, even at their young age. “Christians are evil people who hurt people,” they said, “and God must be bad to allow bad things to happen.” Despite this, they sat themselves down on the ground and asked to hear more. “I don’t believe in God,” one girl said, “but tell me more.” And so they were led through the Gospel, and some of their questions were answered. While they did not seem convinced, they had been receptive to listening, which we praise God for! The seed of the Word has entered their hearts, and by God’s grace, we pray for it to sprout into a beautiful faith. God is mighty to save.

A JP (Justice of the Peace) asked for a Bible for people to swear on, and she also promised to read it herself. It is good to see that many unbelievers, willingly or not, have respect for God’s Word.

A Christian family who had been searching for a church were directed to and joined a local church, which was a tremendous encouragement. It is good for believers to come together publicly for worship and fellowship, and great that the outreach could be a part of bringing Christians together for that. Praise God!

Please pray for Aiden, Mason, Amber, Lee and Miller, some teenagers who heard the Gospel.

Pray too for these children, Noah, Cain, Tristan, and little Savannah.

Some of the team also attended the Brisbane rally for life earlier in the year to take a stand for the protection of the innocent. We pray for a changing of people’s minds in regards to the heinous acts of abortion and euthenasia. God has created all human life as precious, sacred, and in His image, and we desperately want to see Queenlanders coming to understand the need to protect the young and old. The spread of the Gospel is the only way this can truly become a reality.

There were many others who connected with the team in some way or other, whether through tracts, letterboxing, witnessing, preaching, or through the Scriptures, and we ask for your prayers for their souls. Please pray for God’s blessing on each of the hundreds of tracts which have gone forth. May His Word not return unto Him void, but may it reap a tremendous soul harvest, turning hearts towards God, changing lives, and starting a revival, beginning right here at Bribie Island.


Tuesday 26 January 2021

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Australia Day Outreach 2021

  With an extra boost of helpers, our Bribie team gathered at the jetty to share the Gospel with those celebrating along the waterfront.  There was constant flow of people walking up and down, every picnic table was taken, and gazebos full of families were everywhere.  We were thankful to see that God had prepared the way before us and that people were very open to hearing us and accepting tracts.  About 800 tracts went out, along with a number of booklets and other literature.  We were amazed and encouraged to see so many people come and take a copy of Scripture.  15 Bibles were taken, and around 25 Gospels of Luke, plus many Gospels of John.

  Our team split up into pairs, covering a good length of the Bongaree waterfront footpaths.  While distributing Gospel literature, we were able to engage in multiple conversations.  Various groups approached the Good Person flipchart and heard the Gospel.

  A number of people we met considered themselves safe and “all good" because they were decent people, Roman Catholic, confirmed, baptised, or having done some form of works.  May the pure, undefiled Gospel shine its light in their lives and reveal their sin and need of Christ.

  As one team member was in a discussion with an elderly gentleman and his friend, a man from across the path began to berate him angrily.  While our team member calmly and peacefully held his own, answering the man whenever he could get a word in, the first two gentlemen looked on.  At last, after they shook hands and parted, the angry man remained a few minutes further to speak with the two men on the bench.  While this seemed disheartening, we were encouraged to see one of them come up later to check out the literature table.  He said that he often saw Gideon Bibles in hotels, and he said he always tried to read a bit.  Then he proceeded to take a Bible over to his friend.  Praise God!  Now we pray for the seed of the Word to find good soil in his heart.

  A young woman sitting by herself was approached and took a tract.  She then engaged in a conversation where she was able to hear the Gospel.  She went from not believing in God to having a pretty good grasp on the Gospel.  It was a beautiful moment as her eyes lit up when she realized that all she had to do was repent and trust in Christ.  She had several valuable questions, such as “If a bad person like Hitler repents and trusts in Christ, will he go to heaven?”  She also admitted that because she knew so little, she didn’t know what questions to ask.  She took some literature and was encouraged to not only think seriously about the importance of this, but also to contact us if she had any questions.  May God’s rich truth take root in her open heart.

  Pray for Finn, a young man who heard the Gospel and seemed to take it extremely seriously.  He appeared to understand, and he asked for a Bible when he left.  May God do a work in his life.

  A friendly Anglican man stopped by to encourage us in what we were doing.  On being questioned, we found him to have a good understanding of the true Gospel. 

  James’ wife made him come to take the Good Person test.  He listened to the law and the Gospel with a fairly open mind.  Over the last few years, he said he’d had a number of people share the Gospel with him, and he wondered why it kept coming back to him.  This came as a reinforcement of its truth.  We pray that he would consider the impact of this truth on his life, and that he would be saved.

