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Bribie Island

Bribie Island (QLD)

Meets various Saturdays of each month 2-4pm at Bongaree Jetty, Bribie Island, Australia.

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Saturday 22 February 2020

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  As the team met at the Bongaree Jetty this afternoon, no sooner was the flipchart up than a large group of young people came to ask questions and go through the Good Person Test.  Between 2 and 4pm, there was a constant flow of conversations, mostly with younger people, but also with several adults who were interested in Gospel conversations.  A number of copies of Scriptures were distributed, as were many Gospel tracts.  We warmly appreciate the amount of prayer that has gone into today’s work for the Lord.  We certainly felt God’s leading and blessing on and in the outreach.

  One young man recognized and approached Michael to tell him that he was still reading his Gospel of John from last time they spoke, and that he was giving serious thought to the issue.  Pray that God would do a work in the heart of this young man, also named Michael.

  As usual, we were warmly greeted by the local train ride driver, whom we see at every outreach.  He has received a Gospel tract in the past, so we pray for his salvation.  May our frequent presence by the jetty be a witness and a testimony to him.

  One gentleman was speaking with one of the team members, a local pastor, and his question was, “What is the difference between spirituality(tarot cards, etc), and the work of the Holy Spirit(Pentecostal beliefs he had been exposed to)?”  While the conversation led to the Gospel, the man was encouraged to attend tomorrow’s church service, as one of the main points in the message was going to be the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation(Ephesians 1).  The man remained very interested and engaged throughout the long conversation.  He said he didn’t believe in coincidences, so he would think very seriously about what he had heard, and that he might come along to church.

  Jacob, Jack, and Co. went through the Good Person flipchart, and each of this large group had questions and objections.  “If murder is wrong, why did God murder His son?”  “What about the people before Jesus came?”  “What happened to the Crusaders?”  “What happens to babies who die?” And many others.  These young people are desperately seeking answers, so may we always be ready to give them.  We tried to answer their questions and went through the Gospel over and over again.  Others came up and joined the group, and they wanted to go through the flipchart as well, so another team member took them through.

  In the meantime, another from the team answered further of their questions relating to evolution, morality, and the authenticity of the Gospel message, and Maddy came over to the literature table.  She said she was going blind and couldn’t read, so she was given a DVD and the link to an audio Bible.  She apologized for the mocking behaviour of her friends, but she agreed that most of them would think more seriously when they were alone later that day.  She understood that we were sharing these things because we genuinely cared for her and her friends.  She thanked us and said she would be thinking about our conversation. 

  As we said repeatedly, as much as we wish we could, we can’t save them, and we can’t cause their eyes to open.  That is something only God can do, and something that must be personal for each of them, so we ask that you would pray for a great softening of hearts and a great turning to God.

 Lilly, Rachel, and Leah also went through the Good Person flipchart, with two of them claiming to be Christians.  They listened intently, felt the truth in all they heard, and asked serious questions.  They were each at a very difficult place in their lives, all coming from homes with issues.  They heard the Gospel multiple times, and all three seemed to be sincerely interested. Pray that they would find answers to the sincere questions they have in their hearts.  Please pray for these girls to find peace and comfort in God’s grace and forgiveness. 

  Pray too for Mark who also heard the Gospel, as well as for those groups who chatted to team members at the literature table.  Pray for those who passed through and took tracts.  May much fruit come from the seeds which were sown this afternoon at Bribie Island.

Sunday 26 January 2020

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  Our last outreach at Bribie Island was incredible!  The usually quiet island came alive as people flocked to the beach to celebrate Australia Day.  It was greatly encouraging to have our usual team joined by others who came from various churches and areas.  Between 1 and 3pm, around 900 Gospel tracts were distributed, as were many booklets, DVD's, and Gospels.  For most of the team, there was a continual flow of conversations.  

  Eli was a young man who approached the literature table and listened very intently to the Gospel message that was presented to him.  He was honest in answering the questions and in seeing his need of Christ, but he was taken through the Good News five or six times before he could understand that it was not by being a better person, or by having an impersonal faith that he could be saved.  He finally realized he must personally trust that Jesus died for his sins, and then turn from his sin in repentance.  He said it was something he wanted to do as soon as possible, and he promised to think about it very seriously.  He took a Gospel of John and a tract.

  Several groups of young people went through the Good Person flipchart throughout the course of the afternoon.  One young man had many questions, but his main objection was that there was no way to prove the historical claims of Christ.  After a conversation filled with historical facts, examples, and illustrations, he left to seriously consider what he had heard.