  Praise God for blessing our time on Tuesday.  Continue to pray that God will use His Word which has gone out to bring souls to Christ, and that He would grow His kingdom here on Bribie Island.

Saturday 21 November 2020

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  At our last outreach, the team met for a time of evangelism.  While only a few people were open to actually talking, we were encouraged by the number of Gospel tracts distributed.  As some of the team wandered around to hand out tracts and talk to anyone interested, others of us manned the literature table, or positioned ourselves near the flipchart to pass out literature to passers-by.

  There were several encouraging conversations throughout the afternoon, including one with a young Asian woman who read a tract given to her and then came over to do the Good Person test.  There were also some young people with whom a team member was able to engage, as well as a Syrian gentleman.

  While the afternoon appeared to be quieter than usual, we do pray that God would use our efforts to grow His church.  We pray for results to spring from that scattering of the Gospel seed through tracts.  We pray that hearts will be touched, especially those who have now heard the Gospel or received tracts numerous times.  May many of our “jetty locals” be brought to faith through the power of the Word of God, and may Christ’s kingdom spread here at Bribie Island.

Saturday 17 October 2020

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Saturday, October 17 — After a time of prayer, our team hit the beach at Bongaree for our monthly outreach.  The lovely weather brought local families flocking to the water for picnics and kept a constant flow of traffic up and down the pathways.  God blessed our time and allowed us to distribute several hundred Gospel tracts and a few of Bibles. 

  As various team members spread out giving tracts to anyone willing to take or talk, the Good Person flipchart, positioned at the crossroads, attracted attention and conversations.  One group of young people took the test and quickly discovered they were not as ‘good’ as they had anticipated.  They heard the full Gospel, kept engaged throughout, but didn’t seem to grasp the seriousness of their situation before God.  They did take tracts with them, so we pray for God to stir them up to repentance and faith.

  Throughout the two hours, several people stopped to chat or do the Good Person test.  One of the team who was walking along the path spoke with Lewis, Matthew, and Zain.  These young teens thought they had their whole lives ahead of them to get right with God, until it clicked that they weren’t guaranteed a long life, and that they could die tomorrow.  Matthew was in a hurry to head off; Lewis looked more amused than concerned, but the third, Zain, kept the conversation going through the whole Gospel.  At the end, all three accepted for Bibles, and they were encouraged to make peace with God through Jesus.

  Two young women, Montana and Cassidy, had attended a ‘Christian’ school, but were totally ignorant of the true Gospel.  They listened quietly, and agreed to think about it.  One had a Bible at home, but Montana took a tract and a Bible.

  We ask you to pray for Bree, a young woman we spoke to a number of months ago, and with whom we were able to share the Gospel once again.  She remembered us as ‘the Christians,’ and appeared to be open and friendly towards the things of God.  We praise God for this, and we pray that she would come to faith.

  Later in the day, another group approached the chart.  These were deeply interested, and they followed along as they heard the Gospel.  It was encouraging to hear their logical questions which showed they had been thinking hard and listening attentively.  As their objections were met, they seemed to grasp what was being said, and they all took literature and promised to think very seriously about it.  This openness was a huge answer to prayer.

  We give thanks to God for a time of huge encouragement and for all the people who received the Gospel.  Please pray for those who heard the Gospel for the first time.  May their lives be changed by the truth, and may God bring them to Himself.  Pray for those who are hardened and angry about the Gospel.  May their consciences have been pricked, and may the light break through into their darkened minds.  God’s Word is powerful, so we pray that it would triumph here at Bribie Island.

Saturday 26 September 2020

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  On Saturday, the outreach at Bribie Island was a huge encouragement.  After our team of 11 gathered, we prayed, and then split up.  Some put Gospel tracts on the cars parked up and down the streets, while others took a walk down towards the bridge, up the jetty, or towards the carpark to distribute tracts and talk to anyone who would engage.  Our literature table and the Good Person flipchart were also set up.

  Before we had finished setting up, a young man from East Timor wanted to know what we were doing.  He spent over an hour talking to several of the team members.  This young man was a new Christian, and he had a lot of questions about his faith.  Having come from a Catholic family, he had always thought God existed, but it had never been a personal relationship.  Contradictions he had seen and heard in his family and school caused him to start searching for the truth.  He had then traced a well-known apologist’s journey to faith.  He said that over the last year he had been studying his Bible and had renounced any hope of his works being able to save him.  Now his hope was in Christ alone.  It was wonderful to be able to hear his story and to encourage him in his walk.