  A woman approached the Good Person flipchart with her husband and daughter.  While her husband and daughter quickly lost interest, she remained intently focused for the entire time.  Over and over her husband urged her to come away, but she insisted on staying to hear us out.  She was honest in her answers, and quickly came to realize her own sinfulness.  When she left, she was visibly moved by the Gospel.

  Another trio approached the literature table, and while the somewhat intoxicated young man and his girlfriend laughed and asked questions, it became apparent that their friend was paying attention.  What was amazing was that, although they had to leave halfway through the Gospel message, they promised to return, and five minutes later, they did!  At the conclusion of the Gospel presentation, the two wandered off, but again their friend stayed to talk a few more minutes.  She said this was definitely something she would think about.  Pray that all three young people would deeply consider what they have heard, read the Bibles they have taken, and act on the message they have received.

  Dylan, a young man from Spain, also asked for a Bible.  He thought he was good enough to go to heaven.  When questioned further, he appeared to have a work-based ideology.  He had been christened in a Catholic background, and felt secure that he was on his way to heaven.  He was given the complete Gospel message, his need of faith and repentance, and he seemed to understand.  We pray now that the Holy Spirit will move in his life.

  Please pray also for 12 year-old Georgia, who heard the good news of the Gospel.  She needed no convincing to realize that she wasn’t a good person, and she certainly seemed to grasp her need of a Saviour.  She appeared extremely serious, and close to tears, but while it would have been great to continue talking with her, a sudden crowd of other youngsters arriving caused her to wander back to her family.  May she read the literature that she took, and continue to think deeply about her eternal destination.

  Kye, Thalia, and Jamie engaged in conversation with another team member and heard the Gospel.  Please pray for them to keep their commitment to read through the Scriptures which they took.  Pray that the seeds which have been planted would grow, and not be choked out by the mockery of friends and the things of this world.

  One lady came and asked for a Bible.  She said she was a Lutheran, but that she hadn’t been baptised.  She was told that there was nothing she could do to earn her salvation, neither works nor baptism could save, but that salvation was by faith alone in Christ alone.  This was a message she seemed to grasp, and she went away to consider it and read the Bible.

  Pray for results from those whose lives were touched by the Gospel, whether by tracts, Bibles, or open conversation.  Pray too for fruit to spring even from the little seeds which were sown, the children who took tracts or asked simple questions.  Pray for those who realised their own mortality and sin.  Pray for those who took the Scriptures.  May the Word of God act in their lives, and may souls be saved by God’s grace triumphing through our outreach at Bribie Island.

Saturday 4 January 2020

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On Saturday at the outreach, our team was joined by a Christian brother and his family from Ipswich.  This was a great encouragement for us.  Together we distributed a large number of Gospel tracts, as well as several Bibles, Gospels, and other booklets.  It was a privilege to be able to stand together for the furtherance of Christ’s kingdom in this country, and we pray for the freedom to continue to do so.

  Several conversations were held during the course of the afternoon, with both individuals and groups.  Two groups of young people went through the Good Person flip chart and took tracts.

  An elderly gentleman we had spoken to last year stopped by in his motor scooter for a chat.  We were able to present the Gospel to him, and he shared stories from his life, which opened up further opportunities to talk about God.  He has had a very difficult life, full of pain and trouble, but even now the Lord can soften his heart and lead him to the place where He shall “wipe all tears from their eyes.”

  One youngster came alone to the flip chart and was honest and open about his sin.  He understood he would have to pay the price for his lawbreaking.  In the distance however, his friends were calling him to come away.  He stayed long enough to hear the full Gospel before he re-joined his friends.

  David from Burkina Faso was hardened and angry against God.  He bitterly said that all he wanted us to pray for was freedom for his country, because the British had stolen their liberty.  We also pray that the Lord would free him from his spiritual blindness.

  At our last outreach, we met a retired man who said he wouldn’t read anything we had, that he wasn’t a big reader.  So this month we gave him a Christian DVD which he took and promised to watch.  We pray this will play a part in opening his eyes to the truth of the Gospel.

  As we were about to finish up, an older JW couple tried to convince us that they believe the same thing we believe, we’re on the same path, we’re going to the same place.  With open Bible, Michael showed Rodney how different their belief was, how dangerously different from what the Bible teaches.  To be converted, one must believe in the person and work of Christ, but the Jesus they believe in is simply not the Jesus of the Bible.  They denied the Trinity and believed that Jesus is a (created) kind of lesser-god.

  While this conversation was happening, another team member engaged with his Filipino wife, Francis.  Over and over again, the conversation was brought back to the most serious question—how can a person be made right with God?  What must one do to be saved?  Her answer was that you must have faith and follow in obedience, follow the regulations, work.  Everything she said took away from the perfect and complete work of Christ.  When she was asked what must a dying person do to be saved, she shrugged and said that was up to God.  A person must not only work to get saved, she said, but they also need to work to stay saved.  How sad to think that these people have no firm eternal hope!  Yet this is what JW doctrine teaches people.  How much sweeter and purer is the Gospel which says that Christ had paid all, once and for all!  Please pray for Rodney and Francis' conversion.  They have been tragically deceived by this false teaching, but may they begin to see the light of the Gospel.

  Please pray for conversions from this outreach.  May lives be changed, may Christ’s kingdom grow, and may a new awakening begin right here at Bribie Island.

Saturday 23 November 2019

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  Praise the Lord for an encouraging time of outreach last Saturday.  As our team of six met at the Bongaree Jetty, we were thankful to see the number of people gathered to enjoy the good weather.  We were able to distribute hundreds of Gospel tracts, as well as have several meaningful conversations.

  One family approached the flipchart, a woman with two teenage sons.  The younger son was particularly honest about himself, and they all seemed interested and engaged.  One of the boys was obviously struggling with deep questions, so we gave him one of John Blanchard’s helpful books.  When they came over to our literature table, they each took several booklets, and two of them asked for full Bibles.  Just before they left, the mother said, “There must be a reason for our meeting today.  We were just eating our ice creams, and we weren’t expecting to talk to someone like you.  There must be a reason for this.”  This was a very positive response to the sharing of the Gospel, so we ask you to pray for God to do a work in each of their lives.

  A group of around six 14-year-old girls also did the good person test and heard the Gospel.  Some of them laughed about what they heard, but several of them seemed to understand, at least in part, the seriousness of their position before God.  They realized that they were on their way to hell, and they didn’t want to go there.  They heard the good news, that God made a way for us to escape hell.  They also came over to the literature table and took some booklets and Gospels of John.  When another team member asked them how they could be saved, their reply was to “re…uhhh…re…pent—do a u-turn—and trust that Jesus died for our sins.”  It was encouraging to hear that they had understood the message of the Gospel.  May the truth of the Gospel triumph in their lives.

  Please be in prayer for these people we have spoken to, in particular Ray and Zoro, who are more open to listening each month that we meet them.  Pray for the right words to reach these men.  Pray for those who received the Gospel in the form of tracts.  Pray for many conversions, and that God would continue to bless the work here at Bribie Island.

Saturday 26 October 2019

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Saturday’s outreach was greatly encouraging as we shared the Gospel of grace with the people of Bribie Island.  There was an almost constant flow of conversations.  Most passer-by’s took tracts, and some received Bibles.  It was also a blessing to have a couple from Hervey Bay join us once again in evangelism.

  It was fascinating to see one woman, an atheistic evolutionist, ask for a Bible.  Although she did not even believe in God, she says she goes to His Word for advice in tough times.  We know that it is the Word which touches and changes hearts, so pray for the work to be done in her life.

  Pray for two teenagers, Susan and Emily, to think deeply about all they heard.  They were open-minded, and yet they had serious questions, both coming from atheistic backgrounds.  They were led through the law and the Gospel.  They seemed to understand, but they still doubted.   They each took a copy of John Blanchard's book, Ultimate Questions, as well as a tract.  They were urged to think about their own mortality and the seriousness of this matter.  They promised to do so.

  A young boy of perhaps ten also went through the Good Person flipchart.  He wanted to know why he would have to go to hell, since he had only done small things wrong (and had never even disobeyed his parents).  He was told that since his sin was against the most high God, the punishment was greater than if his sin was against man.  Three times he was taken through the Gospel and his need to repent and trust in Christ before he appeared to understand.  He also took a tract with him, so we ask you to pray for God to work on his heart.

  Four young men went to the flipchart and were asked where they thought they were going when they died.  Their answer was heaven—they were born-again believers.  They had a thorough grasp of the Gospel, which was encouraging to see.

  Kimmy also heard the Gospel, but was very much opposed.  Pray for the softening of her heart.

  Four teenage girls were approached in conversation.  Although they admitted to being bad people, they said they wanted to go to heaven because it was a good place.  They were asked whether heaven would still be a good place if God let bad people in.  They agreed that was a valid point.  They were told the good news of Christ’s death on the cross on our behalf.  They were asked if they would be willing to sell their eyes for a million dollars?  “No, of course not.”  And how much more important are their souls!  Pray for the opening of their eyes.