  Two young boys approached the flipchart with their dad, who was friendly and open to us talking with his boys.  As we went through the law, they had some thoughtful questions, which showed they were paying attention to what was being said.  One asked, “If God judges people, doesn’t that make Him a bad person?”  Another question was, “Is it fair for someone else to pay my fine?”  Their questions were answered, and they realised their need to trust in Christ.  They took Gospel tracts, and then came to the literature table with their little sister for a Bible and some other literature.  Please pray that the truth would sink into their hearts to challenge and change them.

  Three young men also went through the Good Person test.  They were urged to think seriously about this question of where they would spend eternity, as it would be the greatest question they would ever face.  Two of them seemed to find it a bit amusing, but they both took a Gospel of John.  The third of the group, however, stayed to go through the flipchart again with another team member.  After talking for some time there, Kierran came and took a Bible.  He wanted to know how much it cost, but was told that it was 100% free, because someone had already paid for it on his behalf.  He said he’ll definitely read it.  He was also able to have a long conversation with a local pastor, and they exchanged phone numbers.  Please pray that God would do a work in the life of this twenty-five year old.

  A pastor who was with us did some preaching and gave a wonderful Gospel message.  It was a blessing to notice that some nearby people were listening.

  Pray too for Ben, a young man who listened to the Gospel message.  A number of others also had the Gospel shared with them, but some left before they could reach the explanation of the way to heaven.  Pray that their consciences would prick them and drive them to Christ.  Please pray for fruit from the tracts that went out.  We ask that you would give thanks for answered prayers.  We are grateful that God has once again prepared the way for an encouraging outreach as the Gospel went out.  May souls be saved and God glorified here at Bribie Island.

Saturday 22 August 2020

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Last Saturday, the team met at Bribie for the monthly outreach, but the howling wind had pretty much emptied the beaches.  So we handed out some tracts to the few scattered people who still hung around and put tracts on all the nearby car windscreens.  Then we headed over to Caboolture to do a letterbox drop.  We covered the area behind the Caboolture train station with Project 139's “Life is Precious" Gospel tracts.  We were grateful that we were still able to give people the Gospel, despite the windy weather.  Please pray that these tracts dropped into random post-boxes would bear much fruit for the kingdom of God.  Please pray that God would use these tracts to save innocent lives from murder in the womb and souls from death and hell to the glory to of God.

Saturday 20 June 2020

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On Saturday the team was happy to be back at Bribie Island after a long break.  We met at the Bongaree Jetty for a time of discussions, distributing tracts, and for some, street preaching.  A combination of cold and corona meant that the area was pretty quiet.  Although there was much rejection and hardness amongst those who had braved the beach, a number of tracts were given out and letter boxed, the Gospel was preached, and the good news proclaimed. 

  When one of the men was preaching the Gospel, a woman began shouting angry verbal abuse, which we expect, knowing that God’s Word is offensive to some unbelievers.  She left to call the police, but God gave us opportunity to continue until our appointed 4pm without any police interference.  Please pray that the message she heard would sink in and turn her life around for the glory of God.

  Sam and Lewis, two young men, also heard the Gospel.  They had been listening at a distance to the preaching from the sidewalk, but as they were walking away, they bumped into another team member and stopped to talk.  Sam was an atheist, Lewis completely unconcerned, but both stayed to listen, while others of their group wandered off to find a table.  Sam in particular listened carefully and asked logical questions.  He said that he didn’t want to “do good things just to get to heaven.”  The Gospel was explained, and while Lewis kept checking his watch and eyeing the rest of the group, Sam seemed to understand what was being said.  Both of them took tracts when they left, as well as Gospels of John.  “This is not a chance meeting,” they were told.  May God do a work in their hearts.

  Near the end of our time there, a family approached the literature table.  The three little children helped themselves to some of the Gospel literature, and they took the book of John for “Nanna" to read to them.  Both the parents and grandparents seemed very friendly and open which was an encouragement for us.  We must now pray that the Word of God works on their hearts and brings fruit to their lives.

  Please pray for a softening of hearts in our local area.  Pray that those who received the Gospel would ponder over it and be brought to faith by the grace of God.  May God do a great work here at Bribie Island.

Sunday 31 May 2020

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Yesterday, some of us from the Bribie Island team were privileged to attend the practical training outreach using Omegle.  And wow, what a tool!  We were so encouraged by watching others from Op 513 sharing the Gospel live through this website.

  So...we decided to give it a try.

  After setting the safeguards in place, we started Omegle up, taking turns so that all of us could have a chance to share the Gospel, as well as to listen from the back. 