  Please pray for wisdom for us, for boldness, and for the right words to be in our mouth.  Pray for fruit from this outreach, that the Lord of the harvest might be glorified, and that souls might be added to the kingdom.


Saturday 21 September 2019

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  We had quite an eventful afternoon here at Bribie.  It was raining earlier in the day, so we weren’t sure how many people would be at the Bongaree Jetty, but when we arrived, the beach had come alive with people.  A boat club was having an event, drawing quite a crowd, and many families had come to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful water.  It was the busiest we have seen the jetty since Australia Day.  A good few hundred tracts went out, and we had some meaningful conversations.

  One man refused a Gospel tract in January, saying he didn’t believe in God and that “All religions are bad!”  Again today, he refused a tract, but another team member offered him an ‘Are you a good Aussie’ tract, encouraging him to read it and share which parts he disagreed with.  This opened up to a conversation regarding his own beliefs.  He is an evolutionist, atheist, and hardened ex-Catholic.  Although he says he gives his own children freedom to choose what to believe, his early years as a good altar-boy, being forced into an empty religion has made him bitter and skeptical.  His idea of Christianity was based solely on what he saw in the Catholic church as a child, immoral, hypocritical, and greedy.  Because of the inconsistencies he had seen, he refused to accept the Bible as valid or true.  He did stay for a lengthy conversation and took the tract with him when he left.

  A foreign lady came and asked for an English Bible.  She seemed to be a Christian, but was led again through the Gospel, and she took a Bible, Gospel tract, and Christian book.  Another lady asked for a Bible, as did a young man and his friend who seemed very attentive to the Gospel.

  One elderly lady was asked what she thought happened after life.  She said she believed in God, heaven, and a sort of justice, but she firmly rejected the Bible as God’s Word.  The heartbreaking thing was that, although ignorant of the Gospel, Christ’s work, and grace, she was sure she was heaven-bound because she had gone forward at a Billy Graham conference in 1956.  She didn’t want to discuss further, and she did not want a tract.  It was sad to see her misguided, hardened to the Good News, and yet sure she was going to heaven.  Her final words were, “I hope my actions speak louder than words.”  Pray for her lost soul!

  Nearing the end of the afternoon, the owner of one of the boats was engaged in a conversation.  Being a science teacher, he was an evolutionist, firmly opposed to the idea of God and the Bible.  Various objections were raised against the theory, but he would not listen.  He stood firm on his belief that there is no God, and his moral standards were shaky, standing solely on what society decrees as “right.”  He was reluctant to make any concessions, saying that IF there’s a God, and IF on judgment day he stood before Him, he would be totally innocent, having only told little white lies and stolen little things.  He didn’t believe in even a historical Jesus, so his anger was not murder in the heart.  Although the conversation was moving toward the Gospel, he had to hurry off, and he returned his tract.  He was not visually questioning, but we pray that a stone has been put in shoe, and doubts in his mind.  May God bring him to the truth.

  Two young people received tracts and were given the Gospel.  They asked a few questions and seemed very interested.  Then they were open for our team member to pray for them.  It was a very positive discussion.  Please pray that this seed will take root in their lives.

  A major trait we saw in those we encountered today was a skepticism of the Word of God.  Many have turned from belief in God and have embraced evolution as a substitute.  Pray for a revival of the fear of God in this land.

  A pastor from Logan encouraged us in our work and took a few tracts to pass on.  Others also thanked us for what we are doing, and we will continue to share the Gospel and invite other Christians to join us.  All we can do now is pray that God’s Word will bring forth fruit.  Pray for those who heard the Gospel, and for those families who received tracts.  May souls be saved, and God’s name glorified.

Saturday 24 August 2019

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On Saturday afternoon, the team met on Bribie for a time of outreach. We were blessed to have four extra helpers, which was encouraging. It was a great privilege to have a pastor drive all the way down from Hervey Bay to share the Gospel, as well as another Christian who drove through 2 and 1/4 hours of heavy traffic to join us. The weather was on its best behaviour, there was a constant flow of people coming and going, and the general atmosphere seemed friendly and receptive. A large number of tracts went out, along with several Bibles and other literature. Many people stopped to talk and heard the Gospel. There were a large number of Christians who also passed us in the course of the afternoon and encouraged us in what we were doing, promised to pray for the outreach, or took tracts to distribute.