  It started with:

“Can I ask you a question?“

CLICK!  Ok, new person.

“Can I ask...”


“Can I...”


It took many “strangers" before someone was happy to talk. 

  This 35 year-old man spent close to an hour with one of the team.  He heard the Gospel several times, but refused it.  He eventually said, “You’re a very nice person; you are a good person, but what you believe is @#$! rubbish!”

  But the amazing thing is that he stayed to talk.  Some of his objections were met and answered, but still he was very hardened.  It seemed he had been hurt before by “religion.”  He said Christianity was dangerous and that Christians taxed others, but at one point, you could hear the doubt in his voice.  He wasn’t as sure of himself as he would like to think.  We finally left him with a link to a Christian website and encouraged him to think about what he had heard.

  Our next “stranger" was a young girl who had never thought about the afterlife.  No one had ever shared the Gospel with her, and she didn’t know who Jesus was.  She initially said she believed in Satan, but not in God.  She changed her mind within the first few minutes.  She already knew she wasn’t a good person because she said she “was mean.”  Going through the law of God, she had no doubt she was heading for hell and her solution was to reverse her bad deeds.  When we explained why that wouldn’t work, we also gave her the real solution to our problem of sin—Jesus.

  When she was asked the checking questions, we could see she still believed her good works could save her.  We did another loop through to re-explain the Gospel.  Still she believed that to be saved she had to “respect others and obey God.”  We went through it again, and then asked the same question.  Her answer was to “trust in Jesus and respect others.”  On the fourth time explaining the free gift, unearned and undeserved, we asked what she must do to be saved.  She said, “Trust in Jesus.”  When we asked if there was anything else we had to trust in, she seemed to understand that Christ had paid it ALL.  It was like the penny suddenly dropped, and she was excited.

  She said that what she had heard had really helped her.  She said she had a Bible, and that she would read the book of John and think about our conversation.  She was urged also to act on it and to put her trust in Christ.  We also left her with the link to

  What an amazing tool!  We are one click away from a person who is just sitting and waiting to talk to us.  Please pray for the conversion of these people we have spoken to; pray for wisdom, guidance, and protection for us; and pray that God’s kingdom would grow through this internet evangelism.  May there be many more Gospel conversations.  

Saturday 22 February 2020

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  As the team met at the Bongaree Jetty this afternoon, no sooner was the flipchart up than a large group of young people came to ask questions and go through the Good Person Test.  Between 2 and 4pm, there was a constant flow of conversations, mostly with younger people, but also with several adults who were interested in Gospel conversations.  A number of copies of Scriptures were distributed, as were many Gospel tracts.  We warmly appreciate the amount of prayer that has gone into today’s work for the Lord.  We certainly felt God’s leading and blessing on and in the outreach.

  One young man recognized and approached Michael to tell him that he was still reading his Gospel of John from last time they spoke, and that he was giving serious thought to the issue.  Pray that God would do a work in the heart of this young man, also named Michael.

  As usual, we were warmly greeted by the local train ride driver, whom we see at every outreach.  He has received a Gospel tract in the past, so we pray for his salvation.  May our frequent presence by the jetty be a witness and a testimony to him.

  One gentleman was speaking with one of the team members, a local pastor, and his question was, “What is the difference between spirituality(tarot cards, etc), and the work of the Holy Spirit(Pentecostal beliefs he had been exposed to)?”  While the conversation led to the Gospel, the man was encouraged to attend tomorrow’s church service, as one of the main points in the message was going to be the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation(Ephesians 1).  The man remained very interested and engaged throughout the long conversation.  He said he didn’t believe in coincidences, so he would think very seriously about what he had heard, and that he might come along to church.

  Jacob, Jack, and Co. went through the Good Person flipchart, and each of this large group had questions and objections.  “If murder is wrong, why did God murder His son?”  “What about the people before Jesus came?”  “What happened to the Crusaders?”  “What happens to babies who die?” And many others.  These young people are desperately seeking answers, so may we always be ready to give them.  We tried to answer their questions and went through the Gospel over and over again.  Others came up and joined the group, and they wanted to go through the flipchart as well, so another team member took them through.

  In the meantime, another from the team answered further of their questions relating to evolution, morality, and the authenticity of the Gospel message, and Maddy came over to the literature table.  She said she was going blind and couldn’t read, so she was given a DVD and the link to an audio Bible.  She apologized for the mocking behaviour of her friends, but she agreed that most of them would think more seriously when they were alone later that day.  She understood that we were sharing these things because we genuinely cared for her and her friends.  She thanked us and said she would be thinking about our conversation. 

  As we said repeatedly, as much as we wish we could, we can’t save them, and we can’t cause their eyes to open.  That is something only God can do, and something that must be personal for each of them, so we ask that you would pray for a great softening of hearts and a great turning to God.

 Lilly, Rachel, and Leah also went through the Good Person flipchart, with two of them claiming to be Christians.  They listened intently, felt the truth in all they heard, and asked serious questions.  They were each at a very difficult place in their lives, all coming from homes with issues.  They heard the Gospel multiple times, and all three seemed to be sincerely interested. Pray that they would find answers to the sincere questions they have in their hearts.  Please pray for these girls to find peace and comfort in God’s grace and forgiveness. 

  Pray too for Mark who also heard the Gospel, as well as for those groups who chatted to team members at the literature table.  Pray for those who passed through and took tracts.  May much fruit come from the seeds which were sown this afternoon at Bribie Island.

Sunday 26 January 2020

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  Our last outreach at Bribie Island was incredible!  The usually quiet island came alive as people flocked to the beach to celebrate Australia Day.  It was greatly encouraging to have our usual team joined by others who came from various churches and areas.  Between 1 and 3pm, around 900 Gospel tracts were distributed, as were many booklets, DVD's, and Gospels.  For most of the team, there was a continual flow of conversations.  

  Eli was a young man who approached the literature table and listened very intently to the Gospel message that was presented to him.  He was honest in answering the questions and in seeing his need of Christ, but he was taken through the Good News five or six times before he could understand that it was not by being a better person, or by having an impersonal faith that he could be saved.  He finally realized he must personally trust that Jesus died for his sins, and then turn from his sin in repentance.  He said it was something he wanted to do as soon as possible, and he promised to think about it very seriously.  He took a Gospel of John and a tract.

  Several groups of young people went through the Good Person flipchart throughout the course of the afternoon.  One young man had many questions, but his main objection was that there was no way to prove the historical claims of Christ.  After a conversation filled with historical facts, examples, and illustrations, he left to seriously consider what he had heard.

  A woman approached the Good Person flipchart with her husband and daughter.  While her husband and daughter quickly lost interest, she remained intently focused for the entire time.  Over and over her husband urged her to come away, but she insisted on staying to hear us out.  She was honest in her answers, and quickly came to realize her own sinfulness.  When she left, she was visibly moved by the Gospel.

  Another trio approached the literature table, and while the somewhat intoxicated young man and his girlfriend laughed and asked questions, it became apparent that their friend was paying attention.  What was amazing was that, although they had to leave halfway through the Gospel message, they promised to return, and five minutes later, they did!  At the conclusion of the Gospel presentation, the two wandered off, but again their friend stayed to talk a few more minutes.  She said this was definitely something she would think about.  Pray that all three young people would deeply consider what they have heard, read the Bibles they have taken, and act on the message they have received.

  Dylan, a young man from Spain, also asked for a Bible.  He thought he was good enough to go to heaven.  When questioned further, he appeared to have a work-based ideology.  He had been christened in a Catholic background, and felt secure that he was on his way to heaven.  He was given the complete Gospel message, his need of faith and repentance, and he seemed to understand.  We pray now that the Holy Spirit will move in his life.

  Please pray also for 12 year-old Georgia, who heard the good news of the Gospel.  She needed no convincing to realize that she wasn’t a good person, and she certainly seemed to grasp her need of a Saviour.  She appeared extremely serious, and close to tears, but while it would have been great to continue talking with her, a sudden crowd of other youngsters arriving caused her to wander back to her family.  May she read the literature that she took, and continue to think deeply about her eternal destination.

  Kye, Thalia, and Jamie engaged in conversation with another team member and heard the Gospel.  Please pray for them to keep their commitment to read through the Scriptures which they took.  Pray that the seeds which have been planted would grow, and not be choked out by the mockery of friends and the things of this world.

  One lady came and asked for a Bible.  She said she was a Lutheran, but that she hadn’t been baptised.  She was told that there was nothing she could do to earn her salvation, neither works nor baptism could save, but that salvation was by faith alone in Christ alone.  This was a message she seemed to grasp, and she went away to consider it and read the Bible.

  Pray for results from those whose lives were touched by the Gospel, whether by tracts, Bibles, or open conversation.  Pray too for fruit to spring even from the little seeds which were sown, the children who took tracts or asked simple questions.  Pray for those who realised their own mortality and sin.  Pray for those who took the Scriptures.  May the Word of God act in their lives, and may souls be saved by God’s grace triumphing through our outreach at Bribie Island.

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