  Mike engaged with two young atheists. In the course of the short discussion, they became very uncomfortable, but they left with Gospel tracts which speak of evolution vs. creation. Pray for their salvation. 

  One elderly lady said, "I followed Jesus once, but I don't don't anymore. I will pray to Him just before I die." Mike asked her if she knew when that would be, or if it could be tonight. She said she liked to be positive about such matters, but she did take a tract. 

  Pray too for a Christian lady we met who has been struggling with suffering in her life. She was looking for someone to reach out and care for her, someone to be there for her in her loneliness. She was encouraged to look to Jesus, to regularly study the words of Scripture, and to be faithful in her prayer life. She took some Christian literature and was put in contact with a local Christian who could mentor and pray for her.

  One of the team members spoke to some teenagers about the Gospel, and they seemed fairly attentive. After the main group moved off however, Keeshi stayed behind and asked some more questions. Her two sisters had once been "bad girls," but since getting saved, they had completely changed. She said they had been praying for her, and she seemed to genuinely seeking the truth. She came to our literature table and took a Bible and a DVD, as well as other Gospel literature. Please be in prayer for this young girl's conversion.

  Another team member was able to strike up a conversation with a gentleman who had previously refused a tract. He was able to plant some seeds in this man's heart, and we pray that God would bring them to fruition.

  Overall, it was a great afternoon. The Word of God has gone out, and we now pray for fruit to come. Please be active in prayer for these souls, fervent in supplication, and if you can make it, we would love to have join us next month at the Bribie Island outreach. 

Saturday 27 July 2019

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The weather on Bribie Island was ideal, and although it was relatively quiet, many of those walking past took tracts from our team. One lady stopped and took a Gospel of John for her son to read. A Christian couple passed our literature table and took a few tracts and a Gospel of John to pass on to one of their friends. Around 150 tracts were letterboxed on the island. We also had opportunity to have a few Gospel conversations.

  It was a real encouragement to have Mick join us from the Sunshine Coast. Again, a local Christian and his son came along and helped distribute Gospel tracts. Scripture has issued the call to evangelize; we are His witnesses (Acts 1:8) on earth. It is great to see Christians stepping out in obedience and genuine concern for the lost. We must continue to pray that more people from our churches will be convicted of the need to evangelize. Pray for more workers with a desire to share the good news with the lost.

  A group of girls went through the Gospel presentation using the “Good Person Test”, and though they quickly owned to their guilt, it was clear that they knew nothing about the gift of God in Jesus Christ, or what Christ had done to purchase our salvation. They were taken to the cross and Christ's sacrifice. They seemed to understand, but they did not appear to be greatly concerned. They were urged to think seriously about what they had heard. All of them had Bibles at home, and they were encouraged to start reading the book of John. They each took a Gospel tract as they left. Please pray that they would read the tracts, and that God would start a work in their hearts that would lead to their repentance and salvation.

  Two older ladies also went through the Good Person Test while the rest of their group moved on, openly scoffing. Originally they thought, as most people do, that they were good people, and that everyone goes to heaven. They said they tried to remain positive about what came after life, and they did not believe in any hell. As they moved through the Ten Commandments, they realized their guilt before God, and Michael showed them what Scripture teaches about hell, reading the verse from Revelation which tells of those whose place is in the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8). When they understood the existence of hell, they were rather concerned, but tried to brush it off. They heard the full Gospel, so now we pray that their hearts would be convicted, and that they would turn to Christ.

  Please continue to be in prayer for this outreach as we meet each month to share the Gospel. We appreciate your prayers and support as we work together for the extension of Christ's kingdom. May His Church grow, and His name be glorified.

Saturday 22 June 2019

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It was a real blessing to meet for our outreach at Bongaree Jetty on Bribie Island.  Many people stopped for conversations.  Five Bibles were taken, and many tracts, as well as other Gospel literature, were handed out.

  Linda received a Gospel tract and came over to do the Good Person Flipchart.  She seemed quite familiar with the Gospel but was concerned for her thirteen-year-old daughter who had gone wayward.  She was given some literature to encourage her in her walk, as well as a tract for her daughter to read.

  Probably the highlight of the afternoon was the conversations with Christian and his friends.  Christian began by approaching Mike at the Good Person Flipchart.  He originally disagreed with what was spoken and threw out argument after argument, but as each was countered with a logical answer, he began to listen.  He seemed to grasp the Gospel message as it was shared.  When one of his friends came along and began to mock, Christian turned and answered him.  Then he said seriously, “You really need to listen to what he says.  You need to repent.”  From that, David, a young Irishman with a Catholic heritage, heard the Gospel, and came to the literature table to take a Bible.  Several of the other youngsters took Gospels of John and New Testaments.  At the end of their conversations, Mike said to Christian, “I’ve told you the law and the Gospel now, and you really need to think seriously about what I’ve told you.” 

  His reply was, “If I wasn’t concerned about all this, I wouldn’t have stood here talking to you for so long.” 

  So please pray for Christian’s salvation, that he would, by God’s grace, become a true Christian.  Pray for David, that God would reveal the truth of the Gospel to him.

  Another interesting person we met was 78-year-old Chief White Wolf of the Chippewa tribe of the American Indians.  He had left Catholicism to enter Shamanism and believed in “Mother Earth” and evolution.  Although he was not open to hearing the truth, his partner did take a Gospel tract, so please pray that God would convict him of his sin and his need of a Saviour.

  One of the men who took a Bible was an ex-Jehovah Witness.  Although he realised it was a cult, he had not come to the truth of the Gospel.  He also mentioned that he was not currently going to any church.  We shared the Gospel message with him, and he said he was definitely going to have a read through the Bible.

  Please be in prayer for those who were presented the Gospel message, and those who took literature from us.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their sin and draw them to Christ.  Pray that souls would be saved, and that God would use our efforts on Bribie to grow His kingdom.

Saturday 25 May 2019

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Bribie Island was beautiful this afternoon as the team met for outreach.  It was a real blessing to have a local Christian and his son come and join us in sharing the Gospel and distributing tracts.  Some of the team letterboxed the waterfront post boxes with Gospel tracts, while others walked along the footpath, handing tracts to pedestrians.

          The first people to be engaged in a Gospel conversation were three young men, Jack, Jordan, and Isaiah.  They approached the literature table, and each took a Gospel of John.  Although one of them had a Christian grandmother who took him to church each week, none of them were familiar with the Gospel message, and they were taken through the law and the Gospel, using the Good Person Flipchart.  They were genuinely interested and promised to think seriously about what they had heard.  Perhaps the most encouraging part was when they went onto the jetty, and, sitting on the roof with a friend, proceeded to read the Gospel of John aloud.  They were still going when some of the other team members walked underneath and heard the words, “Behold, the Lamb of God!”  Pray that God move these young men to look to the Lamb of God for salvation.

          Taylor and Shiloh, two young girls, also heard the Gospel.  Despite warnings of coming judgement, they continued to scoff and make light of their sin.  They received tracts and took a book of John, but still did not seem to understand the truth they had heard.  Please pray for these girls that God would soften their hearts to the Gospel and open their eyes to see His truth.

          Johan received a tract and read it.  A team member approached him and asked him what he thought of it.  He was very unsure of what he believed and didn’t have any clear idea what happened after death, or even if God existed.  He was taken to the law and his sin, then led to the cross and Jesus’ atoning death.  He was urged to repent of his sin and trust in Christ for salvation.  He expressed thanks for having heard it, and he promised to seriously consider it.

          Near the end of the outreach, a young boy came to the table and took a tract and a gospel of John.  Cooper said that he was going to become a Christian in nine days’ time.  He was asked why, and he explained that in nine days he would be ten, and he hoped to convince his mother to allow him to be baptised into Christianity.  He said he wanted to become a Christian because he thought it would make him a better person.  He said that yes, he would like to hear more about Christianity.  He was taken through the Good Person Flipchart and heard the Gospel in its entirety.  Although he did not think he was a bad person, he realised that even as one murder makes someone a murderer, one lie makes a liar.  He quickly realised that hate makes someone a murderer at heart.  He understood his guilt before God and his need of a Saviour.  As he heard the Gospel, it seemed to make sense to him.  He heard that baptism doesn’t make you a Christian, but faith in Christ.  He said that he didn’t go to church, but he wished that he could.  He left pondering on the reality of what it means to become a true Christian.  We praise God for having laid serious thought about eternity on the heart of this young boy, and we pray that the seed which has been sown will find good soil and that salvation would come as a result.

          It is always a blessing and a privilege to share God’s Word with others.  We know God is able to save to the utmost, and He uses our feeble efforts to bring glory to Himself.  We praise God for the work He is doing on Bribie.  Pray that lives would be impacted by the Gospel they have received in the form of conversation, or as a tract taken home and read later.  Pray that Christ’s church would grow, and His kingdom would spread to the ends of the earth, beginning at our doorstep.

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